FPD Chapter 216

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Eating a Kitten (Now in the Bedroom)


I separated Raven’s legs gently. Her wet cave was twitching slightly due to her orgasm, and love juices had drenched her legs.

Raven twisted on the bed when she felt my movements, but she did not wake up. She just opened her eyes briefly before closing them again with a smile.

“… Little Raven, you are a bad girl. Neglecting your big brother like this.”

Without more preparations, I pierced her again.

“Ughmmm…~” Raven furrowed her brows. She opened her eyes in a daze, trying to understand what was happening.

But I was not going to give her time to think.

With a grunt, I pierced into her deepest part.

“Ughmm… B-Brother?” Raven gasped confused. But I just started to move. My hips moved up and down while I excavated her cave and my stick slid in and out of her.

“Rave, you are so cute.” I grunted. Feeling her tightness and pleasurable vagina, I could not help but hug her body tightly as though I wanted to fuse with her.

Her petite body was completely covered by mine. Raven was defenseless against my attacks, taking them passively while she groaned and moaned in pleasure.

“B-Big brother, stop…~” Raven begged me with dazed eyes, but her arms wrapped around my back. At the same time, I felt her legs wrapping around my waist and her body glued to mine.

This little thing.

My excitement turned ten times stronger. Almost instantly, my movements turned much faster. Raven could only gasp in front of the sudden change.

“N-No…” Raven pleaded, but my spear was unmoved. It did not stop regardless of Raven’s pleads, only moving forward and backward, entering deeper and deeper, messing with Raven’s insides mercilessly.

The sense of conquest and fulfillment I got was incredible. At some point, I stopped paying attention to Raven’s words and focused only on my lower body.

Raven bit my chest and shoulders. Her body twisted below mine, and her hands pushed against my chest. She gasped breathlessly while trying to cope with my attacks.

Unfortunately, her inexperienced and petite body was far from enough to compete with me.

Love juices and love juices left her lower body. Raven could not help but orgasm again due to my attacks.

But I ignored her twitching body and continued moving. Not giving her time to rest. My only goal was completely conquest this little kitten until she could not move anymore.

“N-No more…” Raven pleaded. Her mind was dazed, unable to think clearly. The only thing she felt was my member invading her and her body quivering pleasurably.

Her fingers quivered, and her nails pierced my back. However, the pain only served to stimulate me more, making me put even more strength into my attacks. Fortunately, I was still conscious enough to not hurt her, or I don’t know what would have happened.

Finally, my first orgasm was coming.

“Raven…!” I gritted my teeth and put my chin on her head. Raven felt my coming orgasm and her mouth let a loud moan.

Her body reacted to my movements. At the same time I let out my first shot of today, Raven got her fourth orgasm.

Then, a white light invaded her mind and Raven lost consciousness briefly.

But when she woke up, she realized her body was turned around. She was kneeling on the bed with my behind her, ready to pierce her again.

‘Not yet…!?’ Raven was surprised, but her moment of clarity only lasted one second. Because in the next, I was inside her again.

“Anh…!” With a loud moan, Raven was once more drowned by the pleasure of sex.

Once and again, our bodies searched each other. I thrust forward repeatedly, invading her deeply and piercing her womb.

Raven’s petite body was on the bed, receiving my attacks passively. Her mouth was agape, and her eyes opened wide.

Grabbing her arms, I pulled her towards me while I thrust. Raven groaned and looked at the ceiling with teary eyes.

“Ah… Ah… B-Big Brother… N-No… So good…~”

Raven’s broken words resounded in the room. With each thrust, her body trembled, and her mouth let out a shameful moan.

“P-Please… B-Big brother…”

The little black cat was completely paralyzed and weak. Her body was unable to offer resistance to the powerful weapon invading her. She could only feel the impacts hitting her womb.

I held her waist with my two hands while my meat stick intruded the deeps of her uterus. The cute kitten screamed and moaned while my meat stick was surrounded by soft and tender flesh.

I slammed my waist on her once and again, without stop. I did not stop even when Raven orgasmed twice more. Instead, I moved faster and faster.

At some point, I pulled her tail, causing Raven to tighten her vagina around my penis. The sudden pleasure was so big that for an instant, I was about to shot again.

But I endured and hugged her. I kissed her back while my glans kissed her womb violently.


“Ahn… How… Ah… No… Don’t…”

Raven’s moans were like music for my ears. She was grabbing the sheets of her bed tightly, gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, waiting for the pleasurable torture to end.

Finally, I felt my second shot coming.

“Raven, again…”


With a scream, Raven tensed up her body and tightened her legs. I was unable to continue resisting and shot everything in her womb.

“A-Again…” With one last moan, Raven shivered and collapsed on the bed.

Then, she fell asleep while her body twitched.

I let out a deep breath and smiled. Looking at my cute sleeping kitty, I smiled tenderly and kissed her cheek.

“Thank you.”

Then, I decided to sleep while hugging her petite body.


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