FPD Chapter 172

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Daisy’s Second Battle


“Christine!” Alan jumped on the stage and ran towards Christine, but Evelyn had moved before him.

She held her wrist and sent a bit of her mana inside Christine’s body.

“Don’t worry, I protected her mana circuits from harm. But even I can’t eliminate [Last Stand]’s side-effects completely. She will have to recover for a long time before getting better.”

Alan nodded gratefully. “Thank you, headmistress.” He then carried Christine away, but not without giving Daisy a grudgeful look.

Daisy smiled gently in response, but in the next second, she also started to vomit blood.

“Daisy!” Dina shouted worriedly and tried to rush into the arena, but Daisy extended her hand and stopped her.

“Don’t worry, princess. I’m fine.” She then looked at me and nodded determinately. “I can continue. Headmistress, the next.”

Evelyn stared at Daisy carefully. “Are you sure? Your injuries are not minor.”

Daisy nodded. “I’m sure, please.”

Evelyn sighed. “Today’s students are truly determined. Well, I like it.” She then told Alan’s team to send their next member.

This time, a handsome blonde man was the one that took the stage.

He looked at Daisy with a smile and bowed slightly. “Nice to meet you, my name is Harry Helford.”

Daisy nodded. “Daisy.”

Harry was a fourth-year student. He was a sixth-layer warrior that wielded a pair of daggers.

His slender body and weapons showed that he was an assassin-like fighter. Someone focused on speed and agile movements.

Watching the two of them on the stage, I furrowed my brows. I’m not sure if Daisy can win this time.

Although she looks fine outwardly, I know that Daisy was severely injured during the duel against Christine. Mainly in the last attack, Christine’s two last spells injured Daisy more than she shows.

After all, Christine used two seventh-layer spells despite the burden in her body. Even though Daisy’s cultivation was a layer higher, her expertise using spells was far from comparable to Christine’s.

Furthermore, of the two seventh-layer attacks, Daisy received [Purgatory Needless] completely. Fortunately, [Gungnir Seed]’s defenses helped her to endure, otherwise, the result would have been a mutual elimination.

The time limit of Lightning Goddess’s Armor is also approaching. So, if her opponent is cunning enough, he can win easily.

Headmistress Evelyn raised her hand and looked at Daisy and Harry.

“Are you ready?”

Both of them nodded.

“Very well, start!”

With Evelyn’s announcement, the fifth battle started.

Daisy was the first one to open fire. She sent five lightning serpents in Harry’s direction.

Harry smirked. He jumped aside and evaded the attacks. He then retreated until the edge of the stage without any intention of confronting Daisy.

As I thought, he was going to stall for time.

Daisy wrinkled her brows. Her hands moved and multiple magic circles were created around her. Then, the magic circles opened fire.

Lightning Magic, [Lightning Bolt]!

[Lightning Bolt] was just a first layer spell, the basic of the basics, but Daisy relied on numbers to bring a qualitative change to the strength of the spell. Moreover, I noticed she mixed a bit of Gingnir’s Lightning between the firebolts.

I was noticeably surprised. To think Daisy managed to use Gungnir’s Lightning without relying on [Gungnir Seed]. Just this improvement alone is worthy of praise.

But her enemy response was equally praiseworthy. He moved between the lightning bolts leaving afterimages in the way, and the few lightning bolts he was unable to evade were stopped by a mana barrier around his body.

At the same time, he made sure of keeping himself as far from Daisy as possible.

Daisy could not help but turn angry.

“You… What are you, a rat?”

Harry shrugged. “Sorry, miss Daisy, but I’m not confident in defeating you right now. I prefer to wait for a bit until the effects of your technique fade out. Is anything wrong with that?”

Daisy could not say anything against that. Thus, she started to cast more spells against him.

Lightning serpents, lightning bolts, and lightning chains were created, but Harry evaded them all. Daisy tried to use [Gungnir Seed] again, but even that was useless.

After all, Harry was a speed-oriented warrior. Even if Daisy activated [Gungnir Seed], it was useless if she could not trap him.

This fight showed clearly Daisy’s weakness. In the end, she had started cultivating not long ago, and her current strength was in great part due to my help.

But that caused that the number of spells she knows was low for a fifth-layer mage. Moreover, she did not know any AoE spells. That was a big weakness against an opponent like Harry.

Harry had also realized it, so he continued moving through the arena without giving Daisy’s spells the opportunity to hit him. Every time Daisy fired a spell, she discovered that her target had moved away and the spell had hit nothing.

Soon, Daisy started to feel the power in her body fading away. Harry also felt it and his smile became more and more confident. At the current rate, victory was going to be his.

However, instead of panicking, Daisy calmed down.

She took a deep breath and focused completely on the fight. She eliminated all the stray thoughts on her mind and thought solely about ways to take her enemy down.

The rate of her attacks slowed down. Her mind started to predict where Harry was going to move next and how to take advantage of that.

Suddenly, Harry felt the pressure over him growing.

Little by little, he discovered that he was being hit more and more. Although most of the attacks were just lightning bolts that he could resist easily at the cost of a bit of his mana, occasionally, some lightning serpents and lightning chains hit too close for comfort.

But suddenly, Daisy’s attacks ceased.

Harry stopped. He looked at Daisy and discovered that her strength had finally fallen to the sixth layer, moreover, it was dangerously close to the fifth layer.

“It looks like this is the end, miss Daisy.” Harry smiled.

Daisy nodded. “You are right, this is the end.” Then, she snapped her fingers.

Instantly, tens of magic circles appeared around Harry.

Harry’s expression changed. He tried to move away, but a chain of lightning had unknowingly grabbed his right foot.

“I started to prepare this trap two minutes ago, and put my remaining mana in it.” Daisy said with a smile of pride and a pale face. “But it was worth it.”

Then, tens of lightning bolts and lightning serpents descended towards Harry.


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