FPD Chapter 196

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Collecting Interest (1)


After I left the office, I stepped across space and teleported to the next location.

Akilah was left in the office, thinking about my words. I know she will not agree to them right now, but the purpose of these words was to be a seed. As soon as Akilah has the thought in her mind, my plan is a success.

Eventually, with my guiding and seduction, Akilah will succumb, giving me not only her body and heart but also the body and heart of her elder sister.

Of course, I could have done things in a more direct way. I could have taken advantage of this opportunity to own Akilah’s body completely, enjoying her soft skin and enticing cave. However, it means leaving a flaw in Akilah’s heart. If I truly want to make her my woman and not a simple plaything, that is not a good option.

And I can treat Raven’s sister like that.

After all, as I said before, I finally saw the hope to escape from the endless cycle of reincarnations. And I want the people that will accompany me don’t have any regret.

If Akilah will become my woman, I hope she does voluntarily.

The night was already late, and the moon shined upon the capital. I move through space calmly, finally arriving in front of the entrance of Lluvia’s house.

As soon as I arrived, I heard the sound of something crashing against the wall.

“You useless good-for-nothing! Are you going to gamble again!? Have you not had enough!? Do you want to see this family ruined!?”

“Shut up! I told you I’m going to work to pay the debt! Are you deaf!?”

“Bah! Do you think I’m a fool!? That excuse can only work so many times!”

Well, it looks like I came in a bad moment.

I shrugged. Walking towards the entrance, I knocked on the door, but perhaps because they were fighting, nobody answered.

Fortunately, a few seconds later the door was opened abruptly and a middle-aged man appeared.

“I’m leaving!”

“Don’t come back, bastard!”

Peter, Lluvia’s husband, snorted and slammed the door closed. When he saw me, his face turned even uglier.

“What are you doing here!?”

“I live here.” I replied indifferently. “Now excuse me, I’m going in.”

Peter scoffed, but in the end, he was not in the mood to fight with me and left.

Seeing that he was gone, I smirked. Thank you very much for leaving your family to me.

I decided to use my mana to open unlock the door and push it open. The people inside were surprised when I entered.

“Good night. Do I come in a bad time?” I asked.

“N-No, don’t worry. I’m sorry for showing you such an unsightly scene.” Mrs. Lluvia bowed and quickly walked towards me enthusiastically.

Behind her, I could see her daughter, Nana, and her daughter-in-law, Clarice, looking at me with startled and surprised looks.

The next second, they put on a complicated expression. Nana even looked at the ground and bit her lips.

Aware of what was going through their mind, I curved my lips up.

“Young master Clark, how rare of you to come so early. Did something happen?”

“Nothing like that.” I shook my head. “It’s just I promised someone I would bring something today, so I wanted to fulfill my promise as early as possible.”

Mrs. Lluvia was stunned. The next second, she turned slightly embarrassed and lowered her head.

“… I see. Do you want something to eat? I was just about to serve dinner.”

“Well, if it’s not much of a bother.” I said.

Mrs. Lluvia shook her head and guided me to the table. In the way, I could see Nana and Clarice’s complicated gazes. Nana, especially, had a gaze filled with a bit of resentment and hesitation. She opened her mouth to say something, but then, she seemed to think better and closed her mouth again.

Dinner was pretty simple, a warm chicken soup with a piece of bread. It could not compare to the dinners of the palace, but after so many lifetimes, although I enjoy good food, I’m not a picky eater.

Unfortunately, dinner was far from enjoyable. Miss Lluvia was very awkward the entire time, unable to look at me or the two girls at the eye, while Clarice did not know where to look and Nana was looking at me with a sharp gaze.

I, of course, nonchalantly ate my food with an amused smile, not minding the three girls around the table.

After we finished eating, Clarice washed the dishes and Mrs. Lluvia prepared tea. Unfortunately, the awkwardness continued even then. In the end, Nana was unable to endure and stood up.

“Nana?” Mrs. Lluvia put on a startled expression.

“I’m tired, mom. I think I’m going to sleep.”

“Huh? Oh, okay, my daughter. Good night.”

“Mmm.” Nana nodded and walked away, not even caring about us, but I could hear the sound of gritted teeth coming from her.

“I-I think I’m also going to sleep too. I’m very tired tonight.” Claire raised her hand and spoke. Before we could say anything, she stood up and rushed towards her room as though she was escaping from something.

In the end, only Lluvia and I remained in the living room.

“… Sorry about it, young master Clark. I don’t know why the girls are so impolite tonight.” Lluvia apologized awkwardly.

“I don’t mind, don’t worry.” I smiled. Well, it’s normal for them to be uncomfortable around me after what happened yesterday.

Of course, Mrs. Lluvia did not know that the girls know.

For a while, none of us said anything. Lluvia looked at me briefly before moving her gaze away. I knew what she wanted, but I was waiting for her to speak.

Finally, she was unable to wait anymore.

“Young master Clark, about your promise.”

I smiled. I searched in my coat and took out a bag of coins. In truth, I took this bag of coins from a space pocket, but Mrs. Lluvia did not need to know it.

Mrs. Lluvia’s eyes brightened. She instantly walked towards me but did not dare to touch the bag.

“Young master Clark.”

“Come, take them.” I nodded.

Mrs. Lluvia sighed in relief. But when she extended her hand, I grabbed her wrist.

Then, I pulled her towards me.

“Thinking about it, I will collect some interests first.”

Then, I lifted her and threw her against a sofa.

“Y-Young master Clark, wait. The girls are s– Hmph!!”

Woman, I’m burning after having to stop myself from eating Akilah, do you think I care if they hear or not?

Without giving her time to react, I stole her lips.


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