FPD Chapter 170

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Daisy’s Strength



The powerful axe attack shocked the entire arena.

Nobody expected that Hugo was saving a trump card like that. Facing an attack of that magnitude, Christine was surely severely injured or dead.

Dina and the others stood up in excitement. They clenched their fists and looked at the cloud of dust on the arena in anticipation.

But contrary to them, I shook my head.

“He was too impatient.” I sighed.

“Huh?” Dina and the others were startled. They looked at me questioningly but I just shook my head and did not explain.

When the cloud of dust cleared, they understood my meaning.

A giant crater had formed in Christine’s position. Christine, however, was a few meters away, completely unscathed.

Hugo, on the other hand, was chained to the ground by a group of colorful magic chains.

I recognized the spell instantly, it was an elementless fifth-layer spell called [Mana Chains].

But Christine’s use of the spell was impressive. She had cast it long ago below her feet and baited Hugo to attack her. Then, when he was about to connect the blow, she teleported a few meters away and activated the spell.

When Hugo realized that something was wrong, he could not retract his attack. The battle had been lost.

If Hugo would have been a bit more cautious, using instead a weaker attack, he would have avoided the chains and Christine would have lost.

Unfortunately, he was too eager for success.

Christine wiped off the dust on her clothes and walked towards Hugo slowly. She then cast a wind arrow on her hand and pressed it against Hugo’s neck.

Although Hugo gritted his teeth and tried to struggle, his body was already spent. He could only stare at Christine with a look of unwillingness.

Christine curled her lips up in a prideful smile and looked at Evelyn. “Headmistress?”

Evelyn sighed and raised her hand. “The winner is Christine.”

Christine smirked. “Good, I was already almost out of mana.”

“““Ohhhhhhh!!!””” Once more, the arena was enveloped in cheers.

The observing students were completely astonished. The way that Christine managed to reverse the battle was incredible. It was a show of her abundant battle experience.

Christine smiled to the public and curtsied politely.

Amid the cheers of the crowd, Hugo left the stage dejectedly.

Dina heaved a sigh of disappointment. She patted Hugo’s shoulders and consoled him.

“It’s alright. This fight will be a good experience for you.”

Hugo nodded and sat silently in a chair without raising his head.

Dina sighed again.

She looked around and looked at us.

“Then who is next.”

This time, Daisy stood up.

“I will go, princess.”

Dina thought for a moment and nodded. “Good luck.”

Daisy smiled. She then walked towards me and held my hand. “Your highness, wish me good luck.”

I smiled dotingly and kissed her forehead.

“Good luck, show them who is the boss.”

Daisy blushed and nodded confidently. “I will.” She then stepped into the stage with a serious look.

When Christine saw that another fifth-layer was sent onto the stage, she smiled disdainfully.

“Is it the best the student council can get?”

Daisy smiled calmly and bowed. “Miss Christine, please guide me.”

Christine frowned. She observed Daisy carefully but was unable to find anything wrong.

At that moment, headmistress Evelyn looked at Christine.

“Christine, are you sure you want to continue in your condition?”

Christine smirked. “It’s more than enough to defeat someone like her.”

The headmistress nodded. “Very well. Then, are you ready?”

When Daisy and Christine nodded, the headmistress waved her hand.


With the headmistress signal, Christine attacked.

She insta-cast a spell and aimed it to Daisy. A fireball flew towards her face.

Daisy’s expression turned serious. Before the fireball could reach her, a lightning bolt left her body. The lightning bolt clashed against the fireball and consumed it instantly. Then, it continued unimpeded towards Christine.

Christine was surprised. She hurriedly cast a mana shield and jumped back. But at that moment, three lightning snakes surged out from the ground. The lightning snakes appeared around Christine and bit towards her.

Christine, however, was an experienced mage. She instantly cast an earth barrier that stopped and guided the lightning snakes to the ground. She then jumped and released a wind arrow towards Daisy.

At this point, Christine’s lack of mana was evident. Even although Daisy was just in the fifth layer, she was suppressing Christine completely.

Furthermore, Daisy was not rash like Hugo. She attacked calmly from her position, without rushing to get the victory.

In exchange, the pressure Christine was enduring increased drastically. Lightning snakes and lightning chains grew around her, clashing against the weaker and weaker mana shields of Christine and consuming her little remaining mana slowly.

Suddenly, Daisy shouted a word.


Instantly, a lightning tree appeared behind Christine. Christine’s expression changed. She tried to evade the tree, but the lightning roots and branches surged out to entangle her.

It was a spell that I taught Daisy not long ago, [Gungnir Seed]!

According to the legends, Gungnir was made of one of the branches of the world tree. This spell consists of plating a lightning seed that will grow in a tree filled with lightning branches and roots, Gungnirs.

I did not expect that Daisy could use it already. Although it’s still full of flaws, the basic shape is already done.

Christine’s mana shield was destroyed instantly, and the spells she cast were consumed by the growing lightning tree. Finally, one of the branches grabbed her leg.

Christine paled. A pain so strong that seemed to burn her nerves attacked her entire body. Christine’s mouth let out a small gasp of pain and her eyes widened.

Then, her body started to glow.

And all the mana in the surroundings rushed towards her.

“Get out!” Christine screamed in anger in pain. Instantly, a powerful shockwave crushed the lightning tree.

Daisy was surprised. She hurriedly created a lightning barrier that stopped the shockwave and stared in Christine’s direction.

There, Christine was floating with a look of anger in her eyes.

“Die, servant!”

Then, a rain of fire fell from the sky.


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