FPD Chapter 235

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Subduing Safelia (4)



That was the only word that could describe Safelia’s current feelings.

I could see it in her eyes during the short moments of clarity when she was not drowned by the pleasure of sex.

I worked as hard as I could to overwhelm her with a mix of pain and pleasure, biting her back and neck and leaving my marks in her entire body. As of now, her once milky-white skin was filled with hickeys and bruises.

Safelia managed to keep her clarity for the first few hours. Although she was momentarily drowned by the pleasure, she used her sheer will to snap out of it and continue resisting.

Even although she did not know much about sex, she had the feeling that if she gave up, she would lose something very precious. So she gritted her teeth and tried to keep herself from giving up.

But although it was relatively easier at the start, it became exponentially harder the longer she was under my assault. By dawn, her mind was in a blank state most of the time.

Only in the moments when I stopped after cumming would her mind regain a bit of clarity.

“… P-Please, not again…” Safelia pleaded powerlessly. Currently, her face was a mess with tears in her cheeks and saliva leaking from the corner of her lips.

I patted her head as though she was a pet. “Shh, relax. I think I’ll be satisfied soon.”

Safelia’s face was dyed in desperation. She had heard the same words more than five times before, and each time, I continued as though nothing.

The problem was that she did not know how long she could endure.

She could feel her special place trembling. It was as though a strange itch was assaulting it and asking her to give up.

More than once, she was close to bringing her hands there. Even worse, she felt that there was a voice in her mind telling her to give up, to let me own her completely.

I held her waist and moved in and out of her backyard. Safelia moaned softly and put her head on the ground.

“… P-Please, s-stop…”

“Are you sure you want me to stop?”

Safelia bit her lips and looked at me in a pleading tone. Currently, most of her stubbornness was gone. Instead, it was replaced by fear.

She feared that something would change in her if she continued like this. Would she be able to continue serving the goddess after today?

“P-Please… N-No more…”

I chuckled and accelerated my movements. The sound of my waist slamming on Safelia’s ass resounded in the room for a while.

Finally, after another five minutes, I felt my orgasm building up.

“Saintess, I’m close…”


I swung my waist wildly for a few seconds more and Safelia tightened her muscles around my penis. Finally, both of us shivered.

THen, my white-hot stuff was shot inside her.

“… Forgive me, goddess… forgive me…” Safelia cried desolately on the ground while panting.

I exhaled deeply and bit her earlobes. Such a shame, it was already dawn.

Soon, this game would end.

It was time for the last dish of today.

“… Saintess, your body truly feels good.”

Safelia was silent. Only her soft sobs could be heard occasionally. I chuckled and brought my lips to her ear.

“Do you want to do it again?”

Safelia remained silent. I licked her earlobes with a smirk. At the same time, I used a bit of mana to muddle her mind.

It was not very hard. Safelia had been assaulted by intense pleasure continuously during the entire night, so her defenses were unable to stop my bewitching technique.

Then, I touched her vagina softly.

“… Hey Safelia, can I? I promise you this will be the last time.” I said whispered in a devil-like voice.

Safelia trembled. For an instant, she regained her clarity, but when I circled my fingers around her small patch of grass, she let out a moan and her eyes blurred again.

“This is the last time, promise, okay?”

“… The last time…”

“Yes, the last time.”

Safelia’s body shook. Her reason shouted at her that this was a trap, but the words ‘last time’ echoed in her mind once and again.

It was like a sweet, sweet temptation.

Finally, she muddleheadedly nodded.

“… The last time.”

I chuckled and positioned my stiff weapon in front of her vagina. I did not pierce her right away. Instead, I rubbed her entrance softly first.

Safelia let out a soft groan. She closed her eyes as though asleep, but her vagina opened and closed as though asking me what I was waiting for.

“I’m going in.” With a smile, I slowly slid my thing inside.

“So tight!” I grunted and took a deep breath. Safelia’s lower cave was very tight and slippery. It felt as though her walls were wrapping around my penis, unwilling to let go of it.

Then, I finally felt an obstruction.

It was her hymen.

Safelia woke up at that moment.

“Uhh… W-What… W-Wait… w-what are you doing, s-sto–Ugh…”

With a sudden thrust, the thin membrane was completely broken!

A thin line of blood flowed out of Safelia’s vagina. It was proof that the purity she had guarded for her whole life had been taken away.

“N-No… W-Why… W-Why are you so cruel…”

Saintess Safelia started to sob. Meanwhile, I started to thrust.

The feeling of invading her vagina was completely different than invading her ass. Although it was not as tight, it felt less rough and more smooth. I felt her flesh reacting each time I moved, her body shivering in pleasure.

“So good…” I whispered in her ear and continued moving my holy sword. My entire body was pressed on Safelia, enjoying the virgin body of the saintess complacently.

The sense of conquest was incredible. As expected, revenge tastes sweet.

Moreover, the fact that the usually arrogant saintess was now crying while my penis invaded her made me feel amazingly great.

“… Goddess… Forgive me… Please…~”

Safelia cried and cried. Her body, however, was much more honest. I could feel her love juices drenching my spear, and her body shivering in pleasure. Even Safelia herself could not help but moan and groan occasionally.

Eventually, she just closed her eyes while she moaned with an unwilling expression.

I held her waist and thrust inside her womanhood violently. I enjoyed the entire process as long as I could. I was not in a hurry to cum, and instead, I wanted to remain inside as much as I could.

Safelia, on the other hand, was unable to endure the newfound pleasure and orgasmed not only once, but twice. Eventually, her mind was too messy and she could not think about anything.

Instead, her body moved instinctively to search for the most primal pleasure.

Up and down, once and again, I slid inside of her. My huge member shaped her vagina to its form while I hammered her cervix.

“.. Ugh… anh… S-Stop… N-No more…”

I grunted and accelerated my movements. My nth-orgasm was accumulating in my waist, and my body was eager to impregnate her.

“I’ll cum inside, saintess!” I shouted with a sneer and speed up my thrusts. Unfortunately for Safelia, her mind was unable to process my words.

Instead, she moved her waist faster and faster to cater to my movements.

Finally, I gave one last thrust and pierced my spear until the entrance of her womb.

With a twitch, I shot my seed into her womb.

At the same time, Safelia shivered and spasmed, collapsing on the ground asleep.

It was a great end to a great night.


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