FPD Chapter 191

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Culprit (2)


In the end, we failed to find more information about the situation.

I truly wanted to dissect Steven’s soul and find the truth, but I could not do it with Evelyn here. Hence, I decided to be patient and wait until it was night.

Meanwhile, I put a suggestion in Steven’s mind to stop him from committing suicide. I did not want to lose the only clue I had gotten due to a moment of carelessness.

Fortunately, I did not have to wait long. A few hours later, it was already night.

I took a deep breath and changed my appearance into Clark’s red eyes and red hair. In seconds, I had transformed into the boss of the Red Skull Gang.

Steven had been taken by headmistress Evelyn to the capital’s ministry of justice. He had, after all, killed a noble, a crime punishable with death. Even if Evelyn knew he was just a chess piece, she had to bring Steven to justice so he takes responsibility for his actions.

Infiltrating the place where Steven was detained was not hard. I just moved through space without alerting the powerhouses guarding the prison and entered in Steven’s room silently.

Once inside, I put an isolation barrier around the room so nobody outside could hear anything that happens here.

When everything was ready, I walked slowly towards Steven’s bed.

*Tap tap tap* My footsteps echoed in the silent room, instantly, waking Steven up.

He opened his eyes with an expression of panic and looked around the room. When he saw me, his face paled in fear.

However, I was polite enough to offer him a smile.

“Nice to meet you, young master Steven. My name is Clark.”

“Y-Y-You, w-who are you!? W-What are you doing here.”

“Me?” I chuckled. “I’m just someone searching for answers.” Without giving Steven time to react, I appeared in front of him and touched his forehead. “And you have the answers I have.”

Steven’s face turned ashen. He tried to scream, but the fear made him unable to open his mouth.

I nodded in satisfaction. Fear was good. With his mind filled with fear, my search will be easier.

“I’m sorry about it.” I said to him with a devilish smile. “But don’t worry, this will end soon. Try to bear with the pain.”

The next second, I violently invaded his mind.

“AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!” Steven cried in pain. His eyes turned blood red and his body twitched fiercely due to the incredible Agony.

But I could not be merciful here. I had to be fast, and fast means not caring about his wellbeing.

In an instant, my powerful soul cut through his thoughts. I mercilessly dissected every part of his soul, layer by layer, until arriving the core of his entire being.

The pain and torture Steven was going through were unimaginable. At some point, all his thoughts had turned into a longing for death, to be released from this terrifying pain.

However, I had reached my goal.

In the deeps of his soul, I could see a dark cloud floating leisurely while emitting an aura of chaos and destruction.

“I found you.” I smirked. With a thought, I used my soul power to attack the dark cloud. My powerful soul surrounded the dark cloud completely to stop it from escaping.

But the dark cloud did not try to escape. Instead, it let out a spiritual shockwave and attacked me. A wave of soul power filled with destructive thoughts attacked my soul!

“Hmph!” I snorted. My soul power emitted a blinding light that erased the destructive thoughts completely. Then, I willed my soul power to seize the dark cloud.

The dark cloud was startled. I could feel a feeling of confusion coming from it, as though it could not understand why its attack was ineffective. However, it did not hesitate to attack again.

But just like last time, I erased its attacks completely. My consciousness slowly cornered the dark soul, until it did not have a place where to move.

This time, the dark cloud panicked. It started to shake violently and resist my encroaching. At the same time, it unleashed a powerful spiritual slash!

But my soul turned into a shield and stopped it before turning into a sword that pierced the dark cloud.

“HNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!” A wail of pain resounded in Steven’s soul. The dark cloud shook violently while it became dimmer and dimmer.

“You are mine…” I curled my lips up in anticipation.

But at that moment, the dark cloud trembled and its core turned red.

My expression instantly changed. Without hesitation, I withdrew my soul from Steven’s mind. But before I could leave completely, the cloud exploded!

“Damn it!” I cursed in my mind and created a barrier to protect my soul from damage.

The dark cloud’s explosion created a spiritual shockwave that carried a strange and destructive energy. It was powerful enough to kill even a tenth-layer powerhouse easily!

Fortunately, the isolation barrier I lay around the room when I arrived stopped it from leaving the room.

“Damn it!” I cursed again and heaved a sigh of pity. A failure.

Although I managed to escape uninjured, I was unable to learn anything important about the dark soul.

The only information I got was that the owner of the dark cloud was someone at the same power level as me. Probably, another immortal being.

Looking at Steven’s dead body, I sighed again. This entire situation left a bad taste in my mouth.


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