FPD Chapter 240

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Taking Her Away


One minute later, Elene was kneeling beside Lina’s bed. She held Lina’s wrist and send a bit of her mana into her body.

Elene whistled in surprise. She had heard the situation from me, so she knew that Lina was supposed to be in a critical condition. However, her inspection only showed that Lina’sbody was slightly weak. She could not find any trace of berserk mana.

Elene could only sigh in admiration towards my abilities.

Aunt Sera, though, interpreted Elene’s whistle and sigh differently.

“Miss Elene, how is my daughter? Can you do something?” She asked in worry,

Elene smiled. “Don’t worry, although Lina’s situation is a bit complicated, I have treated a case like this before. I’m sure that I can treat her, moreover, this whole affair will end beneficing her.”

“Beneficing?” Aunt Sera and the others were startled.

“Yes. My treatment consists of helping her body to assimilate the foreign mana slowly. This way, her body will get used to this kind of mana little by little. Towards the end of this treatment, Lina will be able to wield this mana in combat. I think that the capital will see another young genius in one or two years.”

“Really!?” Aunt Sera’s face brightened. “Are you telling me that my little girl can be healed!?”

“Of course,” Elene replied with a soft smile. “It will be a long process, but I guarantee that Lina will recover.”

Aunt Sera’s face turned incredibly happy, and suddenly, she started to cry.

“… I’m glad, I’m glad…”

“Mom…” Lina stared at aunt Sera and her eyes filled with tears too. Finally, she was unable to suppress the relief of knowing she was going to be alright and cried happily.

In the end, aunt Sera, Lina, and Andrea hugged each other while and filled the room with tears and sobs.

Aunt Dayana, my grandparents, Elene, and I observed that scene with gentle smiles. In fact, aunt Dayana and my grandmother were about to cry too after being infected by the atmosphere.

“Thank you, miss Elene, thank you… I don’t know how to repay you…” Aunt Sera grabbed Elene’s hand gratefully and bowed deeply.

Elene could not help but feel awkward in that situation. She was clear that she had done nothing, and her words were just things I told her to say.

Due to that, she did not know how to face the gratitude of my aunt.

She looked in my direction as though asking for help, but I just nodded and mouthed some words.

‘Well done.’

Elene smiled bitterly.

“You don’t need to thank me, madam. In fact, I’m doing this for Prince Claus. He has helped me a lot, so the least I can do is help him when he needs my help.”

Aunt Sera wiped off a tear and nodded. She then looked at me gratefully.

“Thank you, Claus.”

The room was enveloped in a happy atmosphere due to the news, and the heavy expressions of before disappeared as though they were an illusion.

Unfortunately, Elene’s following words froze it.

“I will have to take Lina with me for her treatment. She will need around six months to a year before she can return”

“Huh? Where are you taking her?” Aunt Sera asked in surprise.

“… To a secret facility in the capital. I’m sorry, I can’t say more.”

Aunt Sera froze.

“Then, can I go with her?”

“… I’m sorry, you can’t. Besides, during the time she is in treatment, Lina will have to cut contact with the outside world. But don’t worry, after the first month, she will be allowed to visit you twice each month.”


“Mrs. Sera, you must understand that Lina’s situation is very special. Only in that facility can I treat her, but the things that we do there are kept strictly confidential. Thus, Lina will be subject to many limitations once she is there.”

Aunt’s expression turned dejected. At that moment, my grandfather looked at me.

“Claus, care to explain?”

I smiled wryly. “Grandfather, besides working as the imperial doctor, sister Elene also works in another group. I can’t tell you much, but you only need to know that they are trustworthy. In fact, that group is part of my faction.”

“Your faction?” Grandfather was startled.

“Yes. My faction. So you don’t need to worry, aunt. Lina will be alright.” I said while looking at aunt Sera.

Aunt sighed. In the end, she nodded despondently. “I understand.”


“Silly child, don’t worry. It will be only for one year at most.”

Lina bit her lips and nodded. She knew this was part of my plan to help her to assimilate the laws, but even so, she felt a bit sad.

Once she is gone, her mother will be all alone. Andrea has to be in the Imperial Institute, her father is with another woman, and she will be training to wield her laws.

Lina looked at me with a worried expression. I smiled and used my gaze to tell her that she did not need to worry.

We remained in the house until the afternoon. After that, I insisted that it was better if Lina leaves as soon as possible. Aunt Sera was a bit sad, but she knew that Lina’s safety was the most important and that the sooner that treatment begins, the faster she will get cured.

So, that afternoon, we departed towards the Red Skull Gang.


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