FPD Chapter 226

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Preparations Against the Immortal


The next morning, I left Susan’s house.

Susan’s mood was very good when I left. She kissed me in the cheek and tidied my clothes as a dutiful wife.

The expressions of her family, though, were completely different. Susan’s two little siblings were looking at us curiously. One of them even asked me why their sister was screaming last night and why their mother told them that they could not go to see. Susan’s blushed completely red when she heard it.

As for Susan’s mother, she was looking at me with a grudgeful look and dark bags under her eyes. Her gaze was so sharp that she would have pierced a hole in my face if it was possible.

Judging by her face, she did not have much sleep last night. I can understand it, though. Her daughter and I were a bit louder than necessary.

I could not help but wonder if I was being too greedy. But, hey man, having a fantasy with a beautiful widow is normal, right?

Besides, I have not had an oyakodon in this life, so what is the problem with aiming for it?

Of course, I will not say that to Susan or her mother. I’ll simply watch how things develop.

Before separating from Susan, I made sure to check her soul in case there was something troublesome there. Fortunately, I found nothing I was not supposed to find.

It’s a relief.

Next, I teleported inside my bedroom in the academy and got ready for today’s classes.

As always, Daisy was waiting to go to the classroom with me. She was a bit displeased because I left yesterday without telling her, but when I explained the situation and gave her an engagement ring, her displeasure vanished completely.

The rest of the day she was smiling widely while playing with the gold ring.

When the classes finished and before going to the student council’s office, I went to the headmistress’s office and explained to her my findings.

I did not mention anything related to immortals, but I told her that the culprit was someone very powerful, hinting that he was much stronger than her.

Evelyn’s expression turned grave when she heard y words.

“Are you sure?”

“I am.” I replied firmly. “He didn’t tell me what he was planning, but it’s a fact that the seeds and the killings are there for a purpose. Furthermore, it’s not limited to the academy but something happening in the entire capital, perhaps the entire empire. To be honest, it’s something beyond your pay.”

“… You told me that you have a way to find if someone is infected with the seed, right?”

I nodded. “I have, but it’s very hard. I need to check each soul personally, which is very tiresome. Moreover, it’s not an effective solution.”

Evelyn tapped her desk twice in thought.

Then, she put on a complicated expression.

“Can you give me the technique you used to find the seed? Maybe I can spread it so more people can help to find the infected.”

Evelyn felt a bit reluctant to ask this question. Anyone’s techniques were their most guarded secret. Of course, some techniques were spread to the public, but even so, asking someone to teach you his technique was not something well received.

However, this was precisely my intention.

With a smile, I took a sheet of paper and started to write a very complex spell on it.

It was one of the strategies I thought to go against that immortal. To find a way to destroy every seed. I’m not sure about his plans, but it’s obvious the seeds are a very important part of it.

However, it’s impossible for me to personally find each seed and destroy it. I can’t simply go around the capital or around the empire checking each person one by one.

So, the next best option is to create a method so other people can find the seed and they make the work for me.

Unfortunately, even with my expertise in souls, creating a spell for this purpose was not easy. Moreover, the end result was much more complex than I would have liked. Most probably, not mage below the tenth layer will be able to learn it.

But it’s the best I can for now.

When I finished writing the spell, I passed it to Evelyn.

Evelyn immediately started to study it. Soon, her face wore a stunned and then a surprised expression, finally, she put on an astonished expression.

“This spell…”

“It was the one I used to find the seed. What do you think, is it useful?”

“Useful, of course it’s useful. Although no more than ten teachers will be able to learn it, it will be enough to search each student in the academy before the outing. However, I’m more curious about another thing. Claus, you are a swordsman, right? Do every swordsman can use such complex spells?”

“Well, I’m a genius.” I shrugged indifferently.

Headmistress Evelyn narrowed her eyes and looked at me suspiciously. But in the end, she just sighed with a tired expression.

“I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore. Sigh, I find it hard to continue living when I know that there is a genius like you in this world. Anyway, I will give this spell together with your information to the emperor so he pays attention to this issue. You don’t mind it, right?”

I shrugged with a smile. Of course, I don’t mind. It was my true purpose when I passed the spell to Evelyn after all.

Once I finished with my business in the headmistress’s office. I went to the student council’s office. Dina, Daisy, and Iris, who was Bryan’s fiancée, were there.

I smiled and greeted them. Then, I stealthily checked each one of their souls for the dark cloud. Fortunately, they were not infected. Until now, Raven is the only infected I have found in my loved ones.

Soon, however, I frowned.

Andrea did not come today.

Curious, I asked Dina about it.

“Do you know why Andrea has not come?”

Dina was startled. “You don’t know?”


“Lina, her little sister, is ill. I heard it’s something grave. I’m planning to visit aunt Sera’s home this weekend.

Mm? Something like that happened?



If you don’t remember:

Sera Ria: Claus’s eldest maternal aunt. Mother of Andrea. Black hair and black eyes.

Andrea Ria: Claus’s cousin. Sera’s eldest daughter. Red hair and blue eyes. Part of the student council.

Lina Ria: Andrea’s little sister and Sera’s youngest daughter. She has not appeared in the story yet, but I think I mentioned her before (not sure).


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