FPD Chapter 165

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“The winners are Rose and Joseph!” The headmistress announced.

Gasps the surprise sounded in the stands. All the students directed their sights to the winners of the fight, more specifically, to the black-haired hero.

Many students and teachers were asking around for the identity of the girl, after all, most of them did not know that the academy had received a new genius.

With her sixth-layer strength and strong combat power just in her first year in the institute, Rose was definitively a monstrous genius, even above Dina and Katherine in talent. Her future was limitless.

Moreover, she was a commoner unaffiliated to any noble house. With a bit of poaching, maybe she could become in the pillar of a noble family.

Rose was not interested in that, though. She was too distracted sulking after the battle. She was expecting more of the two upperclassmen, but they ended being defeated after one attack.

“How disappointing.” She shook her head and left the arena. She did not even wait for the apology of the two nobles. She was not interested in that. The only reason she participated in the duel in the first place was to face powerful opponents.

Seeing that, Joseph felt too awkward to ask for an apology and also left the arena.

When Rose returned with us, she looked at me with a provocative look.

I will win this time. That was what her eyes seemed to be saying.

I shrugged and replied with a fearless smile. Rose saw it and nodded satisfied.

“As expected, I truly want to fight you again.”

I decided to ignore the words that escaped her mouth.

A healing mage entered the arena and healed the two nobles. Although Rose’s attacks seemed serious, the truth was that her sword was so sharp that the cut was very small. A little bit of healing magic was enough to return the two nobles to normal conditions.

Once they recovered, the two nobles swallowed their pride and accepted their loss. They unwillingly went to apologize to Joseph, and although Joseph felt a bit awkward receiving an apology he did not earn, he decided to accept it.

The nobles then left the place, too ashamed to see the next duel.

Headmistress Evelyn looked at us next.

“Very well, are you ready?”

Alan and Dina looked at each other and nodded.

“How do you want to do it, Alan? I don’t mind fighting you one to one.”

Alan thought for a moment before shaking his head. “I’m clearly stronger than you, so a fight between us is senseless. I will not bully you that way. What do you think of an elimination battle?”

“Bah! Do you think I don’t know you are afraid of being beaten for me in public? You are still a coward, Alan. You don’t dare to fight me now that both of us are in the sixth-layer!”

Alan’s expression turned cold. “Do you dare to accept or not?”

Dina snorted in disdain. “Do you think I don’t dare? Even if I know what you are plotting, I accept your proposal.”

Alan nodded. “Very well. Headmistress, we will do an elimination battle.”

“Okay.” Evelyn nodded in agreement. “You have five minutes to get ready!”

Elimination battles are a mode of competition very used when two teams face each other. In this kind of battle, two teams of seven people will send a member each to the arena. Every time a member is eliminated, another will enter to replace him. In the end, the team with at least one member standing in the arena wins.

Mmm… This time Dina was too hotblooded. This kind of competition is disadvantaged for us.

Weel, at most, I’ll intervene a little bit.

Although the student council has geniuses such as Dina, Katherine, and Rose; they are freshmen or second-year students. Neither the student council nor the students’ guards had members of a higher grade.

Meanwhile, the clubs’ committee was controlled by Alan, the crown prince and a fifth-year student. Due to that, the clubs committee has gobbled almost all the outstanding students of the higher years.

The clubs’ committee doesn’t have a shortage of sixth-layer students. In other words, they just needed to defeat Dina, Katherine, and Rose, to get the victory.

“What do you think?” Dina asked.

“It will be hard.” Katherine answered while frowning. “Besides Rose, you, and I, we don’t have another sixth layer student… I only have a fifth layer student as subordinate that is hurrying towards here now.”

“That is enough.” I smiled and looked at Dina. “Sister, did you forget Daisy? She is already at the fifth layer and can boost her strength up to the seventh layer.”

Dina’s eyes brightened. “You are right! But… Can she get here I time?”

“I’m already here, princess.” A voice answered from behind her. Dina turned around and saw two beautiful girls standing quietly with smiled in their faces.

The two remaining members of the student council, Daisy and Andrea, were here.

“Why are you here?” Asked Dina.

“We came running after we learned about the duel. Fortunately, we made it in time.” Daisy replied with a smile of relief.

Dina nodded happily. “Great! Now we only need two people more…”

“What about me?” I raised my hand. “I don’t want to brag, sister, but I’m pretty strong.”

“… Huh? But you are still in the fourth layer.”

I smirked and released my aura after adjusting it to the fifth layer.

Dina opened her eyes wide. “So, you broke through, huh. Great, that is my little brother!”

Katherine nodded satisfied. “Mm, prince Claus is stronger than his mana layer, so he is qualified for the fight. But, what about the last participant?”

We looked at each other with helpless expressions. The current lineup already consisted of the strongest members of both committees. Moreover, only Andrea and Iris were available now. And they were in the third and fourth layer respectively.

Dina’s expression was downcast. “Sorry guys, I should not have agreed to Alan’s proposal. I knew we were disadvantaged and yet…”

I smiled and held Dina’s hand. “Don’t worry about it, sister. Besides, an elimination battle is not a bad option. Alan’s cultivation is higher than yours or Katherine’s, so if any of you fight him, the probabilities of winning are at most forty-sixty. The only reason Alan proposed elimination battles is that he can’t afford to lose here, or his reputation will receive a heavy hit.”

I then looked at Andrea and Iris. “… It looks like we will have to do with what we have here.” I focused my gaze on the strongest of the pair.

When Iris felt my gaze, her face turned pale. “P-Prince, p-princess, I d-don’t think I’m a-adequate!”

However, Dina’s gaze had already turned hot. “Don’t worry, Iris. You will only be there to make up the numbers.”


I smirked and put a hand on her shoulder. “Calm down, I have a plan.”

Iris’s face turned even paler.


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