FPD Chapter 17

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Aunt Dayana (2)

Once the people left, the clerks, Daisy, and aunt Dayana were looking at me with awed expressions.

After all, I normally did not act so domineering. They probably did not expect I was so strong.

Daisy was a bit pale due to the blood, though. Well, killing is pretty common in this world, and they were in the wrong, so my actions could at most be considered a bit excessive.

“I can’t believe it, Your highness. How did you do it? Moreover, did young master Al truly mistake the fake vase for the original? How did you know that the vase he brought was the original?” A clerk asked.

“I’m simply stronger than them. As for the vase, he probably committed a mistake when he interchanged them. I’m pretty familiar with that vase, so I knew it was the original when I saw it.”

The others nodded in understating, though Daisy and aunt Dayana seemed a bit doubtful.

Of course, that is a lie. Actually, what happened was that I manipulated space to interchange the fake vase for the original inside Al’s home. Nobody here could detect when I interchanged them, so everybody thought that Al mistook the vases.

Even Al, when he returns home and realizes that the fake is where he left the original, he will think that he did a mistake.

But although I resolved the situation this time, I could not help but frown deeply. It looks like my standing between the nobles is even worse than I thought after yesterday’s farse. After all, two people dared to act against me in just one day.

It looks like I have to do something. After all, I don’t like it when others bother me.

The reason because I hid my strength until now was to avoid being embroiled in trouble, but if I cannot avoid the troubles even after I hid my strength, then I have to reconsider if hiding my strength is the best choice.

The clerks quickly began to organize everything once the commotion ended. Daisy stayed to help them and I returned to the third floor together with aunt Dayana.

When we reached the third floor, the expression of aunt Dayana turned grave.

“It looks like your situation is worse than I thought.”

I nodded in agreement. “You are right. I did not expect something like this either.”

“… Why don’t you simply renounce to the Quintin surname? With the money you got through your business, I’m sure you and your sister can live a relaxed life even if you are not a prince.”

“Things are not so simple.” I shook my head. “I’m sure that my stepmother will not allow any danger towards her son’s throne. If I renounce to the Quintin surname, it’s simply gifting my head to her.”

My aunt fell silent. She tried to think about something, but nothing came to her mind.

“Don’t worry about it, aunt. I already had a plan.”

“Are you sure?” She asked worriedly.

“Of course.” I smiled. “After all, I don’t want to leave my beloved little aunt alone.”

Aunt Dayana blushed briefly and hit my chest. I just laughed and hugged her tightly.

I took a deep breath and felt her sweet fragrance on my nose. I could feel my body becoming a bit hot.

Afraid of causing a bad impression, I quickly released the hug and smiled awkwardly.

“By the way, Claus. When will you visit my house? Little Charlie is always asking when you will go to play with him.” Aunt Dayana asked curiously.

I fell silent for a while. To be honest, this was not a good moment to visit my aunt’s home, but when I saw her expectation gaze, I could not say no.

Little Charlie is the son of my aunt. He is a 10-years-old little boy and always liked to play with me. Now that I think about it, it had been a while since the last time I saw him.

After hesitating slightly, I told my aunt that I would visit her tomorrow. My aunt put on a happy expression and looked at me sweetly.

I also decided to visit my maternal grandparents after visiting my aunt. The last time I visited them was a few months ago.

My relationship with my maternal family was contrary to my relationship with the emperor. They always doted Dina and me, so I visit them frequently.

At that moment, Daisy came in.

“Your highness, I already finished.”

I nodded gratefully. “Okay. Aunt, it’s time for me to go.”

Aunt Dayana put on a reluctant expression but she knew that I had other things to do. “I understand. Remember go to my house tomorrow.”

I nodded with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll not forget.”

Now that I think about it, visiting my aunt tomorrow can get me some unexpected rewards.

Daisy and I quickly left the auction hall. We boarded a carriage and went to the Imperial Institute to complete the registration process. The classes begin in one week, so I had to complete the registration process as soon as possible.

The carriage advance through the streets of the city smoothly. I had nothing to do in the way, so I took advantage that Daisy and I were alone in the carriage to flirt with her.

But when we were near to the Imperial Institute, someone called from outside.

“Hey, stop the carriage!”

I recognized the voice and reacted quickly, ordering the driver to stop. Quickly, a beautiful girl came running.

Without waiting for my invitation, she opened the door of the carriage and sat beside me.


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