FPD Chapter 202

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Three News (1)


In the end, Mrs. Lluvia, Clarice, and I had sex until dawn.

It was perhaps the most refreshing sex I have had in this life. Not only because it was a trio, but also because my partners were a married woman and her daughter-in-law.

The sense of contest and satisfaction of NTRing two men of the same family, at the same time, was truly high.

In the end, Mrs. Lluvia and Clarice collapsed when it was dawn, too tired after hours of strenuous activity.

Looking at the two naked bodies on the sofa sleeping with semen flowing out of her caves and her bodies entangled with each other, I heaved a long sigh.

I then leaned forwards and kissed them in the forehead before carrying them to their respective beds.

Man, I’m truly a gentleman.

Clarice and Lluvia woke up briefly and smiled at me gently before falling asleep again.

When I left their rooms, I saw a door slightly open. A sixteen-year-old girl was looking at me through the gap of the door with bags under her eyes and a grudgeful gaze.

It was Nana, Mrs. Lluvia’s daughter.

Apparently, she had been unable to sleep due to the noise of the three of us having sex.

I smiled and winked at her. Nana’s eyes turned completely cold. After a snort, she slammed the door closed.

I shrugged. It looks like someone is angry with me.

Mmm, she is the only one remaining in this house. I wonder what method I should use.

While thinking about it, I took a bath and changed my clothes. I then stepped across space and teleported to the institute. Of course, I changed my disguise first.

But when I appeared in my bedroom, I found someone unexpected there.


“Claus, you are finally back. What took you so long? I’m curious about where do you go every night.” Evelyn stared at me with curious eyes.

I smiled wryly. Woman, I can’t tell you I was having sex with two married women, can I?

I fear if I do it, I will never have an opportunity with you.

“Anyway, why are you here, headmistress? It must be something important for you to come here so early.”

Headmistress looked at me deeply and curved her lips up. Although she knew I was trying to switch topics, she did not make things difficult for me.

Besides, it was true she was here for something important.

“I have news, bad news, and more than one. Three to be exact.”

I frowned. What is it now?

“Did something happen?”

“Mm. To be honest, I don’t even know where to start.”

My expression turned serious. For Evelyn, a thirteenth-layer mage to have this kind expression, things must be truly serious.

“I guess I will start for the less grave issue.” Headmistress Evelyn finally sighed and looked at me. “Someone killed Steven last night.”

…. Mm? Hey, she is talking about me!

Headmistress Evelyn did not notice my weird expression and continued. “To be honest, we are not sure if it was a homicide or not. Steven simply appeared dead in his room with an expression of terror on his face, but his body did not have injuries and there were no signs of anyone entering his room. I tried to summon his soul to learn what happened, but it was shattered beyond recognition… I fear the culprit was the person behind the murders in the institute.”

Nope, you are mistaken, it was me.

“… So, we are out of clues?” I feigned a look of total seriousness and asked.

“Yeah.” Replied Evelyn. “But that is not the worst part.”


“… Classes will not be suspended.”

I was slightly surprised. Evelyn had announced yesterday she was going to suspend classes until the culprit was caught. To be honest, I support that decision.

But now it looks like it will not be possible.

Moreover, judging from Evelyn’s unwilling expression, it was not her decision.

“What happened?” I asked.

“It was my master.” Evelyn smiled bitterly. “The old man disagreed with my idea of closing off the academy. Even when I explained the situation to him and told him that there was a big possibility of mind manipulation being involved, he insisted.”

I frowned. How weird… and suspicious.

“Did he give you a reason?”

Evelyn nodded with a look of anger. “That stubborn old man told me that the academy had never closed its doors in hundreds of years of history, and this was not going to be the first time! When I asked him what we were going to do about the murders, he told me he was going to cover the entire academy with his perception. If something happens, he will immediately know.

“According to the old man, it will be great if the culprit does not make a move again, but if he does, then he will be caught to pay for his crimes.”

I wrinkled my brows. I have to admit that the old man’s words make sense. To be honest, that is not a bad plan.

But just in case, I will have to confirm that nothing is wrong with him. This situation with the murders is very strange, and I fear it’s more dangerous than it looks.

“What is the second bad news?”

“… Two human kingdoms were destroyed yesterday.”

“Huh?” I was startled. Man, this is big news. “What happened?”

“I’m not completely sure, but according to the news I got, the Beastkin Alliance attacked overnight and destroyed the two kingdoms completely in one day.”

I was stunned. “How came? Even if the Beastkin Alliance is strong enough to destroy some human kingdoms, it’s almost impossible to do it in one day, much less two at the same time. Do they used some miraculous strategy or something like that?”

Evelyn shook her head. “No, it was a frontal attack. The Beastkin’s powerhouses killed the strongest powerhouses of the two kingdoms, and then their armies invaded and destroyed the enemy completely.”

I fell deep into thought. How weird. Since when was the Beastkin Alliance so strong?

Evelyn continued. “According to the news, there was a change in the Beastkin Alliance’s leadership. A woman known as the Blood Empress became their ruler after a blood bath, and she is the one that ordered the attack. Moreover, many people speculate that her ambitions do not end with just two kingdoms.”

This is troublesome. I don’t want to be involved in a war.

Although to be honest, I don’t care very much about this topic. Even if a war happens, I will just participate in it.

Mmm, I wonder if the Blood Empress is a beauty. If she is, then I don’t mind eating her.

Mmm… I will put that in my list of ‘to do’.

“What is the last bad news?” I asked Evelyn.

This time, Evelyn fell silent for a long time. She put on a serious expression and sighed.

“Someone is pushing for Dina’s marriage.”


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