FPD Chapter 189

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Another Murder


“Tell me, how did this happen?” Headmistress Evelyn’s voice was ice-cold.

“We don’t know, headmistress. When we learned of the situation, the student was already dead. Our guess is that the killer took advantage of the fact that most students and teachers were spectating the duel to kill him.” A teacher replied.

Currently, we were in the classroom where the new murder happened.

After we learned of the news, headmistress Evelyn and I followed the teacher here. The other girls stayed behind to take care of the injured.

When we arrived at the crime scene, we understood the situation.

A student laid dead in the ground, with a sword in his chest. The student had an expression of incredulity, as though he could not believe why he was killed.

According to the information the teacher gave us, the student was a second-year noble student named Abel. The student had never been involved in any fight during his time in the institute, and he did not have enemies.

Just like the last student, the killer did not leave behind any traces. Headmistress Evelyn even tried to summon his soul to learn what happened, but she failed. My use of [Akashic Sight] was useless too.

It was as though everything was hidden by a veil of fog.

“Damn it, if I find the bastard that did this, I’ll kill him.” Evelyn’s voice was pretty calm, but I could feel the incredible rage inside her.

Evelyn was an idealist. She was someone that considered her students as her children and considered the institute as her home. For her, killing a student was as though killing her family.

Currently, she was like a barrel of TNT ready to explode at any time.

I frowned. I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

“Headmistress, this doesn’t look like something a student did.” I said. “I think that if the culprit is not a teacher, then it’s someone attacking the academy.”

Headmistress Evelyn fell silent. She was someone smart, so she could think about the things I thought.

I doubt any student in this institute has the ability to hide something from my sight. In fact, nobody in this world is supposed to be able to do something like that.

No matter how I see it, things are becoming weirder and weirder.

Evelyn sighed. “We can’t continue like this. With a killer in the institute, all the students are in danger.” She then looked at the teachers and people in the room. “We will suspend classes from tomorrow. Until we find the culprit, the students will return to their homes.”

“B-But, headmistress!”

“Suspend classes? We have not suspended classes ever!”

“How are we going to find the culprit? We don’t have any clue.”

“Headmistress, please reconsider!”

“If we suspend classes, the academy’s reputation will suffer a huge blow!”

“Quiet!” Evelyn bellowed. “My decision is final!”

The entire classroom fell silent.

Evelyn’s decision was firm. She could not put the lives of the students at risk due to her pride or the pride of the academy.

I inwardly praised her decision. Not many people are able to think about the safety of others in situations where their interests are at risk.

At that moment, a new teacher ran into the classroom.

“Headmistress, something happened!”

“What happened?” Evelyn asked icily. To be honest, she was not in the best of the moods right now.

This time, though, the teacher was not bringing bad news.

Quite the opposite, he was pulling a female student with him.

“H-Headmistress, this s-student told me that she saw what happened!”

Evelyn was startled. The next instant, she grabbed the girl’s shoulders with a grave expression.

“Tell me everything you know!”



“In other words, you witnessed everything?”

“Y-Yes.” The student bit her lips nervously. “I-I had left something in the classroom, and when I came back for it, I saw him stabbing A-Abel in the chest.”

“Did he discover you?”

“I-I don’t know. I-I hid when I saw what was happening, and then, I ran away. H-Headmistress, I-I’m scared. W-What if he comes to kill me?”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you.” Evelyn smiled at the student to calm her down. When the girl finally stopped trembling, Evelyn stood up and left the classroom.

Outside, I and some of the teachers were waiting for her.

“I think I know who is the culprit.” Evelyn said. “Claus, come with me. As for the others, stay here in case something happens.”

Everybody nodded. Although some of the teachers were curious about the reason Evelyn asked me to go with her, none of them questioned her words.

Thus, we departed towards the men’s bedrooms.

“It was a student?” I was surprised. “Evelyn, are you sure?”

“According to the girl, yes. And I could feel she was not lying.”

I frowned. So was I mistaken?

Impossible. A normal student can’t do something like this.

Evelyn told me that the suspect was another second-year student of the same class as the victim and the girl that witnessed everything.

The guy was called Steven. He was the heir of a small noble family that came to the capital to study in the academy. He had never shown inclinations towards violence, so the reason behind the murder was a mystery.

The reason Evelyn brought me with her was to protect the teachers. Simply from the fact that the killer did not leave behind any traces, there was a high probability of him being a high-layered powerhouse. Someone like that was too powerful for normal teachers to face.

We arrived at Steven’s bedroom shrouded in a tense atmosphere. Both of us were circulating our mana in preparation for a possible fight.

“Ready?” Evelyn whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes briefly and nodded.

“Let’s go!”

The next second, Evelyn teleported us inside Steven’s room.


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