FPD Chapter 201

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Two of Three


“Clarice, Clark! what are you doing!?”

Lluvia looked at us with an enraged look.

“M-Mother-in-law!” Clarice paled. She looked at Lluvia with a fearful and guilty look. “This, this…”

A chilling silence filled the place. Lluvia seemed as though she wanted to kill Clarice.

Seeing the wife of her son having sex with the man she had sex just a few minutes ago was too much for her.

I could feel Clarice shaking in my arms. All the blood drained from her face and her body shrunk in fear.

But while they were looking at each other, I chuckled.

The next second, Clarice felt a soul-shaking pleasure that froze her thoughts.

“Uuuuuhhhh…~” Clarice let out a long and loud moan. Her eyes turned blank and her body convulsed.

Lluvia’s mouth opened wide. But when she saw my smile, her words got stuck in her mouth.

Then, she started to feel something hot on her belly.

“W-What is happening…?”

“Come here.” I ordered. Lluvia then felt as though her body moved against her will.


I smirked, while pistoning Clarice, I stared at Lluvia. When Lluvia arrived beside us, her legs gave up and she collapsed on the sofa.

I then moved my mouth towards her and kissed her lips.


Instantly, Lluvia felt an intoxicating pleasure in her body.

[Hot Breath], that was the name of the technique I used just now.

Using mana to stimulate the body coupled with slight mind manipulation to provoke intense lust, it can turn any woman into a bitch in heat.

This technique has a flaw though. You just need a tough will and a strong desire to resist to break it. Unfortunately, Lluvia just had sex with me, and her willpower was not outstanding either. As for Clarice, I was using mana to give her a mind-blowing pleasure. In other words, neither of them could escape from this technique.

While I kissed Lluvia’s lips, I continued pounding Clarice’s pussy. Clarice could only moan and grunt in pleasure before my movements, unable to think about anything else.

Even when she saw her mother-in-law kissing me while we had sex, her mind was too lost in the pleasure for her to care.

“Ahn… Ahn… Ahn…~”

Feeling the weight of Clarice on my lap, I separated my lips from Lluvia and changed my position, this time pounding Lluvia in the missionary position. This change allowed me to reach deeper than before, enjoying Clarice’s moist cave even more.

Lluvia looked at me with a pitiful expression. I smirked put my hand in her cave and my mouth on her ear.

“Kiss her…”

Lluvia’s eyes opened wide. Clarity and hesitation returned to her eyes for an instant. She could not believe she was doing something like this.

But when she felt my hot breath on her ear, her determination wavered.

In her ears, she could only hear the joyful moans of Clarice, and her body could only feel my tender strokes. Her entire body felt hot, and she felt herself burning.

Then, she heard my voice again.

“Kiss her.”

Just my voice was enough to make her give up. In the end, she had already come so far, going a bit farther was not a problem, right?

So, surrendering to her body, she leaned forward and kissed Clarice.

“Nn…~” Clarice moaned. When she opened her eyes and saw her mother-in-law kissing her, she was slightly surprised, but she forgot about it in the next second.

I moved back and forth inside her, sliding through her lubricated walls and hitting her womb with each movement. Of course, I did not forget Lluvia and also used my fingers to pleasure her.

Clarice’s moans started to become louder. Her body twisted uncomfortably while my hips hit her ass repeatedly.

“Clark…~Ahn…~ So good…~”

Suddenly, Clarice started to feel her second orgasm coming. She instantly wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged my neck, searching for my lips crazily. I kissed Clarice’s little mouth fiercely and got ready to shot my ammunition.

Finally, I felt Clarice’s body twitch and a little bit of drool escaped her lips.

The next instant, a powerful orgasm hit her.

“Cumming…~” Clarice let out a loud cry and pressed her body against mine.

Then, I shot my seed inside her.

“Huf… Huff… So good…~” Clarice panted briefly and smiled at me. Her skin had turned completely red, and her body was very soft.

I kissed her lips tenderly and lay her on the sofa. I then looked at Mrs. Lluvia and smirked.

“… I…”

Watching Mrs. Lluvia’s panicking expression, I jumped towards her and pressed her below me.

Then, I lined my rod in front of her entrance

“It’s your turn again.” I smirked.

Mrs. Lluvia blushed and looked aside. I smirked even more and moved my stiff pole around her entrance, teasing it happily but without piercing her.

“Hmmm…~” Mrs. Lluvia moaned and snorted. She then looked at me doubtful gaze.

I just smirked and started to play with her breast.

“… Clark, hurry up… I, I want it…”

“Oh? I didn’t hear you…”

“… I want it, please.”

“Hehe, of course.”

Then, I started a new round of sex.

With Clarice collapsed beside us and Mrs. Lluvia panting under my body, the night was just starting.


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