FPD Chapter 193

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Punishing Akilah (1)


Now that Steven died, I lost my only clue about the mastermind.

But with this, I confirmed the enemy’s strength. If I’m not wrong, I’m facing someone on the same level as me.

However, I’m unable to find the reason behind the mastermind’s actions. No matter how I look at it, there is not a good reason to use such a roundabout method to kill someone. People in our level are incredibly powerful, killing someone just requires a thought.

At least, of course, there is a kind of limitation.

Fortunately, there is still another murderer in the academy. If I’m not wrong, that murderer is in the same state as Steven, someone controlled against his will.

It looks like I must find a way to catch him, or at least, to catch someone else being manipulated.

Suddenly, I have a thought.

‘How many people are being manipulated?’

And then, I thought about another thing.

‘Are only people from the academy the victims?’

Maybe I can start investigating in that direction?

After following that line of thought, I concluded that it was the right direction. Perhaps…

I arrived at the Red Skull Gang while lost in thoughts. The two guards in the entrance bowed respectfully when I appeared.


I nodded indifferently and entered the building.

Tonight, the headquarters of the Red Skull Gang were filled with people. All the people I met in the way seemed incredibly busy, but they were carrying happy smiles.

It was something normal, though. It had been just one day since we destroyed the Blood Night Gang, after all.

Strangely, I did not meet anyone familiar in the way. Normally, Raven or Marana would have come to receive me, but none of them was here today.

When I arrived at the office, I realized it was empty.

I frowned and tapped the table twice. Then, I went outside and called someone.

“Do you know where Marana is?”

“Oh? Boss!” The young man I stopped turned nervous when I called him. “Y-You are here.”

I frowned. Seeing my expression, the young man quickly composed himself.

“B-Boss Marana is dealing with the aftermath of yesterday’s battle, so she is not here. Miss Raven and Mr. Cline are with her.”

I furrowed my brows. “What about Elene?”

“Miss Elene has been very busy healing the injured. I heard she only rested just one hour ago. I think she is asleep now.”

Sigh. It looks like everybody is busy today huh.

Well, it’s normal. After all, the battle with the Blood Night Gang was just yesterday.

“Is Akilah also busy?”

“I-I heard miss Akilah is training now. B-Boss, do you need her for something?”

“Yes. Go and call her. Tell her I have something important to tell her.”

“Y-Yes!”  The young man then ran to search for Akilah.

I sighed and returned to the office. Afterward, I started to revise the documents in the table while I waited for Akilah.

Fortunately, she did not take long to come.

“I heard you were asking for me.” Akilah entered the room with a displeased look. “Hurry up, I’m busy training.”

I was a bit surprised when I saw her. Different from her usual look, she was wearing a skin-tight sweater with short pants for training. Her body was a bit sweaty due to training, and her brown hair was tied in a ponytail.

To be honest, she looked incredibly seductive.

Her tongue, however, was as poisonous as ever.

“Stop staring me like a pervert. I don’t like it.” She grunted.

I wrinkled my brows. This girl…

However, I have more important things tonight.

“How is the situation?” I asked.

“A mess.” Akilah said with irritation. “Marana has been running around today due to the destruction of the Blood Night Gang. Moreover, the imperial guards and some nobles visited us earlier. Fortunately, nothing happened.”

“That is good. We can’t lower our guard, however. I’m sure many people are eyeing the position of the overlord of the eastern capital’s underground. The following days will be the most dangerous.”

“Sister knows about it. She has been doing the dirty work in your stead after all.” Akilah said in a sarcastic tone.

I simply ignored her. “I need to leave a message to Marana. Investigate all the strange murders that have occurred recently in the capital. I want a report on it tomorrow night.”

“… Is this important?” Akilah frowned. “Sister is already busy managing the gang. She doesn’t need more work now.”

“It’s important.” I stared deeply at Akilah. “Very important.”

“Well, if it’s so important, why don’t you investigate it yourself?” She said coldly.

Sigh, this girl…

“Akilah, I remember I warned you about being disrespectful, right?”

“And why I need to be respectful to you? You snatched the Red Skull Gang from my sister’s hands. You are nothing but a thief!”

“It looks like you did not learn your lesson last time, huh? Last time, I forgive you after you attacked without reason, however, I remember saying that it would be the last time I allowed something like that.”

“Oh?” Akilah scoffed. “What are you going to do then, kill me? Do it if you dare!”

I intertwined my fingers and smiled. I’m pretty sure that my smile is rather wicked right now.

“Kill you, why would I do it?”

My eyes narrowed. I stared at her tall and slender body and licked my lips.

“No, I will just punish you.”


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