FPD Chapter 194

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Punishing Akilah (2)


“Huh?” For a moment, Akilah was unable to understand my words.

But when she saw me licking my lips, her body shuddered.

“You… What are you planning?” Akilah put on a disgusted expression. She then took a step back and unsheathed her rapier.

I smirked. It’s time for a bit of fun.

Before Akilah could take another step back, I waved my hand.

Instantly, a ring of light appeared around her.

“This is…” Akilah was startled. An instant later, she remembered that I had used something like this before.

Her face paled. She instinctively raised the rapier to attack the ring of light, but her body stopped answering.


“I have always been curious about something.” I said while standing up and walking towards Akilah. “Why did you hate me so much?”

“You… Get away from me!”

“I don’t understand. Although I admit our first meeting was not the best, I rescued your brother, saved Raven, and helped you to become stronger… I don’t remember doing something to make you hate me.”

“You usurped big sis’s position! This gang was supposed to be big sister’s, not yours!”

My expression turned strange. “Is it so? However, I think I’m a rather carefree boss. Marana is still the one in charge of the gang, and to be honest, her authority is even greater than before. Is not she in charge of the capital’s entire eastern underground right now?”

Akilah bit her lips and fell silent, unable to refute my words.

I smirked. “No, I think the reason you hate me is different, is it not?”

“… What do you mean?” Akilah looked at me warily.

I stared deeply at Akilah. Then, I made a wicked smile.

“… Does Marana know you like her?”


“So she doesn’t huh.” My lips curved up in a sadistic smile. “Mmm, I think she doesn’t even know you don’t like men.”

“You… How you know it?” Akilah’s face was pale white. She was looking at me as though looking at a monster.

I shrugged nonchalantly. “Well, I’m rather good at observing people. Your gaze is filled with hatred, jealously, and wariness when I’m speaking with Marana, and filled with disgust when you see other men…

“Of course, that is not enough evidence… At the start, I thought that you simply wanted to protect your sister. However, do you remember the first time you were sent to the space-time tunnel?”


“You see, I noticed something very interesting at that time. When the dragon attacked you and you thought you were going to die, the last thing you did was to stare at Marana with eyes filled with regret.”

“… That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Are you sure? At that time, you ONLY looked at her. Marana was the only person in your eyes. Little Akilah, I’m a very experienced man, so I can recognize a woman in love when I see one.”


“But don’t worry, I will not tell her anything.”

Akilah was stunned.

But then, she remembered the situation she was in now.

For an instant, an expression of hesitation appeared on her face.

A second later, though, she sighed in resignation and looked at me.

“What do you want?”

My lips formed a devilish smile.

“Smart. Of course, I want something.”

I then walked towards her and raised her chin.

“I want you.”

“Dream on!!!” Akilah turned totally angry. “I will not give my body to a stinky man!”

“Mmm… It looks like Marana will be very interested to know about her sister’s interests.”

Akilah bit her lips.

A few seconds later, she looked at me with a look of shame.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked.

I shrugged. “I told you, it’s a punishment. You have been going against me since the start, so I think you need to be punished. Of course, the fact you are a beautiful woman is also important.”

“Then, if I promise you that–”

“It’s very late for that.” I interrupted Akilah coldly. “Now chose, accept my condition, or tell the truth to your sister.”

Akilah was dumbfounded. She looked at the ground and closed her eyes.

Tears started to fall from her eyes.

For an instant, I was tempted to forgive her. However, that idea disappeared quickly.

Of course, I’m not truly thinking about raping her. In the end, Akilah has just been a bit rude towards me. That is not enough to do something so evil wicked towards her.

However, making her fall in my hands slowly, prey to the pleasures I give her while she tries to resist it sounds a bit fun.

After a while, Akilah finally raised her face and looked at me with a determined expression.

“I agree. However, you can’t have my purity. I won’t agree to that.”

I stared at Akilah deeply for a few seconds.

“You know that if I want, I can’t force you to have sex with me and you will be unable to do anything about it, right?”

“Then, I will kill myself afterward.” Akilah’s voice was firm.

I truly like this stubborn girl. Hearing her answer, I chuckled.

“Very well, I agree.” I then snapped my fingers and dispelled the ring of light around her.

Akilah, however, did not try to escape.

In the end, escaping was useless. Akilah knew she was completely in my grasp.

So, she simply wiped off the tears on her eyes and put on an ice-cold expression.

“What do I need to do?”

Mmm… Let’s start with a bit of education.


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