FPD Chapter 20

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Enjoying the Married Female Doctor (2)


Our tongues intertwined inside Mrs. Elene’s mouth. Little by little, her resistance turned into acceptance and her tongue began to move with mine.

A thread of saliva connected our lips when we separated our mouths. Mrs. Elene’s eyes began to turn moist, and excitement began to cloud her judgment. She began to move her hands around my body, from my chest until my neck.

I stroked her legs gently and kissed her neck. Another moan escaped her lips.

“Ahhh… P-Please prince… stop… stop…”

But her words sounded enticing to my ears. One of my hands grabbed her chest and began to play with it. It intensified Mrs. Elene’s lust even more.

Biting her lips, Mrs. Elene tried to resist the pleasure invading her body, but her resistance was useless. Her body was turning softer and hotter with each second.

Her skin became sensitive, and every movement of my hands caused her intense pleasure. The smell of pheromones filled the room completely.

“Mhmmm… Ahhhh… Prince, please…”

Hearing her begging tone of voice, I could not help but bite slightly her neck. Mrs. Elene shuddered unconsciously and let out a loud moan.

But then, my other hand moved between her legs.


Mrs. Elene tried to close her legs frantically, but my strength was greater than hers. Although Mrs. Elene’s mana was at the seventh layer, she was a mage specializing in healing spells, so her strength was way below mine.

My hands touched her moist cave and felt the shrubs surrounding it. I smiled in excitement and traced my fingers around her sacred place.

Mrs. Elene felt a shudder running through her body with each movement of my fingers. Love juice began to flow from her cave in great amounts. Her sight turned completely blank and her body lost her strength.

It was an orgasm.

I brought the finger to my nose and inhaled deeply. “So fragrant.”

Mrs. Elene blushed deeply hearing it.

I then kissed her again and continued caressing her body. Before long, Mrs. Elene’s resistance stopped completely. She lost herself in the feeling of my fingers and my lips, at the point where she did not notice when I began to take off our clothes.

In a few minutes, both of us were completely nude. I grabbed her ass and brought my mouth to her chest. I then bit her nipples softly.

“Uhhhh… Claus…”

Her body turned completely soft, and love juices flowed from her lower cave.

“Ha… ha… ha…” Mrs. Elene began to pant softly. Her eyes were completely cloudy, and her head rested on my shoulder. I hugged her softly and carried her to the bed.

While Mrs. Elene was still lost in the pleasure, I kissed softly her lips.

I then raised her legs and put my waist in front of her cave. Looking directly at her eyes, I spoke.

“I’m going to begin.”

Instantly, a bit of reason returned to Mrs. Elene’s eyes.

“You… wait, wait, don’t do it… Please, Clause, don-Ahhh.”

With one movement, my penis entered her moist cave.

“So tight…” I let out a groan of satisfaction and savored the feeling of a married vagina.

Mrs. Elene’s vagina was very soft and narrow. Despite being married for many years, she never gave birth, so her cave still felt very tight.

The pleasure I felt when I invaded her was incredible. Knowing that I was fucking the woman of the man that attacked me in the morning gave me an incredible sense of accomplishment.

At that moment, I heard a soft sob.

A tear escaped Mrs. Elene’s eyes and an expression of shame filled her face. She was ashamed, not only because she was being raped for someone other than her husband, but also because she was liking it.

“I’m sorry, husband… I’m a bad woman…” She whispered sadly in despair and closed her eyes. I sighed softly and licked her tears. “Don’t worry, you’ll forget about him soon enough.”

Mrs. Elene looked at me with an expression of rage, but I ignored it and began to move slowly.

Calmly, I pierced her until the womb. My penis entered completely in her cave and a gasp escaped her lips.

I smiled proudly and began to move up and down. Mrs. Elene bit her lips to suppress her moans, but before long, she became unable to endure. Little by little, lewd sounds filled the room.

“Uhhhh…” She groaned with an expression of lust and despair. A strong pleasure began to fill her body, and love juices began to flow between us.

My hand grabbed a nipple, and my mouth sucked another. Mrs. Elene drew a cold breath and moaned.

Slowly, she was engulfed in lust.

Our legs intertwined completely. I kissed her neck and licked her armpits. Mrs. Elene tried her best to not follow my lead, but slowly she was unable to endure the guilty pleasure.

The feeling of guilt and shame mixed with the carnal satisfaction amplified her desire and her body began to answer my movements.

Her vagina tightened around my penis, almost making me groan loudly. I responded to it increasing the strength of my thrusts.

“Claus… Please…” She continued moaning and pleading, but her body was moving in sync with mine. Our tongues entwined again and our fluids filled the bed.

The excitement of adultery was something that Mrs. Elene never experienced before. It, combined with my sex expertise, made her completely vulnerable to my body.

Slowly, I began to feel something building inside my penis. I did not hesitate to increase my pistoning speed, causing Mrs. Elene to moan louder. I grabbed her arms and pressed her down with all my body while thrusting inside her intensely.

Mrs. Elene’s mind became blank. The intense joy of sex filled her. Her face made a lewd expression, and the last barrier stopping her from enjoying the lovemaking session disappeared.

“Ah… Uh… So deep…” She snorted and moved her mouth to find mine. My penis moved repeatedly inside her and reached the deepest part of her cave.

Finally, she felt an intense burst pleasure coming over her.

“Urgh… I’m cumming!” She shouted and hugged me tightly. I did not stop and continued thrusting fiercely while observing her lewd face.

But finally, I was unable to endure anymore.

“I’m cumming too!” I shouted and began the last sprint. Mrs. Elene woke up when she heard it and began to struggle fiercely.

“Not inside, please, not inside!”

But she did not know that her struggle only provoked me more pleasure. The feeling of conquering a married woman was exhilarating, and I did not plan to stop at the last step.

Then, under Mrs. Elene’s despairing face, I thrust one last time.

My penis invaded her womb, and pain mixed with pleasure attacked her.

“Noooooo~” She moaned again.

My penis twitched once, two, thrice, and finally all my semen filled her womb.

With a sigh of satisfaction, I fell on her body.

Mrs. Elene shed another tear and sobbed.


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