FPD Chapter 203

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Three News (2)


“Someone is pushing for Dina’s marriage.” Evelyn’s serious voice resounded in the room.

I frowned. “Huh? Who is it this time?”

“More than one person. I heard that after yesterday’s fight, various noble houses went to the emperor to ask for Dina’s hand in marriage.”

“Well, my sister is that outstanding after all.” I could not help but smile in pride.

But Evelyn did not share my jovial mood.

“The problem is, I’m not sure I can protect her this time.”

This time, my expression turned serious.

Evelyn had told me before that she had been protecting sister Dina from political marriages. The reason Dian did not have a fiancée nor was engaged despite her age was that Evelyn had used her influence to protect her.

You must know that Evelyn is the headmistress of the Imperial Institute, a thirteen-layer warrior. Moreover, she had another twelfth-layer powerhouse behind her, her teacher. Protecting Dina from being married off for political reasons is rather simple for someone like her.

But the fact that she is not confident about being able to protect Dina means that the people asking for Dina’s hand in marriage are influential enough.

“To be honest, I’m confident in protecting Dina even if one of the three strongest families wants to marry her to their heir. But this time, Dina attracted too much attention by defeating Alan. Many people think that she has a high possibility of becoming a twelfth-layer powerhouse, and even going beyond it is not impossible. In other words, marrying her will not only create a tie to the royal family but also get a powerhouse for the family.”

I fell deep in thoughts.

“Who are the families that proposed marriage?” I asked after a while.

“Several of them, but the most important ones are the Riea family and the Carmell family, two of the three strongest families. Moreover, a beyond-twelfth layer practitioner also brought his disciple to join the fun… To be honest, I felt there is something fishy behind it. Even if Dina is talented, it’s not enough to cause such a stir. I fear that there is someone moving the strings behind scenes.”

“… The empress, huh.”

“So you also came to the same conclusion.”

Only two people have such influence, one is the emperor, and the other is the empress. However, the emperor is rather indifferent to Dina’s situation so he will never do something like that.

The empress, on the other hand, hates Dina deeply. She hates the children of the woman that stole her husband’s heart. She probably wants to use this opportunity to get rid of her.

I sighed. Evelyn saw my expression and sighed too.

“I can probably delay things one or two months, but even I can’t face the pressure of so many powers. Moreover, Dina is the emperor’s daughter at the end of the day, if Empress Lilia convinces him of marrying Dina off, there is not much I can do.”

I nodded gratefully. “I understand. Thank you for your help.”

“It’s the least I can do for Silna’s children. To be honest, I would like to do even more.”

“You are already doing enough. Don’t worry, I’ll do something about this.”

Evelyn smiled. “I know you will. By the way, Claus, I want to ask you something.”


“… Dina told me about your plans. Do you truly are thinking about making Dina the emperor?”

I was amused for one second. It looks like Evelyn is not sure if I was joking or not back then.

However, I will not joke about something like that.

“Of course, I will. I promised it to her after all.”

“I see.” Evelyn’s expression turned complicated. “I’m not sure what to think about it. But I’ll support you if that is what you two want. I guess it’s time I visit some old friends.”

I could not help but put on a gentle smile.

Seeing Evelyn’s expression, I got the impulse to rush forward and kiss her lips. Unfortunately, I don’t dare to do it.

Evelyn is a thirteenth-layer powerhouse. If she becomes mad and causes a commotion, things will not end with just a punch. Probably the entire building will collapse.

No, I have to do it calmly. Besides, courting someone slowly has its own charm too.

“Thank you, headmistress. I appreciate all the help you have given us.”

“Please, Claus, don’t be so corny. I told you it’s the least I could do.”

“Even so, I have to thank you. To be honest, I’m liking you more and more with each day.”

Evelyn rolled her eyes. “Do you think I’m one of your girlfriends to fall for your sweet words? With my age, I could be your mother!”

I smiled in amusement. “But you are not. You look more like my sister than like my mother.”

Evelyn was startled. She then looked at me deeply and chuckled. “Such a sweet talker. I guess I know why so many girls like you.”

After saying that, Evelyn waved her hand and disappeared.

I sighed. As expected, I truly like her.

She is probably the one I like the most after Daisy and my two little sisters. Mmm, she is tied with Louise in the fourth place.

While I was distracted thinking about random things, it was time for school.

As always, I met Daisy outside the male dorms and went with her to the classroom. Daisy was a bit sullen because we had not been together lately, but with a bit of coaxing and some kisses, I comforted her.

Nothing important happened during the entire day. It was perhaps the most uneventful day I had in the last week.

But when it was almost night, someone came to my room.

It was Alver, the young man living in the room next door.

“What is it?” I asked in confusion. I have not talked to him since the first day of classes when he greeted me, so I was curious about the reason he was here.

“… Someone asked me to bring you a message.” Alver said with a strange look in his face.


“It was a white-haired girl. I don’t know who she is, but she asked me to tell you that she needs to talk with you and she is not allowed to come inside the institute yet.” He then told me where he met the girl.

I frowned and spread my perception. In one second, I found the person I was searching for.

As expected, it’s Alice.


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