FPD Chapter 24

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The Butler, the Knight, and the White-Haired Girl


“Mou, your highness! I had told you to stop!” Daisy pouted playfully and turned her head away, but her lips were curving up.

I grinned proudly and patted her head. “Sorry, sorry, you were so adorable that I was unable to stop.”

Daisy turned completely red and lowered her head. I could not help but steal a quick kiss and laugh again.

I played with Daisy for more than one hour and cummed three times before finally stopping. Daisy was begging me to stop after her third orgasm, but I ignored her pleas and continued torturing her until I was satisfied.

To be honest, if not because I don’t want to skip my morning training, I would have liked to spend all the morning with Daisy on the bed.

Unfortunately, I know better than anyone that it’s not good to find excuses to skip training.

Well, at least I ate my fill of my beautiful maid.

With a smile, I grabbed my lovely maid’s hand and went to the courtyard to train.

Daisy was very shy, but she agreed to hold my hand while nobody was seeing us. Once we saw a servant, she let go flusteredly.

Nobody bothered me during training, but I noticed the servants looking at me with an admiring gaze. Apparently, most of the city already learned that I defeated a fifth layer enemy and forced the captain of the guards to use seventh-layer strength before he could defeat me.

I must admit that showing powerful strength is one of the best ways to get respect. Though of course, it also attracts animosity. Besides the gazes of admiration, I also noticed some people looking at me warily. I’m sure they are part of my brothers’ faction.

The entire day was relatively peaceful. Lena came to play me after breakfast, and Dina came later to discuss something with me.

In the afternoon, I readied myself to visit aunt Dayana. Daisy wanted to go with me, but I convinced her to stay. It would be troublesome if she interferes with my plans.

Daisy was a bit unwilling, but she agreed in the end. I’m sure that part of the reason was that she was a bit tired after all the exercise in the morning. After all, although I gave her a bit of my mana stealthily, Daisy was not used yet to having sex, so she is easily exhausted.

I then departed towards my aunt’s home.

My aunt lived on the outskirts of the central district of the capital. Houses in the capital were pretty expensive, but thanks to the money she earns working in the auction hall, she can afford one.

I decided to not use the carriage and took advantage of this opportunity to observe the capital. I wanted to verify some things that will be useful in my future plans.

But while I was walking, someone approached me.

“Your highness.”

A butler-like old man greeted me and bowed respectfully.

The old man’s head was filled with white strands of hair, and his face was a bit wrinkled. He seemed like an old grandpa in his late sixties.

However, I could feel something very dangerous coming from inside him.

This man, he was definitively one of the strongest powerhouses in this empire.

Even if he hid his strength very well, it can’t escape my senses.

I wrinkled my brows slightly and spoke in a wary tone. “Do you need anything?”

The old butler did not seem offended by my tone. He kept a respectful expression and pointed to a carriage nearby.

“My young miss wants to speak a few words with you. Will your highness grant her the honor?”

My expression turned serious immediately. Someone that can order a butler as this is definitively a high-class noble, but most nobles would avoid meeting me after the announcement of the emperor. Due to it, that young miss’s invitation was a bit stranger.

Moreover, she sent someone to take me where she was. You must know that I’m still a prince, even if one with a bad standing. So the right etiquette was for her to come and greet me.

The butler probably realized my doubts, because he opened his mouth again and explained. “I’m sorry about it, your highness. Our young miss is a bit weak, so she cannot move around easily.

Very fishy. I activate Akashic Sight stealthily and observed the girl in the carriage. Instantly, I was surprised.

Certainly, the girl was pretty weak, but it was not the thing that attracted my attention.

Instead, it was the girl’s innate ability.

I smiled inside my mind and gestured the butler to show me the way.

The butler nodded expressionlessly and led me to the carriage.

Once there, he knocked on the door twice and notified the young girl of my presence.

“Young miss, prince Claus is here.”

“Oh? Please, come in.” A sweet voice answered from inside.

The butler then opened the door and gestured me to enter.

Once inside, I looked at the other people inside the carriage. Instantly I was stunned.

Two very beautiful girls were seated inside the carriage. One of them was around 16 years old, with ash white hair and crystal clear. Her body still was a bit undeveloped, and her angelic face emitted an ethereal feeling. She was looking at me curiously, as though expecting to find everything about me.

The other girl was a knight-like young girl. She was a bit older than the white-haired girl, around 18 years old. Her wavy hair had a beautiful blonde color, and her green eyes were looking warily at me. Her hand was resting in the handle of her sword, and I was sure she would attack me at the moment I show the slightest intention of hurting the white-haired girl.

I quickly recovered my composure and bowed slightly. “Beautiful misses, do you wish to speak something with me?”

The white-haired girl giggled slightly and covered her mouth with a hand. She observed me closely and put a finger on her chin. “Hello, Prince Claus. My name is Alice Ferret.”


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