FPD Chapter 175

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Colle, [Magic Wall]


Colle figure was intimidating. His two-meters-tall body and brawny figure inspired fear to his opponents. Moreover, his heavy and powerful body made the stage tremble with each step he took.

When he stood in front of Rose, it was as though looking at David and Goliath.

Once was a giant with a powerful body and clad in armor, and the other was a small girl with a slender body, delicate figure, and wearing light clothes.

“My name is Colle.” The giant young man’s voice rumbled in the arena. “I’ll be your opponent this time.”

Rose nodded. “Name’s Rose, please instruct me.”

Colle grunted. He then turned towards the headmistress and spoke. “Headmistress, please give the signal.”

Evelyn nodded. She confirmed that both of them were ready and raised her hand.

“This is the seventh fight. Now, start!”

And the fight started.

Rose once more was the first to make move. She kicked the ground and closed the distance between Colle and her in an instant.

Unsheathing her sword, she swung it towards Colle’s chest.

But then, everybody opened their eyes wide.

Contrary to what the people observing the fight were expecting, Colle neither evaded the attack nor tried to block it.

Instead, a magic circle appeared in his hand, and he punched forward.


A metallic sound resounded in the arena.

Then, Rose was thrown backward.

Yes, the giant young man whose appearance resembled completely a warrior was, in fact, a mage.

Colle did not hesitate. One second after Rose was sent flying, magic circles appeared on his feet, chest, arms, legs, and head, forming a beautiful rune-filled magic armor.

His armor was composed of seventeen magic circles in total. The design and form of the armor were unique. And I could feel a slight trace of concept and rules on it.

It was worthy of Colle’s title, [Magic Wall].

One of the most talented and odd mages in the young generation of the empire.

Colle roared. His booming voice shook the surroundings, and his huge body was shot towards Rose.

Rose hurriedly evaded the blow, and in the next instant, a huge crater had appeared where she had been just now.

But Colle did not give up. He moved through the arena with incredible agility not befitting his huge body and chased after Rose. His hands were clenched into fists that bombarded Rose furiously.

Rose’s expression was completely serious and much more focused than when she was fighting Harry. She moved around skillfully, evading the punches and counterattacking with her sword.

But Colle did not bother to avoid the slashes. He simply let the sword clash against his armor and continued attacking Rose crazily.

*Clang!* *Clang!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The sound of Rose’s sword hitting Colle’s armor and Colle’s blows destroying the arena filled the surroundings. Sparks and clouds of dust formed around the pair, creating a destructive and pleasing image.

Colle movements were as fast as Harry, but his strength was much higher, even higher than Rose. It was at the point where Rose did not dare to take her blows head-on.

After a few seconds, Rose started to frown. She could see that her attacks didn’t have any effect at all, however, Colle’s attacks were so destructive that if she received one, she probably would be knocked out.

“What kind of armor is it?” Rose grumbled. She could see that the origin of Colle’s strength and defenses was his armor. The combined spells on the armor worked together to create a frightening work of art.

Even I could not hide my admiration. This armor was an amazing piece of magic. I could see it was completely suited for Colle, which indicated it was something he created himself.

The armor used gravity and body reinforcement magic to strengthen both attack and defense simultaneously. Its only flaw was that it did not have long-ranged means of attack.

But in exchange, its close combat capabilities were overpowered. I did not doubt that Colle can face a seventh-layer combatant without being disadvantaged.

He was even stronger than Harry, even stronger than Christine. In fact, any other sixth-layer practitioner other than Rose would have lost long ago.

But Rose was not the hero for nothing.

Even although her attacks could not break through Colle’s defenses, her expression and movements remained calm.

Her body moved between Colle’s attacks, avoiding his punches and kicks while she attacked and analyzed his armor.

Unfortunately, even the hero could not find a flaw in such a short time.

So, she tried another method.


With her shout, a magic circle formed below her. A blinding light exploded and covered the arena completely, forcing Colle to cover his eyes.

When the light faded out, the arena was completely filled with magic circles.

In seconds, the magic circles turned into weapons of light.

Swords, spears, arrows, daggers. All kinds of weapons were floating above the arena, pointing to Colle.

Below, Rose had raised her sword.

For the first time since the start of the fight, Colle tensed up. However, his confidence in his armor had not wavered a bit.

“Your armor, it’s beautiful.” Rose smiled.

Colle nodded. “It’s my pride. You too are very strong, unfortunately, you met me.”

A grin formed on Rose’s face. “Is it so?”

Then, she waved her hand.


Instantly, the numerous weapons rained towards Colle. The number of weapons was enough to drown him.

But Colle remained confident. With a bellow, his armor shone brightly.


Weapon after weapon clashed against him without success, unable to cause even an injury. Colle grinned and rushed towards Rose with a smirk.

“It’s useless, your spells are not strong enough to break through my defenses!”

“You are right.” Rose nodded calmly and took a step forward. “But I never expected to defeat you with them.”

Instantly, her body vanished.

When Colle blinked, Rose’s sword was cutting his armor as though it was butter.

“Unfortunately, your armor is made of magic…”

Colle’s astonished expression was reflected in Rose’s eyes.

“… And magic is useless against me.”


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