FPD Chapter 236

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The Goddess of Order (1)


While Safelia lay unconscious on the floor, I put on my clothes back.

I felt very refreshed after venting the whole night. I must admit that venting this way is a good way to get rid of the stress, one that I don’t recommend if you are not an Immortal.

But now that I finished having fun, it was time to start to work.

I put my hand on Safelia’s forehead and grabbed her soul. Then, I conduct a soul-search to get information about the holy daughter.

I got the feeling that the deal with the holy daughter is more than the church says, and I fear Clara can be in danger. However, I need to confirm first.

Unfortunately, I failed to find anything useful even after searching through all the memories related.

The only thing Safelia knew about the holy daughter was what she told me last time.

[The holy daughter was the messenger of the goddess born with the mission to spread the teachings of the goddess through the world.]

However, I was not satisfied with this answer.

Well, it’s time to start phase two of the plan.

Searching in Safelia’s soul, I found a small and thin thread connecting her soul to something very, very far away. It was a thread of faith, the proof that Safelia is truly devout to the Goddess of Order.

Moreover, judging by the purity of her thread, her faith in the goddess is as pious as it can be.

That thread, I grabbed it.

Using my will, I grabbed the thread and pulled on it. At the same time, I used the thread to transmit a message and opened a gap in the barrier around this room.

And I did not have to wait long for a reply.

As soon as the gap in the barrier appeared, she moved.

Instantly, a powerful will descended in the room.

The will was very vast, as the seas or the skies. It was filled with a powerful power of Order and lightning and carried with itself an unimaginable rage that seemed to consume the world.


The heaven-shaking voice of the Goddess reverberated in the room.

I smirked in indifference. Seriously, are you truly trying to intimidate me with this?

“Hey, how are you?” I waved my hand leisurely, as though I was greeting an old friend.

The will in the room turned even angrier. Just the anger of the goddess seemed to turn the room colder and make the air heavier.

Of course, I remained unaffected. The goddess needed to make a bigger effort if she wanted to take me down a notch.


I frowned. “Goddess, are you doing to use this tone when speaking to me? I’m sorry, but I don’t like it when others shout at me.”


My expression quickly turned ice-cold. “Can you repeat your words?”

In an instant, an enormous killing intent erupted from my body. The killing intent crashed against the will of the Goddess, pushing it out of the room.

[MORTAL! HOW DO YOU DARE TO GO AGAINST A GOD!?] The will of the goddess turned completely hostile, as though it wanted to eradicate my entire existence.

But I just laughed.

“God? Hahahaha, do you think I’m someone ignorant that doesn’t know the truth about godhood? You are nothing more than a bunch of prisoners condemned to keep the world running while you watch how your soul slowly dissipates.”

As soon as I said these words, the will of the goddess trembled.

Then, the overbearing pressure in the room disappeared.

One instant later, the will of the goddess turned into the transparent shape of a beautiful gray-haired woman.

The woman stood silently and stared at me with a grave expression.

[You… Who are you? How do you know about that?]

I sneered. So now you want to talk, huh?

I thought for a moment before waving my hand. Then, a transparent table appeared in the middle of the destroyed room with a chair on each side of the table. I walked and sat on one of the chairs.

The goddess followed my lead and sat across me.

When both of us were seated, I started to talk.

“My name is Claus Quintin, the fourth prince of this empire.”

The goddess frowned. [You know that is not what I want to know. I’m asking who actually are you. Are you a former god? Did you manage to escape the world’s shackles?]

I put on a smile of amusement. “Why, of course not. I told you, my name is Claus Quintin. That is my true identity. I have never been a god and I’m not planning to become one. As for how do I know so much? I read a lot of books.”

The goddess scoffed. Even an idiot could see that I was lying.

However, the goddess did not pursue the topic. There were more important things to speak about other than my identity.

[… Why did you invoke me?] The Goddess of Order decided to ask. She could start asking after she learns of my goal.

I shrugged indifferently. “Simple. I want to bring an end to the farce of tonight.”

[End? Farce?] A sliver of rage appeared on the Goddess’s eyes. She then looked around and saw the messed-up state of her saintess and her expression became uglier. [Do you think we can end things peacefully after doing this to my servant!?]

“Of course, I do.” I smiled confidently. “In the end, you don’t really care about her, so stop using her as an excuse to get an edge in this conversation. Besides, it was your men who started everything.”

The goddess squinted. She then closed her eyes and used her will to search through her believers and learn everything about the situation.

One second later, she opened her eyes with a calm expression, as though her rage of before was nothing more than an act.

Well, it was an act, in fact.

[I’m sorry, about that. It looks like my believers caused you some problems.]

I nodded. “You are right, but do you know how everything started?”

[… The holy daughter, huh…] The goddess fell deep into thought. [She is your fiancée, right?]

I chuckled. “She is. However, your church wants to force me to break off the engagement. I would not have minded if Clara truly wanted to break it, but obviously, she doesn’t have that intention. So, why would I break the engagement off?”

[Understandable. Someone as powerful as you will definitively not accept something like this.]

“It’s good that you understand. So, I think you can imagine what I want of you.”

The goddess sighed. [You expect I cancel her position as the holy daughter.]


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