FPD Chapter 188

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The students cheered in excitement. Students and teachers alike, from the freshmen to the fifth-year students shouted Dina’s name.

“Amazing! Her highness Dina is amazing!”

“How expected of one of the greatest geniuses in the younger generation, she is truly powerful!”

“I heard that princess Dina is not engaged. Do you think she will be interested in me?”

“Shut up, how can you be worthy of someone so beautiful and strong like her!? Only I deserve her!”

“Dream on!”

“I can’t believe she defeated the crown prince. She is three years younger!”

“Bah, the crown prince is nothing. He was defeated by Prince Claus and afterward defeated by Princess Dina. How is he worthy of being the crown prince?”

“But prince Claus gave up the fight, didn’t he?”

“Are you an idiot? It’s obvious he disdained to fight with him. The crown prince is a coward that only dares to fight with women, and even so he lost.”

“Yeah, Prince Alan doesn’t deserve to be the crown prince. I think it’s better if prince Claus is the crown prince.”

“Shhh! Do you want to die!?”

“But that is the truth! Even princess Dina could be a better emperor than prince Alan!”

“… Thinking about it, it would be great if she can become the emperor. Such a shame she is a woman.”

“What are you talking about? It’s great that she is a woman. Princess Dina is my goddess! I would support her if she wants to be the emperor!”

“Hahahaha, yeah support princess Dina!”

Hearing the words of the students, I smiled calmly. Finally, Dina has taken the true first step.

Dina’s biggest obstacle to the throne is the fact that no woman has been the emperor before. If she wants to ascend as the first female emperor, she will have to face many obstructions.

However, I have seen queens and empress through the worlds I have gone, and some of the people that had defeated me through my numerous lifetimes were women. I know that becoming a ruler as a woman is not impossible. If Dina is strong enough, and her support is great enough, nothing can stop her from becoming the ruler of the empire.

Now, Dina has shown her strength. She has shown that she has the ability to defeat the current crown prince, even when the crown prince was wielding a godly weapon.

Of course, this is not enough to consider her a candidate to the throne, but it’s the first step forward.

Now, it’s my turn. I can use the Red Skull Gang to spread the word about today’s fight through the capital. By tomorrow, this fight will be the main topic in the mouth of each commoner.

I’m already eager to see it.

Looking at my collapsed sister, I could not help but curve my lips up. I stopped paying attention to the words of the audience and kicked the ground. In one second, I was holding Dina in my arms.

“Well done, my princess.” I whispered in her ear.

Dina blushed. Her tired body rested in my arms and her eyes narrowed of happiness. “Thank you, Claus.”

“You don’t need to thank me, I did nothing. Everything was your own effort.”

“Is it so? So you will tell me that the mana that suddenly appeared in my body is not related to you?”

“Mana? What you are speaking about?”

“Stop lying Claus, I can recognize your presence from miles away.” Dina smiled confidently.

I smiled wryly. It looks like I can’t fool Dina so easily.

Dina saw my expression and smiled brightly. “Don’t worry, I will not ask about it. Now take me to a healing mage. My entire body hurts.”

“As my princess says.” I stealthily sent a bit of my mana inside her body to alleviate her injuries and take her to a healing mage.

Meanwhile, Alan rejected headmistress Evelyn’s help and used his sword to stand up.

In fact, Dina’s injuries were graver than Alan’s. During the fight, Alan had suffered only a few scratches besides his depleted mana.

Of course, it was due to Evelyn stopping [Bahamut]’s final attack, or Alan would have gotten much more than a few scratches.

But the fact that he had to be rescued by the headmistress was even more humiliating for Alan.

Alan’s face was dark. Today he had been shamed, twice, and before thousands of students.

I could feel his eyes fixated in my back. The intense hatred emanating from his gaze was enough to freeze a normal person.

However, I just looked back at him and smirked. Dearest big brother, the game is just starting.

In the end, some of his followers helped him to go away. I just shrugged while thinking about my next step.

After I took Dina to the infirmary, the other members of our team, (plus Andrea and Louise), rushed towards us to celebrate. Fortunately, the teachers stopped the other students that wanted to come, or we would have been swept away by the crowd. It was not an exaggeration to say that the number of fans we gained through today’s fights is in the thousands.

While we were celebrating, headmistress Evelyn walked towards us.

“Congratulations, guys, you did an excellent job.”

The girls smiled widely in pride. Today, they had shown the institute that they were the best.

Especially Katherine, Daisy, Rose, and Dina’s performance. Anyone could see that their talents were overwhelming. They fought against older, stronger, and more experienced enemies and defeated them.

“We should celebrate this.” I said while looking at the girls. “What do you think about a party tonight?”

“Claus, the girls are injured. Let them rest.” Evelyn refuted my words. “Besides, I don’t feel relieved about leaving you alone with the girls. God knows how many of them will be taken advantage of by you.”

The girls blushed and looked down, but Dina looked at me with a sharp gaze. Come on, is your image of me so bad?

Only Rose was looking around with a confused expression. Are heroes always so dense? Sigh…

At that moment, a teacher rushed towards us with an agitated expression.

“Headmistress! Headmistress, bad news!”

Evelyn frowned. “Calm down. You are a teacher so behave like one. Now tell me, what happened?”

“Haa… haa… H-Headmistress, a-another student was k-killed!”


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