FPD Chapter 177

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Dina’s Support



The entire arena was silent. The students and teachers spectating the fight were surprised.

Nobody was expecting this result after such an exciting battle.

Headmistress Evelyn sighed. “It’s a draw. Both are eliminated.”

Rose sighed. She smiled wryly and shook her head.

“Sorry, president. If only I would have been more careful.” Rose bowed to Dina and apologized.

Dina shook her head. “Don’t worry, nobody could have expected it.”

“Thank you.” Rose smiled in relief. She then ignored the gazes on her and sat on the ground to meditate. Apparently, she wanted to digest the insights she got during the fight with Colle.

Headmistress Evelyn confirmed Colle condition and send him to a stretcher. She then asked both teams to send their next member up.

Dina frowned. Currently, both teams were tied with four eliminations. However, one of our remaining members was Iris, whose combat strength was rather negligible. So we were at a disadvantage.

“Claus, will you fight next?” Dina asked.

I thought for a moment and looked in the direction of the crown prince’s team. I sharpened my senses to hear their plans and when I heard them, I curved my lips up.

“No, it’s Iris’s turn.”

“H-Huh? Me?” Iris paled. “P-Prince, I d-don’t think it’s a good idea.”

I smirked. “No no, this is the perfect time for you to step forward. Your next opponent is not as strong as the others.”

Iris’s face became completely white.

“Claus, what are you planning?” Dina looked at me sharply.

I shrugged and smiled at her. “Don’t worry, sister. You will understand when Iris’s battle starts. Iris, do you remember the plan?”

Iris bit her lips and nodded.

“That is good. If you follow my plan, you have a fifty percent chance of being successful.”

“Fifty percent? So high!?” Dina was surprised, but I did not explain anything. I just looked at Iris with an encouraging expression.

Finally, Iris ceded. She clenched her fist tightly and nodded. “Prince, I will trust you.”

“Of course, Have I failed you ever? Don’t worry, if something happens, I’ll rescue you, just like back then.”

Iris blushed. She then looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes before looking away and running towards the stage.

When she left, Dina looked at me with a suspicious expression. “Claus, you are not thinking about putting your claws on her, right? She is Bryan’s fiancée.”

I smiled amusedly and did not reply.

However, Dina’s reaction surprised me.

“Well, if you do, you have my support. I want to see Bryan’s face after his fiancée runs away with another man.”

I was stunned. Looking at Dina’s grinning face, I could not help but blurt out.

“You don’t mind?”

Dina’s gaze turned sharp. “Do you think I didn’t notice your relationships with other girls? With how Daisy and Andrea look at you, I would have to be blind to not realize that something is wrong.”

I stiffened. So it was THAT obvious, huh.

However, Dina’s face softened quickly. “Don’t worry, although I was a bit angry at the start, in the end, I’m your sister, not your lover. Even if I love you, we can never marry… I think it’s enough while you don’t forget about me.”

I looked at Dina in surprise. For an instant, her eyes seemed more beautiful than ever before.

Seeing her sad smile, I could not help but feel pity for her.

I held her hand softly and entwined our fingers. With a firm look, I looked into her eyes.

“Don’t worry, sister. I’ll love you, always.”

“… Mm.” Dina blushed and lowered her gaze.

Unfortunately, we were in public. Otherwise, I would have kissed her lips right now.

Of course, the fact that Andrea was here was also an obstacle, but she was completely fixated in the stage without noticing our brief intimacy.

After a few seconds like that, we finally remembered the battle.

The fifth person representing Alan’s team was our acquittance, Al Riea.

He stepped onto the stage with a proud look. When he saw that Iris was his opponent, he smirked.

“So it’s miss Iris. What a surprise. Strange, if my memory doesn’t fail me, you are still a fourth-layer practitioner, right?”

Iris did not reply. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and tried to calm down her rapidly beating heart. She repeated the plan in her mind once and again and thought of many ways to carry out the plan as perfectly as possible.

On the other hand, Al did not seem satisfied with Iris’s reaction.

“I have a question.” Al wrinkled his brows. “Miss Iris, you are his highness Prince Bryan’s fiancée. Why are you on Claus’s side then?”

Iris continued ignoring him.

“Don’t you know that only trash sides with trash?” Al said provokingly. “Could it be you are also trash?”


“Or could it be that the rumor is right?” Al continued. “I heard that you had an adventure with Claus, is that true?”

This time, Iris wrinkled her brows.

Al smirked even wider. “Yeah, only a slut will join to trash.”

Finally, Iris erupted.

“Shut up!”

“Oh? Did I say anything wrong?”

Iris’s expression turned ice-cold. She looked at the headmistress and scowled. “Headmistress, give the signal.”

Evelyn looked at Iris and Al deeply. She was displeased with Al’s words but using words before the duel to disrupt the enemy’s mental state was a valid strategy.

Hence, she could only raise her hand and continue.

“Are you ready?”

When she saw both of them nod, Evelyn swung her hands down.

“Then, start!”



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