FPD Chapter 222

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Meeting Susan’s Family


After that, I accompanied Susan for the rest of the afternoon.

Once her work finished, I took a carriage with her and we left for her home.

In the way, she talked to me about the things Paul told her. I heard her silently. Although I already knew what they had talked about, it felt different to have her personally tell me everything.

I felt pretty happy that she was being honest with me.

In truth, although I felt a bit bad for Paul, it was just that, a bit bad.

Moreover, he was planning to take advantage of his friendship with Susan to harm me. Just that is enough for me to lose all the pity I felt for him.

At the end of the day, Paul and Susan never were lovers, just childhood friends, so it can’t even be considered as me stealing his lover.

Mmm, I wonder if this situation will motivate him to become stronger until he can defeat the evil man that stole his lover.

Could it be that it’s the start of a main character’s tale?

Well, main character or not, I will crush him if he has any intention towards my woman.

The carriage quickly arrived at Susan’s house. Susan was a bit shy when I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards her house, but she did not reject my gesture.

By the way, I’m currently not in my identity as Prince Claus. Susan is just a commoner, so if the fact that she has a relationship with a prince is known, she will have some troubles.

So, we both decided to wait until later when she is stronger and her position in the auction hall increases before making my true identity public.

I’m planning to do it after Dina becomes the empress, though. It will be less troublesome that way.

“I’m home.”

Susan called out and pushed the door open.

Immediately, a middle-aged woman came out to receive her.

But when she saw that I was holding her daughter’s hands, she froze.

“M-Mom.” Susan spoke shyly.

“S-Susan, you are back. I did not know you were bringing a friend.”

I smiled. Ma’am, I know I’m handsome, but please don’t stare so fixedly.

“Nice to meet you, Ma’am. My name is Clark, Susan’s boyfriend.” I greeted her politely.

Susan’s mother narrowed her eyes. She then nodded with an ice-cold look. “Nice to meet you, my name is Sara. I did not know my daughter had a boyfriend, though. Susan, when were you planning to tell me?”

“I-I brought him today, didn’t I?” Susan stuttered slightly. It seemed she was rather embarrassed bringing her boyfriend home.

Susan’s mother was named Sara, and she was also the nanny of Aunt Dayana’s child.

Besides Susan, Sara also had two younger children, both male. One of them was called Josh, and the other Caleb, of eight and seven years of age respectively.

As for her father, he had died a few years ago leaving Sara and their three children alone. Fortunately, Sara’s managed to get a work as the nanny of Aunt Dayana’s son, Charlie. Aunt Dayan paid her rather well, so her children did not suffer too much despite growing without their father.

I easily gained the goodwill of the two children. I simply gave them some sweets and toys and they were already calling me older brother.

As for Susan’s mother, it was a bit harder.

She invited me to dinner with the family and took advantage of it to ask me a bunch of questions. Starting from who I was, where I come from, my work, how I met her daughter, etc.

I replied mostly with the truth, only hiding that I was a prince. Instead, I said that I was a relative of Aunt Dayana and met Susan when she worked as Charlie’s nanny in her home one day.

Although Sara was still a bit suspicious, she believed my words in the end. After all, she could verify it with Aunt Dayana.

I must remember to tell Aunt Dayana about this later.

At some point, though, Susan’s mother asked the most important question.

“Then, young master Clark. Are you planning to marry my daughter?”

The atmosphere around the table froze instantly.

“M-Mom!” Susan blushed deeply and stood up. “W-What are you asking?”

But Mrs. Sara did not care. Instead, she looked at me deeply.

“Young master Clark, although you are a noble, Susan is my daughter and I want the best for her. I have heard of many young nobles that play with a commoner girl’s feelings before abandoning her when they get tired of playing with her. I don’t want to see it happening to my daughter.”

I smiled wryly. Well, mothers are like this.

Susan was embarrassed, but she fell silent. Instead, she looked at me with a hint of anticipation and fear.

As someone that knew more about my identity that her mother, she was even more afraid of my answer.

I looked at her with a smile before turning towards her mother.

“Ma’am, I think the fact that I’m here says much about my intentions.”

Mrs. Sara was startled before smiling.

“I see.”

I continued. “Actually, my position as a noble means that I can’t marry Susan easily. But that is the reason I helped her to get a job in the auction hall. Don’t worry, even if I can’t take your daughter as my main wife, I will treat her in the best way possible. Of course, I understand your fears. If you want, you can ask my aunt about me. I’m sure she will speak well of me.”

Aunt, you will not betray me, right?

Hearing my words, Sara was relieved.

Although her daughter was not going to be the main wife, that was normal. I was, after all, a noble. As a commoner, her daughter was truly not fitting to be my main wife.

So, she was satisfied with my words.

“Then, I hope that you and my daughter can be happy.”


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