FPD Chapter 179

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Louise’s Stance


“Sorry, prince, princess.” Iris came to us with a disappointed look.

Dina was the first one to shook her head. “There is nothing to apologize for. You tried your best, it was simply bad luck.”

Iris lowered her head frustrated. Iris did not like fights, but she disliked much more losing.

At some point, her eyes had turned red. It was obvious that this defeat was a hard blow for her, especially due to the expectations we had in her.

Bot, to be honest, she had done her best. She had endured all the insults Al threw to her just to get the opportunity to get a tie, but in the end, she failed.

I sighed and walked towards her. Softly, I wrapped my arms around her body.

Iris trembled, but she did not move away. She just put her head on my chest and started to cry softly.

I mouthed at Andrea to get a bottle of water. Andrea nodded and went to search for it. When she returned, Iris was much calmer.

“… Sorry.” Iris struggled out of my hug. I smiled wryly raised my hands in defeat. Andrea appeared at that moment and gave her a bottle of water.

“You were great up there.”

Iris smiled wryly and nodded. “Thank you.”

“That is what friends are for… Right, you are very bold, to think you hugged my cousin in public. Even I don’t dare to do it.”

Iris turned completely red. She hid her face on her hands and sat on a bench with her thoughts in a mess.

“… God, I have a fiancée… What will everybody think?” I heard she mumbling something like that.

At that moment, headmistress Evelyn called for the next contestant.

“It’s my turn.” I stretched up my body and smiled to Dina and the girls. “Wish me luck.”

“Go beat him.” Dina grinned.

“Good luck, cousin.” Andrea raised her fist.

“… Good luck.” Even Iris mumbled her good wishes.

Well, I would have liked a kiss but we were in public, so… It was pretty much impossible.

I walked towards the arena slowly and looked at Al. To be honest, even although I felt pity that Iris lost, I’m pretty happy that I got the opportunity to beat Al up. I think I’m going to enjoy this.

But before I could step on the stage, someone grabbed my arm.

“Huh?” I looked back over my shoulders and saw a beautiful blond-haired girl with an anxious expression on her face.

“Louise? What are you doing here?” I asked.

Louise bit her lips. Her beautiful green eyes showed a bit of hesitation, but finally, she let out a small sigh.

“Claus, he is my little brother.”

I instantly understood Louise’s meaning.

“… So you are worried about me hurting him, huh.”

Louise lowered her head and nodded. “Two days ago, my fiancée died.”

Oh? Time sure flies.

I feigned an expression of surprise and shrugged. “What does that have to do with me?”

“… Apparently, it was due to a mistake on his training that caused a brain failure, or at least, that was what I heard… However… I got the feeling you are related to that.”

I smiled. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

A bitter smile appeared on Louise’s face. “Don’t worry, I won’t speak about this to anyone. To be honest, I’m rather happy with this result… I think I can chase my own happiness like this. But, it also reminded me of how dangerous you are.”

Louise then fell silent.

I looked at her with a complicated expression. My relationship with Louise is a bit vague, plus we already did it once, so… However, in the end, Louise and I are in different camps.

Louise also knows it. That is the reason she seemed so bitter when she spoke about pursuing her own happiness.

And at the same time, she had a vague idea of my true strength.

“Claus, can you promise me something?”

I could see Louise’s hope on her gaze. She still had hope that things could be resolved.

I sighed and nodded.

“Do tell.”

“… Please, don’t kill my family.”

I sighed again. Louise was not a naïve girl. She probably knew that my relationship with her father was almost irreconcilable.

Not only he had tried to kill me before and still wanted me dead, but he was also to blame by Dina and my situation.

And I’m pretty sure he has something to do with my mother’s death.

Eventually, I would have to kill him.

In the end, I decided to be softhearted. “Okay, but I can only promise you I will not kill them. If they continue going against me, I will not be merciful.”

Louise closed her eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. “That is enough.”

She then kissed me on the lips regardless of all the eyes looking at us.

I was rather surprised. Louise doing this was the same as declaring her stance. In other words, she was going against the will of her father.

I could imagine the pressure she would have to endure for this decision. However, she seemed unconcerned for it. She simply moved her lips away and put on a bashful expression.

“I wanted to do this for a long time… Claus, I love you, good luck.”

And here is my lucky kiss.

This girl, are you planning to steal my heart?

I shook my head and chuckled. “Thanks.” I then stepped on the stage under the gasps and surprised sounds of the students in the stands.

The first thing I saw when I entered the stage was Al’s incensed look.

The hatred and rage in his eyes were evident. I’m sure he is burning inside after seeing his sister kissing me.

Al was an idiot, and earl Carson was an ambitious man. I knew that regardless of Louise’s position, they would continue going against me.

But now that I promised Louise to not kill them, I’ll have to change my plans.

I’m a man of my word, and in fact, I have not broken a promise in a very long, long time.

It looks like the pleasure of killing the earl and his son will have to go to someone else.


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