FPD Chapter 19

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Enjoying the Married Female Doctor (1)


Andrea did not return after she left. She probably was too ashamed to face me.

Daisy, on the other hand, was upset the rest of the way. Although she did not say anything, her face remained expressionless and she refused to speak with me if it was not necessary.

I could only smile wryly. Well, women are jealous creatures, so it’s normal. Daisy knew that it was impossible for her to monopolize me, so this tantrum is probably a way for her to come at terms with it.

Fortunately, I completed the registration without a problem. The clerk just asked my name and the courses I planned to take and then it was done. I could not help but think that the process was a bit too simple.

Well, it’s probably one of the perks of being a prince.

I decided to return to the palace once I completed the registration. I waited in front of the institute for Andrea, but she did not appear even one hour later. I could only sigh in disappointment and leave without her.

Soon, it was afternoon.

I did not forget my appointment with Mrs. Elene and readied myself to go there. But instead of going at the hour she told me, I waited until it was a bit later.

Mrs. Elene only works in the infirmary until five in the afternoon (the equivalent in this world), and she then goes back to her house after it. Sir Raul, on the other hand, only returns home late at night.

When there were five minutes left to five, I activated Akashic Sight.

Through it, I could see Mrs. Elene looking nervously at a magic tool used to measure the time.

When the magic tool showed that it was five o’clock, Mrs. Elene bit her lips and showed an expression of hesitation. Then, she put on a determined face and left the infirmary.

I grinned wickedly when I saw it.

I gave Daisy some errands to run and I departed alone towards Mrs. Elene’s house.

Mrs. Elena’s house is located near the palace. I just have to walk for a little bit to reach there.

Ten minutes later, I knocked on the door.

“Coming!” A voice resounded from behind the door. I could hear Mrs. Elene hurried footsteps coming closer.

When she opened the door, I put on an embarrassed expression. “Err, sister Elene, I’m here for the treatment.”

Mrs. Elene frowned when she saw me. “Why did you wait until now to come? My work hours finished a few minutes ago.”

“I’m sorry. I was planning not to bother you anymore, but I suddenly felt a bit of pain on my back and decided that it was better to complete the treatment. Unfortunately, you had left the infirmary when I went there and I did not have more options but to come here. Can I enter?”

Mrs. Elene showed a hesitant look, but after remembering that her husband was the cause of this problem, she sighed helplessly and invited me in.

Once inside, Mrs. Elena proceeded to check me up. I asked if I should take off my clothes again, but Mrs. Elene shook her head with a flustered expression and told me that it was alright.

She then lifted my shirt and looked at the wounds on my body. The wounds were looking much better than before, but they were still visible.

After looking at the injuries for a few seconds, Mrs. Elene furrowed her brows. “Well, everything looks fine. I don’t think there is a problem, but either way, I’ll give you another potion. You can ask Daisy to help you to apply it before sleeping.”

I nodded in understating, but inside me, I could not help but smirk. It looks like the beautiful doctor did not want to repeat the experience of this morning.

Mrs. Elene then entered her bedroom and began to search for the potion.

However, even after five minutes, she could not find it.

“Where is it? I’m sure I let it here…” She muttered with a hurried expression.

“Is something wrong?” I asked from the living room.

“Nothing. It’s just that I forgot where I put the potion.”

“Let me help you to search.” I offered and walked towards the bedroom. Mrs. Elene wanted to refuse, but after thinking about it, she thought that there was not a problem.

Once I was inside, I began to search.

Actually, the potion had been hidden for me using spatial laws, but Mrs. Elene did not know it. She thought that I honestly was helping her to find it.

“I’m sorry about it, to make a prince help me to search for something, I’m ashamed.”

I smiled charmingly. “Don’t worry, sister Elene. I don’t mind helping someone so beautiful as you.”

“Sweet talker.” She rolled her eyes and blushed slightly.

“But it’s true. Sister Elene is one of the most beautiful women I knew.”

Mrs. Elene’s lips curved up. It was obvious that she was pretty happy with my lip service.

“Do you truly mean it?” She asked.

I nodded repeatedly. “Of course. Sister Elene is truly beautiful.” I then walked towards her, and before she could react, kissed her lips.

Mrs. Elene’s eyes opened wide. She could not believe that I dared to kiss her.

For a few seconds, she did not know how to react, but I did not stop. I forced her lips open and moved my tongue inside. I licked Mrs. Elene’s teeth and tried to open them.

But when she felt the movement of my tongue, Mrs. Elene reacted.

Her face turned pale, and she tried to push me away. But I hugged her waist and pressed my body against her. My mouth continued sucking hers and my tongue continued trying to invade her mouth.

I could feel her breathing becoming heavier, and her body was turning hotter. Before long, Mrs. Elene started to pant.

My hands began to roam her back, and my eyes stared directly into hers. She put on an ashamed expression and moved her sight away.

I finally released her lips when her consciousness began to feel faint due to the lack of oxygen. Instantly, Mrs. Elene took a deep breath.

“P-Prince, w-what are you doing?!”

“You are beautiful, sister Elene.”

“You… What are you doing?! I’m a married woman! If you cont- mhhhmm” I interrupted her words with another kiss. This time, my tongue easily penetrated her defenses and entered her mouth.

Mrs. Elene tried frantically to move her mouth away, but I keep our bodies stuck together and continued moving my tongue inside her. Before long, our tongues met.

“Mmmm…” A moan escaped Mrs. Elene’s mouth and her eyes closed involuntarily.


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