FPD Chapter 180

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“Hi Al, long time no see you.” I waved at Al leisurely when I stepped on the stage.

My attitude was friendly enough that someone that did not know the history between us could mistakenly think we were close friends.

However, Al could only see it as sarcasm.

“You… Bastard, what did you do to my sister?”

“Oh? Louise? Well, we met at the party on the first day of school and we realized we had many things in common. You know, the same hobbies and things like that. Unfortunately, Louise was already engaged back then, but now that her fiancée died, I think you can start to call me brother-in-law.”

Al’s face distorted in fury. His expression seemed as though I had stolen his wife from him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a wife, or I would have considered doing it.

“Do you think you can marry my sister!? Who do you think you are!? I will not allow it!”

“Calm down, man.” I smirked. “No matter how you see it, I’m a prince. I think I’m a good match for her.”

“Prince? Prince!? Hahahahaha, not for long!”

Instantly, the entire arena froze.

I could feel Dina’s expression turning frosty and Louise covering her face in disappointment. Even my not so beloved brother, Alan, had narrowed his eyes in rage.

Al had just told a prince he would not be a prince for long. From a perspective, such words could be considered treason.

After all, the only way a prince could stop being a prince was if he was disowned or if the dynasty changed. And none of those of things was something Al could mention.

But Al was too enraged to realize his slip of the tongue. His rage had blinded him and he had not realized that the people in the stands were looking at him as he was crazy.

As I thought, Al is an idiot. I don’t understand how someone like him has the same genes as Louise and Claire.

“Claus, get away from my sister! If not, get ready to face the consequences!”

“Oh?” I raised my eyebrows in amusement. “And what are the consequences?”

Al’s expression distorted in hatred. “I will k–”

“Enough!” Alan bellowed from his position. “Al, what do you think you are saying!?”

“C-Cousin, w-what is wrong?”

“Shut up! Are you trying to die, fool!? Stop with this farse!”

Al shut his mouth. He immediately thought about the words he almost said and his face turned pale.

I sighed in disappointment. If Al had finished speaking, I would have an excuse to ask the headmistress to apprehend him. Then, using it, I could make a deal with the earl and ask for Louise’s hand in marriage.

I’m sure that even if the earl hates the idea, he will have to concede for the sake of his heir.

I must say that this brother of mine sure reacted quickly.

“Okay, Al, let’s start the fight already. I still need to defeat the people after you.” I waved my hand indifferently and hurried him.

Al was incensed, but he wisely chose to keep his mouth shut this time. I’m sure it’s one of the few right choices he has done in his entire life.

Seeing that he did not fall for my bait, I looked at the headmistress to ask her to start the fight.

Headmistress Evelyn shrugged. Was she disappointed that the good show ended? Anyway, she raised her hand and looked at us.

“Are you ready? Start!”

As soon as he heard the words of the headmistress, Al charged towards me.

He filled his sword with all the mana he could and swung it furiously.

I shrugged indifferently and took a leisure step aside, then, without unsheathing my sword, I took a step forwards an unleashed a punch.

Strangely, my small movements put me directly in front of Al’s chest.

Al panicked and tried to twist his body, but my punch was faster. I hit him directly in the chest and sent him flying away.

*Bam!* Al crashed against the ground a rolled for a few meters before finally coming to a stop and coughing a few mouthfuls of blood.

“Cough… Cough…”

“Al, it looks like your memory is not good.” I spoke in a voice only he could hear. “When I was in the fourth layer and you in the fifth, I could beat you and your servants easily. Now that we are both in the fifth layer, you are nothing more than a dog compared to me.” I shook my head while walking slowly towards him.

“Cough, cough… Bastard!”

Putting strength on his arms, Al stood up and looked at me with bloodshot eyes.

“Hmm, it looks like you want to continue. Well, some dogs need to be taught more than once to learn the lesson.”

“Haaaaaaaaah!” Al shouted. All the mana inside his body surged out, and his sword was enveloped in fire. It was a famous sword art of the Riea family, [Heaven-Burning Sword]!

The fire sword seemed to burn all the arena into ashes. The heat of the sword could be felt even in the stands.

However, my expression did not change in the slightest.

When the sword was about to touch me, I evaded it moving slightly aside and chopped at Al with my palm.

Instantly, an incredibly sharp sword intent erupted from my body.

The sword intent spread to the whole arena, filling it with a chilling sharpness that seemed to slice heaven and earth. In less than one second, the flames on Al’s sword had been completely extinguished.

As for my hand, it was resting on his shoulder while he laid kneeling before me.

I curved my lips up. Slowly, I brought my mouth to his ear and whispered something.

“Do you want to know a secret? The reason your sister came to me just now was to beg me for mercy on your behalf.” I chuckled. “Are you surprised? It’s rather hilarious. You asked me to stay away from your sister when the only reason she agreed to kiss me was that she feared I would cripple you.”

“You…” Al’s eyes opened wide, and his voice turned hoarse.

“How pitiful you are. Well, you are nothing more than a dog I can kick when I’m in a bad mood. As for your sister, don’t worry, I’ll treat her well.”

I patted Al’s cheek twice and retired my hand. Then, I turned around, returned to my original position and smiled.

Behind me, Al collapsed in the ground.

In his face, you could only find fear and despair.


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