FPD Chapter 21

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Enjoying the Married Female Doctor (3)


“Sob… sob…” Mrs. Elene cried silently on the bed. She moved her gaze away and sobbed with a face filled with distress.

A feeling of guilt and humiliation drowned her. I could felt that she was torn between the guilt towards her husband and the delight caused by the aftertaste of sex.

I heaved a sigh of pity and kissed her cheek. I licked her tears gently and stroked her body. “Don’t cry, sister Elene. It hurts me seeing you like that.”

“You… How do you dare to say that after doing such an evil thing to me?!” Mrs. Elene screamed with an agitated expression. I could see a trace of rage and struggle in her eyes.

“It’s because sister Elene is too beautiful. To be honest, I have liked you from long ago, it’s just that I never dared to say it…” I put on my most sincere expression and stared directly into her eyes.

Mrs. Elene opened her eyes wide. She then put on a complicated expression and sighed. “But I’m a married woman. I can’t betray my husband like this.”

“But I just love you too much. How can I give up now?”

Without giving Mrs. Elene time to react, I kissed her lips once more.

Mrs. Elene tried to struggle again, but this time her struggle was weaker than before. I hugged her from behind and moved my penis that was still inside her cave.

Mrs. Elene put on a surprised expression when she felt my erect little friend moving. She could not believe that I was already so hard just after finishing a battle.

I, however, was ready for the second round. I knew that if I wanted to conquer this woman completely, then the first step was giving her an unforgettable memory.

I hugged her waist and lifted her body softly. I then sat on the bed and put her body onto my lap.

“Uhhhh~” Mrs. Elene moaned softly when her body fell and me penis invaded her. Due to the new position, her moist cave could receive my holy sword more easily.

I then grabbed her two curvy breasts and teased her nipples. Mrs. Elene closed her eyes and her lips opened slightly. I did not hesitate to seal her lips again, playing with her three pleasure zones at the same time.

Her long black hair fell behind her and touched my chest. I was completely entranced by the married woman’s charm that rested her entire body on me.

Maybe because we already did it once, Mrs. Elene did not seem so unwilling this time. She quickly began to cooperate with me and moved her waist. Her body moved up and down trying to find the best way to receive my huge little friend.

I slowly moved in and out, savoring the feeling of her walls engulfing my sword. She began to pant and breath heavily before long, and her movements became more and more seductive.

But at that moment, a sound came from the living room.

“Elene, are you here?” A voice called from the living room.

Mrs. Elene paled hearing the voice of her husband. She tried to stand up instantly, but I held her down and put a finger on my lips.


I then pointed to the bathroom and quickly pulled Mrs. Elene with me.

Mrs. Elene understood immediately and followed after me. She then closed the door one second before her husband entered the bedroom.

“Elene?” Sir Raul called again.

“I-I’m taking a bath.” Mrs. Elene quickly replied nervously. She activated a magic tool on the bathroom that worked like a shower and threw me a warning gaze to stop me from doing anything.

I feigned a nervous expression and nodded.

Sir Raul did not suspect anything. He looked around the room and saw the wrinkled bed, but he did not find anything wrong.

Actually, I had detected sir Raul long before he reached home. Because of it, I made sure to eliminate the smell of sex from the room, cleaning the wet marks on the bed, and hiding the clothes. I did not want to be discovered for him, at least not yet. After all, I don’t want to ruin my reputation nor Mrs. Elene’s.

I could kill him, of course. But that means that Mrs. Elene’s heart never will be mine unless I use something like brainwashing magic.

So, for now, I would use him to spice up a bit the things.

“Oh? How rare. You normally don’t take baths at this hour.”

“Y-Yes, B-But I-I was a bit sweaty ughh…” At that moment, I hugged Mrs. Elene from behind and inserted my weapon inside her.

Mrs. Elene looked at me with a panicking expression, but I ignored it and began to move. Mrs. Elene could only use a hand to block her mouth and stop her screams of pleasure.

“Elena? Something happened?”

“I-It’s nothing, I just slipped.” Mrs. Elena said quickly and tried to suppress her moans. I smirked excitedly and lifted her right leg. Then, I pierced my penis deep inside her. Her moist walls sucked me inside and almost made me groan in delight. Mrs. Elene, on the other hand, opened her eyes widely and put on an expression of enjoyment.

I could feel her uterus tightening around me. The fear of being discovered combined with the excitement of cheating on her husband while he was nearby made her quiver.

“Oh… Right, I came searching for my badge. Did you know where is it? Eh? Forget about it, I already found it.”

Mrs. Elene bit her lips and stared at me pitifully. I kissed her neck and smiled softly, but did not stop moving. Actually, I was the one that made him find the badge quickly.

“I’m leaving, Elene. Right, I’ll return a bit later tonight.”

“O-Okay, husband.” Mrs. Elene stuttered softly.

Sir Raul put on a strange expression, but he remembered that he had to return quickly to his post, so he shrugged his shoulders and left.

A few seconds later, we heard the sound of the door closing.

Instantly, Mrs. Elene moaned loudly.

“Uhhhh…~ Claus, wait…~ Don’t move so fast~”

“I’m sorry, sister Elene. I can’t help it.”

I moved my hips repeatedly and massaged Mrs. Elene’s breasts at the same time. Mrs. Elene could not endure the pleasure and her body fell on the door. I then pressed her against the door and continued pistoning fiercely.

“Ahhnn~ Ughhh~ haaa… So pleasurable~…” Mrs. Elene groaned delightfully and closed her eyes that had turned completely moist.

A soft pain mixed with pleasure attacked her cave. She could feel my penis entering and exiting her lewd hole intensely.

Our bodies were completely lost in lust. Mrs. Elene even took the initiative to kiss me and entangled her tongue with me. I gazed into her blue eyes and enjoyed her lewd and burning gaze.

Finally, I felt a heat coming from my abdomen again.

I instinctively sped up my pistoning and hugged Mrs. Elene’s waist tightly. Mrs. Elene felt the change in my movements and looked at me with an expression of ecstasy.

Her face contorted lewdly and her mouth opened revealing her beautiful white teeth. She screamed and moaned repeatedly, and a few seconds later, her body shivered in pleasure.

Her hole wrapped tightly around my penis. The sudden pleasure caused by her orgasm hit me intensely and almost made me cum.

I grabbed her ass and continued pistoning, this time stronger than before. My penis became bigger anticipating the coming burst of pleasure and my body tensed up.

“Stop… Outside please…” Mrs. Elene pleaded with her last trace rationality and dignity, but her body was completely soft and unable to resist. I just kissed her lips and pressed my little friend deeper than ever.

The tip of my weapon touched her womb, causing Mrs. Elene a sudden burst of pleasurable pain. She shivered in ecstasy and her feet tensed up.

Then, my hot and white liquid was shot inside her deepest part.

Mrs. Elene let out a last moan and then, she lost all the strength on her body.

I held her on my arms and panted repeatedly. Then, I kissed her neck and her back and heaved a sigh of satisfaction.

Mrs. Elena simply closed her eyes with an expression of satisfaction.


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