FPD Chapter 178

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Iris vs Al


“[Fireball]!” Iris cast a spell at the instant when the fight started.

The fireball flew straight towards Al, but Al jumped aside evading it easily. He then closed the distance between him and Iris and swung his sword.

Iris paled. She hurriedly created a mana barrier that was almost instantly broken. At the same time, she created a wind arrow and shot it towards Al’s face.

“Hahahaha, is that everything you have?” Al laughed mockingly and swatted the arrow aside. He then lifted his leg and kicked towards Iris.

“Ugh!” Iris hurriedly created a barrier and received the attack. Despite it, she was forced to take some steps back.

Al smirked, he punched the barrier again and broke it. Then, he continued with another slash.

Iris could only create another barrier in an attempt to stop him.

Unfortunately, this barrier did not last long either.

Iris was just a fourth-layer practitioner, one layer weaker than Al. And although the difference between layers was not everything in a fight, it was very important.

Only certain geniuses are able to surmount the mana layers to defeat someone stronger than them. Geniuses like them were either people talented in magic, with special battle techniques, or born with very special talents.

In fact, most nobles could easily face a commoner practitioner one layer higher due to their higher grade techniques.

But Iris was not someone used to combat. Although she had reached the fourth layer, her experience in combat was pitiful. In truth, she could lose even against an experienced third layer practitioner.

So, facing the stronger and more experience fifth-layer Al, Iris could barely protect herself while doing her best to find an opportunity.

Barrier after barrier were destroyed. In less than one minute, Al had destroyed more than ten barriers with a smirking look.

Even the students spectating the fight could see he was only playing with Iris. He could have ended the fight much earlier, but he wanted to humiliate her.

“What is wrong, miss Iris? Can you only defend? You are such a coward, hahahaha…”

Iris’s eyes turned red. She looked at Al with a look of rage, but her eyes were shining with determination.

No matter how many barriers Al destroyed, she continued creating more. She could feel her mana depleting with each barrier she cast, but she persevered.

At the same time, she was casting a spell secretly.

She was very careful to not let Al realize anything. Iris was not very good at double-casting so it was very hard, but she forced herself to prevail and continued while gritting her teeth.

Second after second, minute after minute. Not caring about Al’s words, she just focused on getting the victory.


Another barrier was broken.

Iris took a few steps back and created another barrier.

As of now, Al’s smile was as wide as it could be. The excitement of humiliating her enemy in public was exhilarating.

He looked at Iris and shook his head. “Miss Iris, you can’t retreat anymore. Another step back and you will leave the stage.”

Iris did not reply. She bit her lips with a nervous expression. She was close, just a bit more of time.

However, Al misunderstood her expression as fear. He smiled in satisfaction and raised his sword.

“Well, I was already getting bored with this chase. Miss Iris, do you have any last words.”

Iris put on a cold look. “Idiot.” She said.

The smile disappeared from Al’s face. He stared at Iris darkly and scowled.

“What did you say, slut?”

Iris looked into his eyes and smiled. Very slowly, she opened her mouth. “Idiot.”

Instantly, Al’s face turned ugly.

“You little shit!” He filled his sword with mana and kicked the ground.

Iris’s barrier was unable to endure even one hit. Al’s sword cut through the barrier as easy as cutting butter.

But at that moment, Iris’s lips curved up.

“Chains!” She shouted.

A magic circle appeared on the ground below Al. The magic circle lit up and five mana chains flew towards Al’s body.

Fifth-Layer Spell, [Mana Chains]!

The spell Iris had been preparing all this time finally was complete.

Al was taken by surprise. He was unable to evade the spell and the chains trapped his limbs.

“Chains?” Although Al was surprised, he did not panic. He needed only a few seconds to get rid of a spell like this, and that was not enough time for Iris to defeat him.

However, a ring on Iris’s right hand lit up at that moment.

It was a ring that I had given her before the start of the fight. The key to this battle.

A teleportation ring.

It created a magic circle below them and started to activate. Three seconds, it was everything Iris needed to get the ring ready.

When Al saw the teleportation magic circle, he knew he was in trouble.

Hurriedly, he released all the mana in his body.


A sharp sword intent surged in the arena, cutting chain after chain into pieces. But at the same time, the teleportation magic circle was ready.

The next second, the magic circle flashed.

The entire arena fell silent.

Finally, Dina sighed beside me.

“… Such a shame.”

I nodded. “Luck was not on our side this time. If the chains would have endured a little bit more, the fight would have ended in a draw.”

Yes, only Iris had been teleported outside the stage.

As for Al, although he had cold sweat flowing on his forehead and a pale expression, he was still inside the arena.

“The winner is Al Riea.”

With the headmistress’s announcement, the battle was decided.


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