FPD Chapter 239

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Aunt Sera’s Marriage Problems


After I finished with Safelia and got her a new set of clothes, I teleported to the headquarters of the Red Skull Gang (alone).

I headed straight to Elene’s location. Elene was slightly surprised when she saw me, but when I explained to her the situation, she agreed to help.

In the way, she asked me if I knew something about the commotion that happened last night. Apparently, the entire capital heard the Goddess of Order screaming in pain and rage. Of course, most citizens did not know it was the voice of the goddess, but the knowledgeable people in the capital were astonished by the strange situation.

I thought for a moment and decided to tell her part of the truth (I omitted the part about Safelia). Anyways, Elene already knew most of my secrets, and one more was not going to change the situation.

I must admit that the reaction of Elene was amusing. When she heard that I cut down the goddess’s projection, she first stiffened, then she looked at me as I was crazy, then she stiffened again.

Finally, she managed to ask something with a hoarse voice.

“A-Are you serious?”

I smiled mysteriously without answering. Elene gulped down a mouthful of saliva and let out a deep breath.

“God, I knew my little man was amazing, but not that he was this amazing!”

I laughed softly and kissed Elene on the lips. Elene returned my kiss with a kiss of her own and blushed.

“Dear, could it be that you are a god?”

“Pffft. Of course not.” I denied it instantly. “I’m something much more incredible.”

“Hmph, braggart.” Elene snorted, but her face was lit up in pride. “Then, can you make me a goddess too?”

I smiled in amusement and pinched her nose. “How is the practice with the technique I gave you going, sister Elene?”

As soon as I mentioned the technique, Elene’s face lit up in glee. “Great. Prince, that technique is incredible. I already broke through the eighth layer. Furthermore, I can feel I’m growing stronger each day! At this rate, I will need less than half a year to reach the ninth layer!”

“Mm, well done.” I nodded in praise. “Practice hard and you will be able to breakthrough beyond the twelfth layer before thirty. By then, I will probably have enough time.”

“Enough time?”

“Yes. I can’t make you a goddess, sister Elene. But I can bring you with me to explore the world and even beyond. Living together through eternity. Don’t you think it’s romantic?”

“Such a sweet mouth.” Elene giggled and pecked my lips. “But I admit it sounds nice to be together for eternity.”

I nodded. Yes, it sounds nice.

Thus, I must succeed.

Only if I succeed, this torturous cycle of reincarnations will finally end.

After flirting for a while with Elene in the carriage, we arrived at my aunt’s house.

However, we were greeted by an awkward scene.

“Are you even a man!? Your daughter is going to die and you disappear for two days! TWO DAYS! Do you even care about your daughter!?”

“I told you, I was trying to invite an archbishop to treat Lina! Why don’t you believe me!?”

“Believe you? Hahaha! Only fools believe your lies! Sister already visited all the archbishops in the city, and you definitively were not around!”

The man that was quarreling with aunt Sera fell silent.

In the end, he just sighed with a fed-up tone. “Just, let me see my daughter.”

“Get lost! I don’t want to see you again.”


“Are you deaf!? Get lost! *Slap!*”

Damn, that surely hurts.

Elena and I looked at each other and entered the house. While we were going in, a man was coming out with a palm print on his face.

I recognized him instantly. He was Clarence, aunt Sera’s husband, and Andrea and Lina’s father.

Clarence did not even look at us when he left. Instead, he walked out with an expression of anger and slammed the door closed after exiting.

Inside, aunt Sera was panting in rage and Andrea was looking at the ground while holding the hem of her dress. As for the rest of the family, they were looking at them with complicated expressions.

As soon as I entered the house, Andrea rushed towards me and started to cry.

“What happened?” I asked.

Aunt Dayana looked at us and sighed. She then explained everything to me.

The story was not very long. When Clarence returned this morning, he and Sera started to fight. At the start, their fight was not very loud, but in a few minutes, it escalated until the scene I saw when I arrived.

I shook my head with a wry smile. Well, this is not the first time my aunt fights with her husband.

Quite the opposite, such fights had been very common recently.

The reason lies in the fact that Clarence is dissatisfied because aunt Sera did not birth him a son.

In societies like the empire, a son is the one that inherits the father’s surname and inheritance. Daughters, on the other hand, very rarely take control of a house.

It can be seen from the fact that the empire has not had a woman emperor even once. In the end, women’s position has always been slightly lower than men.

At the start, Clearance was rather understanding with aunt Sera. After all, she gave him two daughters, and he still had hope that she could give birth to a son later.

But with the time, when aunt Sera was unable to give him the son he wanted, their relationship became strained.

Eventually, Clearance got himself a lover, a mistress. Moreover, that lover gave him a son a few years ago.

I think you can imagine the rest of the story.

“Stop talking about that scum.” Aunt Sera sneered. “Rather, Claus, who is the woman beside you?”

Only then my family realized Elene’s existence.

I smiled and explained.

“She is sister Elene, she is the main doctor of the palace and one of the best of the empire. I brought her to check on Lina.”

My family was startled, but then aunt Sera smiled. “Oh? Come come, miss Elene. Thank you for coming here. I’m sorry for showing you such a disgraceful sight.”

Elene smiled. “Don’t worry, I can relate to your situation, after all, I lived something similar before.”

Aunt Sera’s impression of Elene increased dramatically after hearing that.

“Claus, can she help Lina? The other doctors said it was impossible…” Andrea asked anxiously.

I rubbed her hair with a smile. “Don’t worry, I explained the situation to sister Elene before coming here and she is confident she can help. Trust her, she is very good at her job.”

Instantly, the expression of my entire family brightened.

“Great, great!” Aunt Sera instantly grabbed Elene’s hands with a look of hope. “Forgive me if I sound anxious, but can you come to seem y daughter?”

“No problem.” Elene smiled. “Let’s go, the sooner we treat her, the faster she will recover.”


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