FPD Chapter 230

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Confronting Safelia


After talking to Clara, I left Aunt Sera’s home with the excuse I was going to find someone to treat Lina’s illness.

It was a white lie, but also a good excuse to explain when Lina starts to show signs of recovery.

Just like that, I arrived at the place where the meeting was arranged.

Hidden Cave.

Several minutes later, I was seated in a private room of a lavish restaurant in Hidden Cave. The private room was truly befitting of a high-class restaurant. It had soundproof walls and was wide enough that you could easily sleep here.

Normally, this kind of room was used to discuss important deals between nobles and merchants. It was normal for private rooms like this to be in use during the entire night and nobody would bother the people inside unless it’s something important.

I closed my eyes and waited patiently for the person I was expecting.

And fortunately for me, that person did not take long to arrive.

*Knock Knock*

“Prince, are you inside?” A sweet and melodious voice came from the door.

I walked towards the door and opened it, revealing the beautiful woman behind.

Long black hair with deep black eyes. She was wearing a white nun habit and her face carried a compassionate smile.

The first word someone would think when he sees her is purity, and the second would be benevolence. No matter how you looked at her, you could not bring yourself to taint her purity with nefarious thoughts.

She was the current saint of the Church of Order, Safelia Ainida.

“Good night, prince.”

I looked at Safelia coldly before inviting her inside.

“… To be honest, I thought that my ears were playing tricks on me when I heard you wanted to meet me.” Safelia smiled and she sat on the table.

I sat across her and ignored her well-veiled sarcasm. “Do you want anything to eat?” I asked. “I fear our discussion will take a while.”

“Don’t worry, I ate before coming here.”

I nodded and threw the menu aside. “Let’s get straight to the point then. Saintess, do you know about my cousin’s illness?”

Safelia narrowed her eyes. “Your cousin?”

I nodded and explained the situation to her. I finished when I reached the point where she needed to be treated by someone at the level of an archbishop.

Safelia kept her smile all the way. When I finally stopped talking, she put on an apologizing expression.

“I understand your situation, prince. However, you must know that there is no much I can do about it.”


“You see, each archbishop of the church is someone very busy. How can they take care of such a small matter? If they agree each time they are asked to treat someone, how will they fulfill their duties then? However…”


“I can do an exception for you, prince. I can personally go and treat your cousin, but with a condition.”

“A condition, huh.”

Safelia smiled gently. “It’s just as you think. Break the engagement with our Holy Daughter.”

I looked deeply at Safelia. When I saw she did not have any intention to continue talking, I stood up.

Then, I started to walk around the room.

Safelia was startled. “Prince?”

I ignored her and looked at a painting hanging in the wall. After a few seconds, I opened my mouth.

“You see, miss Safelia. Actually, I don’t care about most things and most people. Even if half of the empire dies tomorrow, I won’t care. Why would I? They are not related to me.”

Safelia furrowed her brows, but I continued before she could interrupt me.

“However, I don’t like when someone tries to harm my loved ones. And when someone tries to harm them just to threaten me… I hate it.”

Safelia narrowed her eyes. “Prince, are you implying something?”

“What do you think?” I shot back.

Safelia snorted. “Prince, that is a very serious accusation. Plus, do you have proof?” Safelia smirked in the end.

I glanced at her briefly before shrugging. “You are right, I don’t have proof. But I don’t need it.”


“Because I’m sure it was you.”

Safelia fell silent. Then after a few seconds, she smirked.


And she started to laugh.

“Hahahahaha. Okay, suppose that you are right and we are the ones behind it, what are you going to do prince?”


“Only the church can heal your cousin. And even if you refuse to heal her this time, can you do it next time? Can you watch how your family dies due to your stubbornness?”

“Oh? Are you threatening me?”

“You can take it that way if you want.” Safelia kept her benevolent smile.

I looked at her briefly before nodding. “You are right, I can’t.”


“But I’m not planning to break the engagement either.” I smiled.

Safelia froze. For an instant, she did not know what to say.

“Prince, are you playing with me?”

I chuckled. “Of course not. But saintess, I think you overestimate yourself and underestimate me.”


“You see, my cousin’s illness, I already found a way to treat it.”

Safelia was stunned.

“You found a way?” She asked in disbelief.

“Yes, I found one. Surprised? Not only I found a way to cure her, but I also made used of the aggressive mana to increase her potential. It ended being a blessing in disguise. Thanks to your gift, my cousin will probably become one of the strongest powerhouses of the empire in the future.”

Safelia was completely frozen. She first thought I was lying, but when she observed my expression closely, she knew my words were true.

Moreover, even if I lie, the truth would be revealed a few days later. What reason was there to lie then?

Thus, she could only accept my words as the truth.

Wrinkling her brows, Safelia looked at me coldly.

“I don’t understand. What is your purpose inviting to come here then?”

I curved my lips up in a smirk.


When that word left my mouth, killing intent filled the room.

The ice-cold killing intent made Safelia shiver briefly. For an instant, she felt as though she was submerged in the coldest waters in existence.

But then, she smiled amusedly and started to laugh.

“Hahahahaha? So it’s revenge? And what are you planning, prince? Kill me?”

Instantly, an enormous pressure erupted out of Safelia’s body.

Tenth layer mana flooded the private room. The pressure of the saintess of this generation was enough to leave same-age people frozen in fear.

As for me? I just smiled.

“Kill you? Nope, I have something much better planned.”


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