FPD Chapter 212

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First Contact


“Huh? What are you doing here?”

“Why? You don’t want to see me?” I asked Marana with a smile.

Marana frowned. “Nothing like that. It’s just that you never appear here in the day. Did something happen?”

I shook my head. “No, at least not yet. Although I admit I came here for a reason. I need a room where nobody bothers me, Marana.”

Although Marana was confused, she did not ask anything. In five minutes, she led me to a room suitable for what I was about to do.

I nodded. “This place is perfect.”

“It’s good to know. Do you need anything else?” Marana asked respectfully.

“Nothing for now. You can go… Also, is Raven around?”

“… She is sleeping now.”

I put on a hesitating expression and sighed. It’s better if I become certain of some things first.

“Can you wake her up? Tell her that I need to talk something important with her later.”

Marana looked at me suspiciously, but she nodded.

“I understand.”

Marana then left and closed the door after her. I looked around the room and made my preparations.

Firstly, I put a barrier around the room. I used space laws in this barrier, so very few people in this world will be able to break it.

Then, I meditated for a few seconds to get myself in top condition.

Lastly, I used my mana to mess up the fate around me. This way, I will not run the risk of having my location and situation exposed.

The fact that I took such measures shows how wary I am about the thing I’m going to do.

Once everything was ready, I inserted my hand into a space pocket I created this morning and pulled out the dark orb I put in it early.

The orb hovered over my hand for a few seconds. I looked at it with a hesitating expression before finally heaving a sigh.

“… I hope I don’t meet someone troublesome.”

With that sigh, I started to work.

A stream of mana left my body. The mana turned into a small barrier that surrounded the orb of darkness.

Almost instantly, my will surged towards the dark orb.


A shrill scream sounded. The orb started to shake and twist violently, trying to shake off my will.

But I narrowed my eyes and snorted. My will turned into threads that pierced towards the ball. Thousands of threads attacked the orb at the same time, trying to invade it.

The orb struggled violently, but it was not strong enough to defend against my intrusion.

It tried to self-destroy again, but I was there to stop its self-destruction each time it tried. Quickly, I broke through its defenses and entered into the internal structure of the orb.

When I saw what was inside, I could not help but sigh in admiration.

Threads of soul laws, space laws, energy laws, and fate laws were intertwined beautifully to create a complex system of laws. The system of laws gave a feeling of destruction and creation simultaniously.

This system of laws was that gave life to these strange dark clouds.

Simply the finesse in which the laws were used was something amazing. A normal person would need thousands of years of study coupled with an immeasurable talent to create something like this.

In truth, the threads of laws were not strong. Quite the opposite, they were very fragile, and their power was very low. Someone with a strong enough will could easily stop the influence of the dark cloud and destroy it.

The thing was, even some tenth-layer practitioners do not have wills strong enough to face the dark cloud.

Even worse, some higher-layered practitioners with flaws in their state of mind will find themselves unknowingly influenced by the dark cloud.

After I finished checking the threads, I decided to go deeper. My will moved deeper and deeper to find the core of this technique.

I only needed one second to find the core, but when I was about to study it…

[It’s rude to rummage in the things of others, you know.]

A booming voice appeared.

I was not surprised when I heard the voice. Instead, I found it normal.

“As expected, you appeared.”

[Well, I can’t stay put when someone is provoking me so blatantly.] The voice replied.

I felt a powerful consciousness surging towards me. The consciousness was incredibly vast and ancient, like a primordial being that had lived for countless years.

Just like the voice, the consciousness emanated a feeling of death and destruction. It felt like a natural disaster, full of glory and power, but that only created fear in the people around it.

“Who are you?” I asked.

[Hahahahaha, how funny. Are you asking for my name? Why? To get more information about me and find ways to defeat me?]

I smirked. “Afraid?”

[Afraid? No no no, I’m simply being wary. You can never be wary enough when facing beings like us. Every immortal is a being with endless wisdom and prowess, I’m not idiot enough to give information about me to a being like that.]

I shrugged. As expected, it was not going to be so easy.

“Well, it was worth a try.”

[Hahahaha, as expected, talking to people like us is different. Now tell me, brother of mine, why are you seeking me, going so far as to provoke me so blatantly.] The voice asked curiously.

“I’ll go straight to the point then.” I said. Instantly, my face turned completely serious. “I hope you can stop your plans in this world.”

[Oh? That is a difficult request… Can I ask you for the reason?]

“I have business here, and I fear whatever you are planning will disturb them.”

[Mmm, you are right. I don’t know what you are doing, but it will definitively be affected. The entire world will be affected after all.]

… Well, that is not good news.

[… But, I think I’ll have to refuse.]

I thought so.

“… Can I ask for the reason?”

[It’s simple. It’s more entertaining like this. Hahahahahaha!]

Damn you.

My face morphed into a scowl. As I thought, all the immortals are crazy people.

“Are you sure about this? My business in this world is very important so I can’t afford any problem. If you agree to give up your plans, I will owe you a favor.”

[Hahahahaha, please stop it, brother of mine. You are an immortal too, so you already know my answer. Why did you insist?]

I frowned. Instantly, a powerful killing intent appeared, filling the entire place. The killing intent attacked the immortal’s consciousness, trying to overwhelm it.

But the immortal just snorted. An instant later, a killing intent as powerful as mine answered. His killing intent was filled with a destructive presence that seemed to devour my will.

But every time it tried, my killing intent came back stronger than before. It was as though it was eternal, unable to be defeated.

“I see. Very well, if you insist on it, I will have to kill you then.”

[Hahahaha, I’m waiting for that, my brother. If the day comes when we fight, I hope you can kill me!

[But if you are weaker than me, get ready to be felled by my spear!]

I snorted. Then, I waved my hand.

Instantly, the dark cloud was erased, and the consciousness of the immortal disappeared.

Then, everything returned to normal, as though nothing had happened.


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