FPD Chapter 163

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Conflict in the Cafeteria (2)


“I’m disappointed.” That was the first thing the headmistress said when we entered the office. “To think that a fight between students almost ended in a fight between the leaders of the three committees. Is it a joke?”

Everybody fell silent. Even Alan did not dare to say anything facing the headmistress’s rebuke.

But the headmistress did not seem satisfied with that. “Alan, do you think this is the palace?”

“Headmistress, I–”

“Shut up!” Headmistress Evelyn bellowed and hit her desk. “Are you not ashamed enough with the behavior of the members of the clubs committee?!”

Alan lowered his head.

“Not only they started a fight, but they also tried to threaten Katherine! Is that like the clubs committee does things!?

“Even you threatened Katherine to release the hostages. Do you think this is the palace where you can do everything you want simply because you are the prince? Let me tell you, this is the institute, MY institute! If you want to show your superiority as a prince, then get lost out of here!”

Woah, hearing Evelyn scolding Alan sure is refreshing.

Alan gritted his teeth in rage. He could feel the laughter and jeering coming from me and Dina.

But although he was a prince, he did not dare to offend a beyond-twelfth layer powerhouse. Furthermore, Evelyn was also the headmistress of the imperial institute. Her power and connections were in par with the three great noble houses.

If Alan says something wrong now and makes the headmistress dissatisfied with him, she will have a powerful faction opposing him. By then, things will be unsalvageable.

After seeing that Alan did not dare to defend himself, Evelyn calmed down. She then gave me a stealthy wink as though asking me if I was happy with her performance.

To be honest, I was more than happy seeing Alan being scolded and unable to retaliate.

I’m sure that Dina and Katherine were as happy as me.

Well, the noble students were rather pale. They were probably wondering if Alan would silence them to hide this humiliation.

Even Iris was trembling a bit.

After she finished her round of scolding, Evelyn called the students involved in the fight.

“Explain, what happened?” She stared at the commoner.

The commoner gulped down and forced himself to talk.

“H-Headmistress, I heard them talking about killing the c-commoners students yesterday… They w-were talking behind a building and I h-heard them coincidentally. T-This morning, Ash appeared dead… Headmistress, Ash, was my friend! I hope you can make him justice!”

“We don’t kill him!” One of the noble students shouted in panic. “Headmistress, we don’t kill anyone! Even if we don’t like them, we don’t dare to cause trouble in the academy!”

“Is it so?” Evelyn narrowed her eyes. “But you attacked him in the cafeteria, and I’m pretty sure you were serious… Maybe you were trying to hide something?”

The nobles were frozen in fear.

Evelyn stood up from her chair and walked towards the students. “You see, one student died last night, and we don’t have any clue about the killer… To me, you lot seem very suspicious…”

“Headmistress, please!” One of the students cried. “The words of a dog doesn’t mean anything!”

“Dog?” Evelyn stopped abruptly and looked at the student that spoke. “You called a student ‘dog’ in MY presence?”

“I-I-I, hea–”

“Shut up!”

Instantly, the office was filled with Evelyn’s overwhelming pressure.

The student turned pale. He felt his body turning heavy and his bones cracking from the pressure. Even although the headmistress did not injure him, the pain was unimaginable.

“Nobody calls my students dogs!” She snorted coldly. “I don’t mind if you are a noble, a commoner, or even the prince! Even the emperor doesn’t dare to call my students ‘dogs’ in my face, do you understand!?”


Evelyn snorted again and the pressure disappeared. Instantly, the student fell on his knees and gasped heavily for air.

Evelyn walked close to him and grabbed his head. “There is an easy way to know if you are the culprit, and it’s reading your memories.”

The noble students turned pale white as sheets of paper, but Evelyn ignored their expression. She held the student’s head and smiled sweetly. “Don’t resist, I can’t guarantee you will not become a fool if you do.”

Then, she invaded his mind.

I whistled inwardly. I did not know headmistress Evelyn had this kind of talent. Although her soul search was very crude and a bit dangerous, it was pretty good in general.

A few seconds later, she released the student with a frown.

Then, she pointed to another student.

“You, come here!”



The student walked towards her fearfully only to be soul scanned too.

But just like last time, Evelyn continued frowning.

“Next!” She called again and soul scanned another student. She continued scanning each student until all the nobles were gasping for air.

But until the end, her frown did not ease.

She then looked at the commoner and snorted. “They are innocent.”


“None of them has memories of killing your friend.”

The student was frozen. The next second, he turned pale. “Impossible, it has to be them!”

“Silence!” The headmistress shouted in a bad mood. “Come here!” She pulled the commoner towards her and touched his forehead to search his memories.

But once more, her search was fruitless.

“… It looks like you were saying the truth.” She said and released the student. “Sigh, we reached a dead-end again. None of you are related to the homicide.”

The office fell silent.

A few seconds later, one of the noble students raised his hand.

“Headmistress, I have something to say.”

The headmistress looked at him coldly. “Do speak.”

“I request a duel! The student named Joseph accused us of killing a student in public, affecting our reputation and honor! And the student Rose used excessive force to detain us! We request a duel against them!”

We were stunned. To think that the nobles would try to retaliate so quickly.

But that was not the only surprise.

Alan smile coldly and also raised a request.

“… I request a duel too.”


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