FPD Chapter 195

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Punishing Akilah (3)


“Is it enough?” Akilah looked at me with gritted teeth.

I smiled widely and roamed my gaze through her body, observing her toned muscles and staring her perky breasts.

Akilah’s expression turned red when she felt my gaze on her naked body. Her eyes were full of shame and indignation. The humiliation of having her body seen by the man she hated was killing her.

However, the most she behaved like that, the most excitement I felt. It was a desire to conquer her, to make her mine, to dominate her body and soul, to make her beg for my body.

Currently, Akilah was almost completely naked. I had ordered her to take off her clothes, only leaving behind her underwear.

Akilah’s underwear was of the serious type. White bra and panties with a small lace in the front. To be honest, they gave her a girlish vibe.

With her hair tied in a ponytail, and her eyes filled with humiliation and anger, she looked incredibly enticing.

While Akilah tried to use her hands to cover her body, I walked slowly around her, observing her body from each angle. Her bust, her ass, her waist, her collarbone, her long legs. My gaze moved through each part of her body carefully, trying to engrave them in my memory.

When Akilah was starting to turn ashamed, I extended my hand and touched her shoulder.

“Sniff… How fragrant.” I brought my nose to her neck and sniffed it.

Akilah shivered. The sweet smell of her body mixed with the salty smell of sweat created an alluring fragrance.

I had to repeat sutras in my mind just to suppress the desire to put her against the table and pound her insides hard.

“W-What are you doing?” Akilah asked nervously.

I smiled and kissed her neck. “Calm down, it’s nothing bad.”

“S-Stop it!” Akilah’s body trembled. But I, of course, ignored her pleas. Rather, I wrapped my hands around her body and grabbed her breasts.


Akilah’s body turned soft. Her face burned bright due to the shame and humiliation she was feeling at that moment.

But soon, an indescribable shiver ran through her body.

Akilah gasped. The sudden pleasure almost forced her to moan loudly.


“How sensitive.” I breathed in her ear softly. My hand continued playing with her breasts but my tongue licked her earlobe.

At the same time, I used my mana to stimulate her body and nerves, multiplying the pleasure she was feeling many times. Currently, Akilah was feeling a pleasure greater than anything she had felt before.

“Ugh…” Akilah bit her lips and forced herself to stop the moans coming out from her mouth. But despite it, her body could not fight against the incredible pleasure it was feeling. Weird grunts escaped from her throat, and her body quivered constantly and turned soft.

At the same time, a sticky liquid oozed from her lower cave.

“W-What is it…?” I could see the astonishment and shock Akilah was feeling in her eyes. Her breathing started to turn faster, and her hands grabbed my arms tightly.

“Hmm…~” Finally, Akilah was unable to endure and let out a loud moan.

“What happened, little Akilah. Do you like it?”

“S-Shut up!”

“Hahahahaha… Well, don’t worry. It’s normal.” I said while I held her chin I looked straight into her eyes. Then, I abruptly stole her lips.

“Mmmm!!!” Akilah opened her eyes wide. She instantly tried to struggle to escape from my grasp, but I moved my left hand to her lower cave and touched it through her underwear.

“Nnn…~” An electric shock run through Akilah’s body. Her body lost all strength, and her resistance disappeared completely. Helpless, she collapsed in my arms.

The next second, a stream of love juices left her cave.

I took advantage of her orgasm to open her teeth. My tongue invaded her mouth, licking her gums and tasting her saliva.

Akilah was unable to react. The surging pleasure overwhelmed her senses, and for an instant, she was unable to differentiate reality from a dream.

I only stopped the kiss when she started to gasp for air.

A few seconds later, Akilah finally woke up from the afterglow of the orgasm.

I looked at her with a mysterious smile and kissed her lips again.

Akilah panicked. Recalling what happened just now, her face became a mix of white and red.

“… My first kiss.” Akilah muttered despondently. She then lowered her face and started to cry.

“Why…” Akilah sobbed. “Why are you doing this…”

I sighed. Damn it, I’m weak against a girl’s tears.


Shaking my head, I lifted Akilah in my arms and carried her towards my desk. Then, I seated in a chair and put her on my lap.

“How are you feeling?” I asked as gently as possible.

“… Do you need to ask?” Akilah shot me an angry and despairing gaze. “I hate this!”

“Is it so? However, your body doesn’t think the same.”

Akilah fell silent. Even although she wanted to deny my words, the memory of the incredible pleasure she just experienced was still vivid in her mind.

I sighed. “Tell me, how long have you liked Marana?”

“… Why do you think I will tell you?”

“Mmm. Perhaps because I can help you?”

Akilah was startled. She looked at my eyes as though asking if my words were true. I remained silent with a smile on my face.

In the end, Akilah conceded. “Since we were children… I have always hated men. When we were slaves, men looked at us with greedy and lustful gazes. I felt disgusted every time that happened. But Marana always consoled me, telling me that everything was going to be fine, that she was going to protect me… In the end, she lived up to her promise and took me out of that hell… When I noticed, she was the only person in my eyes.”

“Is it so? You truly love her, huh…”

“… I do… Clark, I hate you. But, but if you promise me that you will not touch me after today, I promise you that I will always follow all your orders… I love my sister! And I want to give my body to her!” Akilah’s voice was laced with hope and despair. Seeing this fragile side of her was truly fresh.

“Oh?” I smirked. “I have a better proposal.”


“You see, I don’t think you have many hopes of ending with Marana.”

“You…!!!” Akilah turned red. She looked at me with so much rage that it seemed as though she wanted to kill me.

However, I simply gave her an indifferent look. “Think about it, you are already 26, but she still considers you as her little sister… Tell me, do you think you can change that soon?”

Akilah fell silent. In truth, she was already aware of that since long ago.


“Even so, I don’t want to give up…”

“Then hear my proposal.” Like a devil, I whispered in her ear. “Look, what if Marana and you have the same lover?”


“Think about it, you can enjoy the body of the person you love and you only have to share her with me… I won’t mind if you and Marana have that kind of relationship. After all, both of you are women.”


“The only thing you have to do is to help me to get your sister.”

Akilah opened her eyes wide.

For an instant, she did not know what to say.

I smiled. Caressing her cheek, I brought my lips to her lips and kissed her deeply.

Akilah endured the kiss until she finally was unable to breathe.

Then, she gasped deeply, and I bit her neck.


“Think about it, little Akilah, maybe this is your opportunity.” I whispered in her ear before standing up, leaving her on the chair. “To be honest, I want to play with you a lot more tonight, however, I will give you time to think.

“When you have your answer, tell me.”

After saying that, I disappeared from the room, leaving the stunned Akilah lost in her thoughts.


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