FPD Chapter 187

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Bahamut vs Godsfall


“Burn him, guardian of the heavens and servant of the sun. Turn my enemies into ashes. Descent, [Bahamut]!”

“Imperial Swordsmanship, [Godsfall]!”

The clash of light and flames was astounding. It formed a beautiful show of lights that fascinated the spectators.

But in the next second, it created a powerful shockwave.


Headmistress Evelyn reacted instantly. She waved her hand and strengthened the barrier around the stage, stopping the shockwave from hurting the students.

But even with the headmistress’s intervention, the powerful shockwaves caused an earthquake that extended until the capital.


At this moment, very few people knew what was happening in the arena. Besides the headmistress and I, only some of the strongest teachers could manage to see something.

[Bahamut] and [Godsfall] were fighting against each other. On one side, a dragon of flames wanted to burn everything, and on the other side, a sword of light was cutting through the world.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Dina roared. She gritted her teeth and put each drop of her mana into the spell. Her body wobbled weakly, but she endured by sheer will and glared at Alan.

Alan’s body, on the other hand, was shaking. The burden [Godsfall]’s put on his body plus Zariel’s consumption of mana left him on the verge of the collapse.

However, he could not afford to lose either.

At this point, this fight had gone beyond a fight between students.

It was a fight between two people determined to become the new emperor.


[Bahamut] roared, and [Godsfall] vibrated. The stage was turned into nothing more than dust and ashes. Nobody would believe if someone says that this was a fight between sixth-layer practitioners.

This stalemate lasted for a few seconds, but soon, someone started to show an advantage.

It was Alan.

In the end, the injuries Dina had suffered before turned into a glaring disadvantage.

“Haaaahhhhh!” With Alan’s cry, [Godsfall] started to get the advantage. Little by little, it invaded [Bahamut]’s territory and sliced the infernal flames.

Dina’s paled. She tried to squeeze more mana from her body to sustain the spell, however, her mana core was already dry.

She bit her lips and tears appeared in her eyes. Dina knew she was going to lose.

I could see her sadness on her face. The opportunity I gave her, the chance to defeat Alan, to show the empire that she was worthy enough for the throne, was disappearing.

Everything was vanishing before her eyes.

Dina looked back at me. Her eyes met mine, and the tears in her face seemed to say me ‘I’m sorry’.

But contrary to her expectations, I smiled.

“Go for it,” My lips moved.

And suddenly, Dina felt an unknown power surging inside her body.

An enormous amount of pure mana appeared on her mana core. The mana was purer than anything she had seen before, and it was very mild, as though it wanted she used it.

Dina was surprised, but now was not the time to think about this unexpected situation. She gritted her teeth and decisively called forth upon the new mana.

Then, a beautiful scarlet asura surrounded her body.

Her black hair turned red, and her black eyes took a beautiful scarlet tint. At that instant, Dina seemed like a goddess of flames.

Then, she yelled.


And flames filled the world.

Alan suddenly felt as though the flames had turned hundreds of times stronger. If before of this, the flames were like a burning meteor, now they felt like the sun.


[Bahamut] roared towards the sky, announcing its power as the king of the skies. It became bigger and bigger, burning and devouring the blinding sword light.

“Impossible!” Alan panicked. He put even more strength into the sword on his hand, but it was useless.

One second later, Zariel consumed the last bit of mana in his body.

[Bahamut] seemed to feel the weakness of its enemy. It opened its mouth and swallowed the sword light, burning everything with its overbearing flames.


Zariel screamed. The godly sword created a last blinding sword ray, as though showing its reluctance to lose, and then, it lost its shine.

Instantly, the burning dragon cried in glee.

It opened its jaw and rushed towards Alan and Zariel. With an enormous roar, it tried to consume them.

But a beautiful red-eyed woman suddenly appeared.


Evelyn’s ice-cold voice resounded in the stage. With a wave of her hand, the dragon was frozen in the air.


[Bahamut] roared unwillingly. Its flames burned brightly, as though it wanted to turn the woman that dared to defy it into ashes.

But how could it go against Evelyn?

One second later, Dina’s body shook.

Losing her remaining strength, Dina collapsed on the ground and stopped sending mana into [Bahamut].

The ruler over flames bellowed towards the sky. It stared at its summoner briefly before finally disappearing.

When the dragon was gone, Evelyn sighed. She looked at Dina with a praiseful gaze and waved her hand, extinguishing the remaining flames on the stage.

Then, she raised her voice and announced the result of the match.

“The winner is, Dina Quintin!”



With the cheers of thousands of students, the last duel came to its end.


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