FPD Chapter 215

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Eating a Kitten in the Bath (2)


Suddenly, Raven felt something touching her cave.


Looking down, she saw my huge member standing proudly in front of her entrance.

“Big brother?”

Raven swallowed a mouthful of saliva. For an instant, she could not help but wonder if my huge member could enter on her.

“Are you nervous?” I asked gently.

Raven nodded shyly. She then closed her eyes and put her head on my chest.

I smiled and lifted her chin. Tenderly, I kissed her mouth and caressed her cheek.

“Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” I comforted her.

Raven nodded. “… P-Please, be gentle.”

Looking at Raven’s nervousness, my heart was already ready to go all out. I wanted to conquer Raven’s hidden cave. I wanted to fill her with my seed.

“Little Raven, do you know? Since the first time I saw you, I thought you were very cute. You are the cutest little sister someone can have.”

Hearing my words, Raven opened her eyes dazedly and looked at me with a lost expression. I smiled slightly and grabbed her small hand, biting her beautiful fingers.

Raven felt her entire body trembling. The sudden feeling in her hand made her feel weak.

It was as though she was electrocuted. Raven hurriedly pulled her small hand back and her face flushed red.

Raven looked incredibly embarrassed and I felt even more eager to eat her. My hands moved around her entire body while my rod teased her entrance slowly.

“… Nn~” Raven moaned softly and hugged my back tightly. She felt that her entire body was hungry for me. She had never felt like this. As though her body was urging her to give everything of her to me.

With the warm water of the bath warming our bodies, I teased and played with Raven. Her petite body was completely explored by my hands, from her nipples to everything else. Our lips connected once and again, and my teeth bit her lips slightly.

“Ahn…~” Raven groaned uncomfortably. She moved her body on my lap, trying to find a way to alleviate the desire she was feeling.

But even when she looked me with pitiful eyes, as though begging me to put an end to her misery, I just smiled and continued teasing her.

Only when Raven’s body was completely soft and her love juices had mixed with the bathwater, I thought it was enough.

With a sudden moving of my waist, I pierced up.

“Ugh…” Raven grunted painfully and a tickle of blood let her vagina. My holy sword broke through her defenses and penetrated until her most secret place, feeling her narrow walls tightening against my weapon.

“So tight!” I held Raven’s waist and gasped. I could feel her walls pushing against my penis, as though rejecting my entrance. Raven twisted her body due to the pain and groaned repeatedly, but I just remained inside her, enjoying the movement of her body and tasting her forbidden fruit.

“Shh, calm down.” I kissed her lips tenderly and hugged her waist. I did not move for a few seconds to give Raven time to get used to the pain.

Raven nodded. She bit her lips to suppress the pain, but a few tears flowed down her cheek.

I felt pity seeing her expression of pain and licked her tears. At the same time, I sent a bit of my mana inside of her to calm her pain a bit.

Finally, after a few seconds, I felt Raven breathing returning to normal.

“Already?” I asked with a smile and rubbed her ears. Raven nodded shyly and hummed.


“I’ll start to move then.”

Before Raven could respond, I pulled my penis out and slid it inside again.

“Hnm…~” Raven gasped. She clasped my arms and gritted her teeth. The sudden pleasure mixed with a bit of pain made her quiver.

But this time, I did not give her time to get used to the new sensations. Holding her petite body on my arms, I moved up and down, sliding inside her and thrusting again and again.

Raven’s walls were incredibly tight. I could felt her soft flesh wrapping around my dick and sucking it, as though she wanted to suck my juice dry. The feeling was incredibly pleasurable and refreshing, making me unable to stop.

I could only hear the hums and grunts of Raven while I moved my hips. Once, twice, thrice, until the point where I could not continue counting.

“B-Big brother…” Raven put her head on my shoulder and moaned strangely. Her body tensed up completely, and her mouth opened and closed repeatedly due to the rush of sensations she was receiving each second.

My rod filled her completely, moving her body up and down with each thrust.

The image of Raven gasping on my body make my mouth dry. I bit her ear and pulled her hair on her back softly. Afterward, I kissed her ear, earlobe, and neck softly, while my hands caressed her armpits and rubbed her small breasts.

Raven, still unused to the incredible pleasure, looked up with dazed eyes, her mouth was opened dazedly while she hummed moans of pleasure, quietly enjoying my caress.

Gradually, my hands followed the soft curve of her back, moving down inch by inch while my tongue licked the beads of sweat on her neck.

Finally, I grabbed her little feet I caressed them while my tongue licked her arm unscrupulous. Raven gasped and moaned in pleasure, breathless. Her skin had become abnormally sensitive after her entire body was licked by me, and every time I licked her, her body twitched.

To be honest, the only reason she had not cummed yet was that she had already cummed before. But even like that, Raven could feel something inside her begging to be released every time my sword moved inside her.

There was an unexplainable itching on her entire body. Raven twitched and trembled, her mouth making unrecognizable sounds. Even a bit of saliva slid out of her mouth.

Seeing her reaction, I was even more excited. I could not believe that Raven was so sensitive. Simply seeing her reactions every time I moved was an enjoyment.

My mouth and hands moved nonstop, sucking her fingers and nipples one by one, caressing her smalls legs with my hands. Raven’s petite body was completely at my mercy.

Currently, Raven’s mind had blanked totally. Right now, her body was moving instinctively, searching for the most primitive satisfaction. Raven gasped and groaned while I pierced her continuously.

Finally, her toes curled and her back arched back.

“B-Brother….” With a loud cry, her love juices left her cave. I felt her cave wrapping around my rod and tightening around it. The pleasure created by her orgasm was incredible.

Then, Raven’s body collapsed on my arms.

Raven breathed in satisfaction. A small smile formed on her lips, and she closed her eyes.

Then, to my surprise. Raven fell asleep

I could not help but smile wryly. This girl, to think she fell asleep before I could finish.

The next second, a bad smile appeared on my lips.

Hmph, do you think you can leave me like this?

With a smirk, I stood up and stepped through space, appearing in Raven’s room. Then, I threw her on her bed.

Then, with a wide smile, I licked my lips.

The next second, I pounced towards my defenseless prey.


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