FPD Chapter 234

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Subduing Safelia (3)


“Stop… Please, stop…” Safelia begged in a sobbing tone, but I continued moving. I slammed my waist on her ass, creating smacking sounds with each movement.

Safelia’s ass was truly tight, and maybe due to the pain she was feeling, it got tighter with each second. It was as though it wanted to push out the foreign object invading Safelia’s body.

But the tighter it was, the most enjoyable I found it. I slid my member in and out, rubbing it on the walls of her rectum and tasting how her muscles reacted to my movements.

“… Please, stop… It hurts.”

“Are you sure? I will have to use the other hole then.”

“… N-No… Anything but that.”

I smirked and put my mouth on her neck. I then sucked her neck fiercely and licked it.

“Such a delicious body… Saintess, what do you think about becoming my slave?”

“…Dream on!” Safelia cursed and gritted her teeth. She then looked down and closed her eyes.

At some point, she had stopped crying besides an occasional tear. She probably realized that it was futile and decided that it was better simply to endure and get on with this nightmare as quickly as possible.

But how could I let her be happy? While she tried to endure, I pierced her chrysanthemum happily while moving my hands around her body. At the same time, I bit and sucked her back, leaving marks everywhere.

“Do you like the marks? These are proof you are mine!”

“… Bastard!” Safelia cursed softly and bit her lips.

This time, though, she was not resisting the pain but the sudden pleasure she was feeling.

At some point, the barrier separating pain from pleasure had blurred. Safelia felt a strange feeling every time my penis hit her rectum. It was as though her body was shivering and waiting for more of that.

“… I, I’m not like that…”

“Hm? Did you say something?”

“… Ugh…” Safelia grunted. I laughed and continued pistoning inside her. My thrusts became faster and deeper, touching even deeper places.

Eventually, Safelia’s hidden cave was filled with love juice. Her breathing had become heavy, and she let out soft grunts occasionally.

In an attempt to suppress the moans, she brought her hand to her mouth and bit on it.

I laughed watching her futile intents and continued enjoying her backyard. Every time my penis entered her, I shivered in pleasure. The feeling of her rectum tightening around me was frighteningly pleasurable.

However, I felt even more pleasure watching Safelia’s reactions. Seeing her face of disgust and humiliation while she tried to resist the pleasure that was attacking her body was exhilarating.

“So good, saintess. Such a slutty body. It’s as though it’s sucking my penis.”

“… S-Shut up, ughm…”

“Can you feel it? The pleasure, that the moment when your body shivers and your muscles tense up. It’s incredible.”

“… shut… up…”

“Hahaha, it’s my first time doing this with a saintess. To think it would be so great.”

“… Shut up!”

I smirked and grabbed her neck. Then, I pulled her hair and thrust hard.

“Ugh!” Safelia let out a grunt, but then, I thrust again.

“… S-Stop…”

“… Receive it, saintess!”

At that moment, my white-hot seed was shot inside her.

At the same time, Safelia’s body spasmed violently.

“… N-No…”

I enjoyed the first orgasm of the night and ejaculated inside her ass. I then released her hair and Safelia collapsed on the ground while panting.

But I was just starting, how could I stop now?

“Hm? You look tired, saintess. Are you already giving up?”

Safelia was startled. She hurriedly stood up and bit her lips. “N-No.”


Grabbing her ass, I moved my penis again.

“Hiiick!” Safelia let out a shrill cry.

My rock-hard penis shivered in pleasure. I swung my waist once and again, slamming Safelia’s ass with my pelvis.

Safelia’s backyard was much slipperier now that it had been drenched by my juice. Now, my penis could slide in and out much easier, however, the tightness was almost the same.

It was great. Her rectum wrapped around my penis and seemed to pull it even deeper

With each thrust, Safelia’s body shook. Her legs quivered fiercely feeling my invasion, and her body twisted uncomfortably.

Strangely, her face was morphed into a very strange expression. It was a mix of disgust, hatred, pleasure, and despair.

My hands continued moving through her body, stimulating her erogenous zones. Strands of mana infiltrated her body with each touch, making her shiver in pleasure.

However, instead of caressing her, I made sure of causing her as much pain as possible. I twisted her nipples, pinched her breast, bit her back, and sucked her neck.

“… Ugh… Anh… N-No…”

“Oh? Are you feeling it? Could it be that you like the pain, miss saintess? Hahaha, how unexpected, to think that the church’s saintess was such a slut.”

“N-No… I-I don–Ugh…”

I did not allow her to finish, instead, I thrust even harder. I put all my weight on her body, forcing her to lay with her breasts against the ground and in a kneeling position.

I found even easier to pierce her in this position, moreover, I could reach even deeper. Safelia moaned fiercely and shed a tear, ashamed by the fact that she was feeling pleasure in this situation.

At that moment, I brought my palm up and–




“S-Stop… W-What are you–”


“Of course, I’m punishing a bad girl.”


Safelia pleaded in a soft tone, but I ignored her and continued slapping her buttcheeks. Every time my hands hit her ass, Safelia’s hole tightened fiercely around me. It was an incredibly comfortable sensation.

“You don’t like my punishment, saintess? Then why are you so wet…”

“S-Stop, please…”

“Mm, I think you like it…”

Safelia bit her lips in shame. The feeling of pain mixed with pleasure was too much for an inexperienced girl like her. She could feel her thoughts turning muddy, and her mouth let out strange moans occasionally.

Safelia cried in frustration. She did not want it. It would have been much easier if she only had to deal with the pain, but the fact she felt good and her body reacted like this made her ashamed of herself.

How could she call herself the saintess now?

She could feel the foreign object moving inside her. She could feel how her flesh wrapped around it. More than once, she was forced to stop herself from shaking her waist voluntarily.

“… P-Please, stop it…” Safelia sobbed softly.

I replied by licking her neck and biting her earlobe. Finally, I deposited another shot of semen in her ass.

Safelia shook fiercely and collapsed in the ground.

I took a deep breath and removed my penis. Then, I looked at the saintess in the ground with a smirk.

As expected, this experience was glorious.

Looking around, I found a cup that had not been destroyed by our fight before. I grabbed it and filled it with water before taking a sip. Then, I passed it to Safelia.

“Want a bit?”

Safelia looked at me with a gaze full of disgust and looked away.

I chuckled. “Are you sure? I can see you sweated a lot. A bit of water will help you to endure the rest of the night.”

Safelia was startled. “T-The rest?”

I smiled and pointed down. Safelia followed my gaze and found my weapon standing perfectly straight.

“I told you, didn’t I? If you don’t manage to satisfy me, I will take your purity. Does it seem satisfied, saintess?”

Safelia face turned completely pale.


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