FPD Chapter 197

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Collecting Interest (2)


Mrs. Lluvia’s lips were very soft. Her blonde hair fell behind her and her eyes were full of panic.

However, I did not stop. I attacked her lips fiercely, using my tongue to attack her mouth, violating her lips and stopping her from speaking.

Mrs. Lluvia tried to struggle at the start, but her strength could not be compared to mine. I grabbed her wrist and held them over her head while my mouth kissed her violently, enjoying the taste of her lips.

“Mmm… W-Wait…. Hmmm… C-Clark, the girls… Wait…” Mrs. Lluvia spoke between my kisses and gasped heavily. Her twin peaks moved up and down trying to get hair, and her body twisted below mine.

But I pressed down her body fully, making her unable to escape. Suddenly, I released her mouth and pinched her nipples.

“Gasp!” Mrs. Lluvia opened her eyes wide. A shiver ran through her body, almost provoking a moan.

Fortunately, she managed to cover her mouth in time, or the entire house would have heard our deed.

“Young master Clark, please…” Mrs. Lluvia’s eyes turned teary. I feel my body turning hot. Seeing this vulnerable expression in Mrs. Lluvia’s face filled me with desire.

For an instant, I wanted to continue teasing her, however, I decided to stop.

Waving my hand, a barrier appeared around the living room.

“Don’t worry, with this they will be unable to hear us.” I said.

It’s a lie, of course. But Mrs. Lluvia did not know it.

She looked at the barrier in surprise before putting a grateful expression.

“Thank you.”

I smirked.

Unable to continue waiting, I pounced towards her.

My hands quickly removed her clothes, starting with her dress. I could feel her eyes turning hot, and her breathing turning heavy.

Mrs. Lluvia did not resist, rather, she helped to remove her clothes. Then, she started to take off mine.

I looked at her with a smirk. Mrs. Lluvia blushed shyly and lowered her head.

To be honest, this kind of young-girl-like expression was a killer in a MILF like her.

I allowed her to remove my clothes and moved my mouth to her neck. Then, I kissed her neck deeply, licking her collarbone and moving to her chest.

Mrs. Lluvia gasped, and her body arched up in pleasure. I did not stop, and instead, I bitted and sucked her breast, until leaving a hickey.

“Nn…~ W-Wait…~ Ahnn…~”

How could I wait? My hands moved to her waist and caressed her belly. Then, they moved down and held her hips while I kissed her neck and shoulders, licking each part of her.

This time, I did not care about anything and left hickey after hickey on her body. Mrs. Lluvia noticed it and tried to stop me, but the intense stimulation left her strengthless.

Knowing that I was marking someone else’s wife as mine, I felt an incomparable pleasure. The spiritual pleasure overwhelmed my senses.

Finally, Mrs. Lluvia finished taking off my coat and my shirt. She then looked at my toned chest and marked abs and her breathing turned heavier.

I could feel that this time, Mrs. Lluvia took the initiative much more than last time. Maybe because she just fought with her husband and wanted to take revenge, or maybe because she wanted to vent all her unhappiness on me. But she cooperated with my movements, catering to my caresses and moving her hands through my body.

Her lips kissed my chest, and her hands caressed my back. As expected, a mature woman knows the best how to pleasure a man.

After we played like that, I stood up. Currently, the only clothes in my body were my pants.

“Take it off.” I ordered.

Mrs. Lluvia hummed. She sat on the sofa and moved her hands to my belt, removing it slowly while she admired my well-built body.

Finally, she pulled down my pants and underwear.

Instantly, my huge weapon stood up showing all its majesty.

Mrs. Lluvia took a deep breath. She instinctively moved her mouth close to it and kissed the tip slowly. Then, she licked it and moved her tongue around it as though licking an ice-cream.

“Young master Clark, how big.”

“Bigger than your husband?”

Mrs. Lluvia’s face darkened. “Please don’t mention that asshole.”

I shrugged. I then put my hand around her waist and turned her body around.

“Kya…” Mrs. Lluvia let out a soft cry of surprise, but then, she felt my lips in her back, starting from her tailbone, and going up slowly, kissing and licking her back while my hands played with her breast.

“Ugh…” Mrs. Lluvia grunted. She raised her face and left a deep sigh of satisfaction.

I did not stop, slowly kissing everything of her. My lips tasted her soft body until reaching her neck and finally breathing in her earlobe.

“Beautiful Madam, are you ready?”

“Mm…” Mrs. Lluvia nodded with wet eyes.

But next, my smile turned evil.

“Beg me.”


“Beg me to pierce your cave, to mess your insides. I want to hear you beg me.”

Mrs. Lluvia was startled. Her expression turned vacant for an instant, but then, I moved my fingers through her entrance.


“Beg me.” I whispered again in her ear. My rod was completely ready to pierce her deeply, but I wanted to hear her begging me. I wanted to own her completely, both body and soul.

Mrs. Lluvia’s vision turned hotter and hotter. Each time my fingers caressed her back, breasts or crack, her body shivered.

I moved my holy sword forward, touching her sheath slightly, but refusing to insert it.

“Ahhnn…~” Mrs. Lluvia moaned seductively. She looked at me with a pitiful expression, but I just smirked.

“Beg me.”

“… Please.”

My smile turned wider. “I can’t hear you.”

“… Please, mess my insides.”


“Please mess me completely!” Mrs. Lluvia let out a loud yell that I’m sure that the two girls in the rooms above heard.

As soon as her yell sounded, I chuckled.

Then, my huge python invaded her.


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