FPD Chapter 174

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Oh, Graceful Hero (2)


“Magic!?” The students and teachers observing the fight stood up in astonishment when they saw Rose using magic.

Their astonishing was even higher than when Daisy’s strength increased by two layers. The fact that Rose managed to use both magic and martial arts at the same time was almost heaven-defying.

Using magic and martial arts together is very hard, bordering the impossible. It’s because the mana circulation necessary for magic and martial arts are completely contrary to each other. It’s like writing with your two hands at the same time, but your right hand was writing an economy thesis and your left hand resolving a difficult mathematical problem.

Very few people manage to accomplish it. Even I needed several lives and very hard training to use magic and martial arts simultaneously.

But Rose managed to do it at fifteen years of age. Plus, she also managed to cultivate to the sixth layer at the same time.

The word genius was not enough to describe it.

I already knew about Rose’s skills in magic and martial arts, but even so, I could not help but sigh in admiration. As expected of the hero.

Rose’s magic was the drop that filled the cup. The advantage Harry had managed to get through the use of [Wind-Blessed Daggers] was instantly lost. He found himself hard-pressed to resist the volley of light arrows.

He tried to block the arrows with his daggers, but after blocking the first and trying to block the second–


–The light arrow pierced his shoulder.

Harry was surprised, he was sure that he had blocked that light arrow.

But when he looked at his daggers, he realized that the effects of [Wind-Blessed Daggers] had unknowingly vanished.

It was [Purification], Rose’s understanding of the laws. The ability to return any phenomenon to its original state.

Before Harry could understand what was happening, the remaining arrows pierced his body.


Harry vomited a mouthful of blood and collapsed. His clothes were dyed entirely red and his body lost all strength.

Rose walked slowly towards him. When she arrived and confirmed that he was unconscious, she looked at headmistress Evelyn.


Evelyn looked at Rose with a complicated expression. “I already knew you could dual-execute magic and martial arts, but seeing it firsthand is astonishing.” She then waved her hand and Harry’s unconscious body was sent to a stretcher and taken away of the arena.

She then looked at Rose again. “This year the academy sure received some monsters. Just that monstrous brat is enough to make anyone speechless, but now another two monsters appeared. Rose, do you want to be my disciple?”

“Huh?” Rose was surprised.

Headmistress Evelyn smiled wryly. “I don’t dare to poach that guy’s servant, but there is no problem with you. What do you say? Although I can’t teach you much about martial arts, not many people have more knowledge about magic than me.”

Rose was exhilarated. “Thank you, teacher.” She hurriedly bowed and agreed.

I was stunned. Damn, heroes are sure lucky. Suddenly getting an extremely powerful teacher. Even I felt envious.

I remember that when I showed my extreme genius in some of my past lives, most of the time I was treated as a monster. Once I was even hunted ’cause my abilities were ‘demonic’.

I felt depressed now.

After Evelyn recognized Rose as her student, the entire arena was in an uproar. Nobody expected that the headmistress would accept another student just like that.

The nobles and students that had an eye on Rose sighed in disappointment. Now that Rose was the headmistress’s disciple, none of them dared to poach her.

Of course, some of them were entertaining the thought of conquering the heart of the beauty and gaining the girl and the support of the headmistress at the same time.

I did not care about it, though. Instead, I looked in Alan’s direction while wondering about what he was going to do next.

With Rose in the stage, it looks like I will be able to relax. Rose will not have trouble defeating another two, or even three opponents.

Who knows? Perhaps she will steamroll the other team completely and defeat them all, including my brother.

But contrary to my expectations, the crown prince was completely calm.

He observed Rose with a focused expression before calling a 2-meters-tall and brawny young man.

“Colle, it’s your turn. Try to win, but if it’s impossible, you know what to do.”

Colle wrinkled his brows. “Your highness, that is…”

Alan frowned. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure of making up for your losses. Moreover, if you succeed, I’ll reward you greatly.”

Colle thought for a moment and stopped hesitating. He then put on a firm expression.

“Don’t worry, your highness, I will not fail you.”

“En.” Alan nodded and gestured Colle to go up to the stage.

When headmistress Evelyn called the next participant, Colle took a deep breath and jumped to the center of the arena.

When he landed, the entire stage trembled.


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