FPD Chapter 171

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Lightning Goddess’s Armor vs Last Stand


Dina stood up, when she saw Christine floating in the air, her face showed a look of astonishment.

“That is…!”

I nodded. “A forbidden spell, [Last Stand]. It absorbs the chaotic mana in the surroundings to restore the user’s strength momentarily. However, after a few minutes, the berserk mana will injure her mana circuit. She probably will be bedridden for a month after this fight and she will need an entire year to eliminate the aftereffects of using the spell.”

Dina’s expression was grim. “Is she crazy!? Why did she use a spell like that here!?”

I shrugged. “She probably can’t accept to lose.”

Actually, the reason was different. [Gungnir Seed] is a lightning spell with smiting properties. The pain caused when it injures you is enough to desire to die.

Probably, Christine’s use of [Last Stand] was unintentional. She unconsciously activated it to escape from the strong pain.

However, even if she wins this fight, the consequences will be too much. Christine is probably regretting using it now.

That is probably the reason she is so angry.

Now that her mana was again in top condition, she did not hesitate to use her strongest spell, [Meteor Rain].

Giant balls of fire were formed above the arena, and the rain of fire seemed as though it wanted to consume Daisy entirely.

Headmistress Evelyn frowned. She got herself ready to intervene at any moment and save Daisy. After all, a spell of this strength could easily kill her.

But before she could act, her eyes widened.

She saw Daisy take a deep breath and instantly, her aura changed.

Lightning mana surged out of her mana core and enveloped her body. In an instant, a beautiful lightning armor had covered her body.

[Lightning Goddess’s Armor]!

As soon as the armor appeared, the arena shook.

Daisy’s aura surged powerfully. In seconds, her cultivation had gone from the fifth layer to the seventh layer.

Calmly, Daisy raised her hand. She looked at the rain of fire coming towards her and curled up her lips.

“Grow, [Gungnir Seed]!”

Instantly, a giant tree grew behind Daisy. The lightning tree extended its branches and covered her. Then, the remaining branches flew towards the coming meteors.


The clash between fire and lightning was astonishing. The lightning branches filled the sky and consumed the meteors, while the meteors struggled and tried to burn the lightning branches.

“Impossible!!!” Christine exclaimed in disbelief. She hurriedly cast another spell and extended her hand towards Daisy.

“Wind and Fire combined magic, [Dual Serpents of Wind and Fire]!”


The two serpents flew towards Daisy. Wind and fire complemented each other becoming even stronger.

However, Daisy put on a sweet smile.

“Serpents, huh. I know how to use them too.”

Then, she waved her hands.

[Gungnir Tree]’s branches shook. In an instant, serpent heads grew from the branches and crashed against the wind and fire serpents.

Fifth-Layer Lightning Magic, [Lightning Serpents]!

The serpents opened her mouth and bit each other. Fire, wind, and lightning clashed against each other forming a beautiful and deadly sight.

However, Daisy had cast the spell using Gungnir’s lightning. Due to it, her serpents were more powerful!


Another explosion occurred. The blinding light created by the serpents’ clash forced the spectators to look away.

However, neither Daisy nor Christine could afford to look away.

In the instant when the two spells clashed, both of them had cast their next spell. Christine transmuted the earth to create stone spikes that pierced towards Daisy’s body.

Daisy, on the other hand, summoned a lightning bolt from the skies that fell on Christine.

*Boom!!! Rumble!!!*

All the spectators stood up. This fight was at a completely different level than all the fights until now. The sight of two beautiful girls using high-level magic was astounding.

Daisy’s lightning and Christine’s spells were both amazing. One was a goddess of lighting, and the other was a mage queen bending the world to her will.

However, the differences between them soon became obvious.

In the end, Daisy’s strength had grown to the seventh layer. Although she was still inexperienced at using this power, it was enough to overwhelm the already tired Christine.

Plus, Christine could feel her strength dissipating. She could feel she had less than one minute before the side-effects of [Last Stand] kicked in.

At some point, the entire arena had been filled with lightning. Despite her best efforts, Christine was starting to lose ground.

Gritting her teeth, she decided to ignore the consequences and go all out.

“Descend, [Meteor Rain]!”

The rain of fire appeared once more in the air. But Daisy just snorted and waved her hand calmly. She had already deal with this spell before. A rain of fire could not burn her tree.

But at that moment, she realized Christine’s goal.

In her surroundings, hundreds of wind and fire needles appeared.

Wind and Fire combined spell, [Purgatory Needless]!

Another seventh-layer spell.

Headmistress Evelyn was surprised. “Dual casting seventh-layer spells!? Such talent. She has not even reached the seventh layer yet!”

Daisy realized the seriousness of the situation. She was already defending against the meteor rain coming from the sky. She could not afford to divert her attention toward the new spell.

However, [Purgatory Needless] was also a seventh-layer spell. If she ignored it, she probably would lose.

Daisy gritted her teeth. She took a deep breath and focused on strengthening [Gungnir Seed]. Now, she could only trust that [Gungnir Seed]’s defenses.

The next instant, the spells clashed.


The arena shook. Many students turned pale seeing the strength of the two girls. None of them could resist even one second under the two girls’ formidable attacks.

Red, golden, and green colors intertwined. The spectacle was as beautiful as it was dangerous.

But soon, the spectacle finished.

In the stage, two girls stood panting across each other.

The next second, Christine turned pale.


A mouthful of blood left her mouth. Christine fell on the ground and started to vomit blood.

Evelyn smiled. “The winner is Daisy!”

Victory and defeat had been decided.


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