FPD Chapter 23

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Morning Greeting


Someone stopped beside my bed while I was sleeping.

I did not feel ill intent coming from that person, so I simply continued sleeping. I learned long ago that sleeps is something that must be enjoyed, so I try not to interrupt if it’s not completely necessary.

But soon, I was forced to open my eyes.

A pleasurable feeling assaulted my lower body. I could feel the hot breath of someone impacting against my holy sword, and a warm sensation was teasing my rod constantly.

I opened my eyes with a half-expectant, half-unwilling expression. Immediately, a head of short brown hair entered my sight.

“… Daisy.” I whispered softly with sleepy eyes.

“Good morning, your highness. Are you still asleep? Don’t worry, I’ll wake you up soon.”

I nodded and closed my eyes again.

But then, I felt something moist touching the tip of my sword.

Instantly, I woke up completely.


But my personal servant did not reply. She was staring at my rod curiously while using her tongue to lick it from time in time.

“Is it like this? Aunt Vera said that men like it when a woman wakes them up like this…”

Her hands were moving up and down, stroking my morning wood and causing it to twitch from time in time. She then kissed the lower head softly and moved her tongue around it. I let out a grunt of pleasure and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation.

“Do you like it, your highness?”

I nodded and stroked her face. Her big black eyes looked at me in anticipation and delight while her hand continued touching my morning wood.

All my blood rushed towards my lower body, making my sword grow and twitch on Daisy’s hands. Daisy opened her eyes wide with a surprised expression.

“Wow, it became even bigger. I wonder how it managed to enter inside me last time…”

I smiled wryly. This time Daisy was wearing her maid clothes, making her breasts look bigger and her body more seductive. My sadistic side awakened completely and I could not help but form an evil grim.

“You are doing it wrong, Daisy. Let me teach you.” I said and grabbed Daisy’s hands. Daisy tilted her head a bit but cooperated with me.

I then lowered Daisy’s maid dress and took her breast out. I started to grope and massage them softly.

“Hmnm~ Your highness…~” Daisy closed her eyes and let out a moan. I smiled and continued massaging her breast slowly, pinching her nipples and kissing her mouth. When Daisy finally was completely turned on, I stopped.

“… Your highness?” Daisy put on a pitiful expression and moist eyes and looked at me. I smiled evilly and pointed to my rod.

“I told you I’m going to teach you, right?” I then guided her breast to my penis and ordered. “Wrap them.”

Daisy put on a confused expression, but she obeyed. She wrapped her breasts around my weapon and stared at me with upturned eyes.

“Now, move them up and down.” Daisy nodded and began to move her breasts. She was very awkward at the start, but I taught her patiently and showed her how it was done.

Soon, I began to feel good.

Her breasts wrapped around my rod completely. I could feel them changing shapes to adjust to the object invading them. My weapon was engulfed in a heavenly feeling.

My precum mixed up with Daisy’s sweat, causing slurping sounds every time my rod moved. Daisy looked at it with an expression of wonder.

“Yes, like that.” I nodded. “Also, lick the tip with your tongue.”

Daisy was lightly startled but quickly understood. She extended her tongue and licked the tip as though it was ice-cream. I grunted softly and held her head.

Daisy quickly got the hang of it, and soon, she opened her mouth and swallowed my penis. I moaned happily, feeling her teeth touching my penis and her tongue sucking on it.

Daisy’s movements were not skillful, but they had their own charm. I could not help but enjoy the paizuri and fellatio while stroking her head.

But soon, I felt something hot forming in my abdomen.

“Daisy!” I gritted my teeth and grabbed her head. Before she could react, I thrusted my waist violently and inserted my penis completely in her mouth.

Daisy opened her eyes wide and tried to retract her head, but I held her firmly and continued moving. My rod entered her throat and began to choke her, but I did not stop.

Finally, I slammed my weapon against her mouth a shot my semen into her throat.

“Fuu.” I sighed delightfully and shot everything. Daisy looked at me with tears on her eyes and an expression of pain.

I softened my expression and stroked her head caringly. “Sorry.” I said and took my weapon out.

Daisy coughed violently and tried to spit my yang essence, but I stopped her and forced her to swallow it.

“It’s bitter…” She said with a grieving expression. I kissed her earlobe softly and whispered sweetly.

“Good girl.”

Daisy blushed completely and her eyes turned moist. She pounded my chest shyly and pouted.

“Your highness, you bullied me.”

I smiled and kissed her lips. “I’m sorry, little Daisy. Don’t worry, I’ll make up to you for it.”

Daisy smiled coyly and grabbed my hand. “Really?”

“Yes, let me show you.” I put on a perverted grin and kissed her lips.

Then, I hugged her waist and turned around.

“Kya!” Daisy cried surprised, but I tore her clothes apart and began to caress her body.

Soon, the room was filled with joyful sounds.

We rolled on the bed until it was time to train.


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