FPD Chapter 22

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Seed of Fear


I held Mrs. Elene on my arms while she was lost in the aftertaste of lovemaking.

Mrs. Elene trusted completely her body at me, so I gently carried her until the shower and helped her to take a bath. I made sure of being very caring and careful with my movements.

When she felt the water hitting her skin, Mrs. Elene woke up from her climax. She stared at me and put on a complicated expression while I cleaned her body. In the end, she heaved a long sigh.

Once we finished bathing, we returned to the room and put on our clothes.

Mrs. Elene kept completely silent. She put on an ice-cold expression and avoided looking at me. Despite it, though, I could see a hesitating expression when her eyes crossed mine.

Once we finished putting on our clothes, Mrs. Elene opened her lips.

“Prince. We need to talk.”

I looked at her and feigned a nervous expression Mrs. Elene’s expression turned softer when she saw it, but she quickly toughened her determination and clenched her fist.

“Prince, what happened today was a mistake. I’m a married woman, so it’s impossible for us to be together.”


“No buts.” She interrupted with a firm voice. “Today’s situation will not repeat again, so it’s better if you forget about it. Also, I would thank you if you don’t speak about it to anyone else.”

I nodded despondently. “Don’t worry, sister Elene. I’ll not tell anyone.”

Mrs. Elene relaxed visibly and tried to say something, but she then shook her head as though reminding herself that she had to be firm to destroy any hopes I had.

“Very well, now please leave.”

I stared at her briefly and then sighed sadly before turning around.

Mrs. Elene looked at me leaving. She wanted to say something, to ask me to stop, but she knew that it was wrong. She loved her husband, and a relationship with me would not be healthy.

Finally, I opened the door and stepped outside.

Before leaving, I turned around and stared directly into Mrs. Elene’s eyes.

“Sister Elene, I’ll not give up.”

Then, I closed the door decisively.

Mrs. Elene looked at the door with a complicated expression, but I was smirking secretly outside.



When Claus left, Mrs. Elene continued staring at the door for a long while.

Currently, her mind was a complete mess. She was entangled between the guilt due to betraying her husband and the wonderful feeling brought by adultery.

Remembering the feeling of Claus’s weapon invading her cave, his body slamming against her, and his loving care when he was helping her to bath, Mrs. Elene could not help but blush. She felt her lower cave becoming wet, and her thoughts could not help but stir towards the prince’s face.

When she realized what was happening, Mrs. Elene shook her head flustered. She slapped herself on the face while speaking softly to herself.

“It was a mistake, Elene. You are married, and he is just a kid. Forget about it.”

But no matter how she tried to forget, her thoughts ended returning to Claus’s face.

“Ughh…” Mrs. Elene could not help but let out a groan of distress. She looked up at the roof and shed a tear silently.

I wonder if I will get pregnant… Mrs. Elene could not help but worry about that. After all, prince Claus finished twice inside her.

“Husband, where are you…” Her soft whispers were forgotten in the air.



I did not return to my room after I left Mrs. Elene’s home. Instead, I wandered around the palace.

I activated Akashic Sight and covered the entire palace. Quickly, I found the person I was searching for.

Without hesitation, I walked towards him.

In a few minutes, sir Raul appeared before me. He put on a surprised expression when he saw me, but it quickly turned unsightly.

I, however, simply smiled softly and continued walking without greeting him.

But when I was about to leave, sir Raul extended his hand and stopped me.

“Where are you going, prince?”

I glared him briefly before moving my gaze away with an expression of indifference.

“… And who are you to ask?”

Sir Raul was enraged when he saw my expression. He looked at me as though he wanted to cut my body into pieces, but I simply smiled mockingly.

“I’m the captain of the imperial guards!” He said darkly. “I had the duty to guarantee the safety of the palace and stop anyone from plotting against the emperor.”

“is it so? But I don’t think that someone who has trouble defeating someone at the fifth layer is suitable for your position. I guess I must tell the emperor about it.”

“You…” Sir Raul’s expression turned ugly and he tried to grab me, but I sidestepped elegantly and evaded his hand. Then, I circled around him and continued on my way nonchalantly.

“Eighth layer? Bah, do you think you would have been able to touch me this morning if I did not let you?” I glanced at him from the corner of my eyes and sneered. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you soon.”

Sir Raul turned completely red in fury. He moved his hand towards the sword on his waist, but when he touched the pommel of the sword, he stopped abruptly.

An intense killing intent assaulted him. His body froze completely and the hand touching the sword was unable to exert force.

He looked at me with an expression of fear. His back got covered in sweat, and his eyes shook repeatedly. I simply glanced at him in disdain and continued walking.

My purpose here was done.

Sir Raul was unable to move even half a day after I left. The image of my eyes looking at him in disdain repeated continually in his head, creating a seed of fear on his mind.

From today onwards, he would be unable to go against me. He would shake in fear every time he hears my name. Even sex would be completely impossible for him.

After all, now that Mrs. Elene was mine, I would not let anyone else touch her.

Moreover, how could I let him go so easily after he plotted against me?


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