FPD Chapter 241

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Anyone That Touches My Family Dies


“Then, Aunt Dayana, can you help me?”

“Don’t worry.” Aunt Dayana smiled gently. “I’ll convince Sera to come to work in the auction hall and help me to manage it. I’m sure that it will help her to not feel so lonely.”

“Thank you.” I smiled and kissed my aunt’s lips. Aunt Dayana narrowed her eyes happily and returned the kiss.

“Claus, that Elene… Is she another one of your lovers?”

I smiled wryly and looked at aunt with an apologizing expression.

Aunt Dayana rolled her eyes. “You… How many girls are you planning to get until you are satisfied? I don’t understand how you can fool so many women into your bed!”

I smirked and hugged aunt Dayana’s waist. “Well, was aunt not fooled into my bed too? I’m just too handsome.”

“Bah, shameless. Hey, get your hands off me. What if someone sees us!?” Aunt Dayana scolded me softly.

“Don’t worry, there is nobody nearby.” I said and held aunt Dayana tightly while savoring her lips.

Unfortunately, we were in aunt Sera’s house so we could not act without restraint and stopped after some kisses and hugs, but aunt Dayana made me promise her that I would go to visit her tonight.

After that, I bid farewell to aunt Sera and my grandparents and make sure that their souls were not infected (I also gave aunt Dayana a ring).

Andrea, Lina, Elene, and I boarded a carriage towards the Red Skull Gang.

Once we were inside the carriage, though, I felt a headache coming.

As soon as I sat down, Lina came and sat on my lap. Andrea, who saw it, narrowed her eyes and looked at us coldly.

“Lina, were you not ill?”

“I’m feeling better already, sister.”

“Cousin?” Andrea looked at me.

I smiled and pat Lina’s head.

In the end, Andrea pouted and sat down beside me while Lina looked at her triumphantly.

By the way, Elene was seated in front of me.

The reason Andrea came with us was to show her about the Red Skull Gang. To be honest, Andrea did not know much about my true power despite being my cousin and having a relationship with me. So, I thought that this was a good moment to tell her some things.

So, I tell her the truth about Lina and the place where we were going. Although Andrea was surprised at the start, she accepted it quickly.

During the entire way, Andrea was constantly looking at Lina on my lap. I could see a trace of envy and jealousness in her eyes, mixed with a pitiful expression directed towards me.

“Sister, could it be you are jealous?” Lina asked with a smirk.

“J-Jealous, why should I?” Andrea looked away with a red face. I could not help but feel amused. Could it be that Andrea had not realized that all the people in this carriage knew about our relationship?

Even Elene was grinning while looking at her. It was obvious she was rather amused with Andrea’s attempts to look indifferent.

“Girl, do you like Prince Claus?” Elene asked.

“I-I d-don’t!”

“Oh? Is it so?” Elene grinned. “That is good then.”.

The next second, Elene leaned forward and kissed my lips.

Andrea was stunned. She opened and closed her mouth repeatedly unable to talk.

Then, she looked at me with teary eyes.

I shook my head in amusement. With a sigh, I kissed Andrea’s lips.

Andrea froze instantly.

“Cousin, how do you dare to put my hands on my sister!?” Lina feigned an angry expression and pouted. I grinned and pecked her lips too.

“Huh?” Lina was caught off guard. Then–

“… Pervert.”

And she hid her face on my chest.

Due to that, Andrea and Lina were unable to look at each other during the rest of the trip. Elene and I found it funny, but we stopped teasing them after a while.

When we arrived at the Red Skull Gang, I explained the situation to Marana. I told her to include Lina between the people that train inside the space-time tunnel.

Marana heaved a sigh. “Will she be fine?”

“Don’t worry, Lina is a third-layer practitioner. Although she is inexperienced in battle, I’m sure she will get used to it quickly.”

“Okay, I understand.” Marana agreed. “I’ll keep an eye on her.”

I nodded. With this, I only need to think about a technique suitable for Lina. I guess I’ll work on it tonight.

After checking Lina and Andrea’s soul to make sure that nothing was wrong (And giving a ring to Elene and Andrea), I left.

Now that the situation with Lina was resolved, there was only one thing that I needed to do today.

I waved my hand and materialized a white smiling mask that I put on my face. At the same time, I stepped across space. My destination? The headquarters of the church.

I followed Safelia’s memories and appeared in front of a building. I made sure to change the color of my hair too, although I’m sure the goddess will be able to deduce my identity.

Well, even if she knows, the others did not need to know.

When the guards in front of the building noticed me, they were startled.

“Halt! Who are you!? How did you come here!?” One of the guards pointed a spear towards me threateningly. I did not bother to reply to him and instead walked forward calmly.

The guard changed his expression. “Halt! Otherwise, we will attack!”

I smirked and looked at the two guards in disdain. With a shake of my head, I continued walking.

“Dammit! Reare, sound the alarm!” The guard shouted to his companion before charging towards me.

But before he could take two steps, his body froze.

Then, the upper half of his body slowly slid to the ground.

The scene was incredibly gory, at the point that the other guard was unable to stop himself from vomiting.

Come on, man. Are you vomiting just with this?

The alarm sounded, and the entire church was alarmed. Soon, hundreds of knights, paladins, and guards had come to find about the situation.

But I cared nothing about that. Instead, I continued walking slowly and entered the building.

When I entered the building, a group of knights was hurrying outside due to the commotion.

As soon as they saw my appearance, they were surprised.

Next, though, they saw the bloody scene outside the building and their surprise turned into rage.

“How dare you to cause trouble in the church!?” One of the knights bellowed and charged towards me with a sword.

Without even giving him a glance, I waved my hand.

Then, his body shattered into hundreds of pieces.

Flesh and blood rained around me, falling on the other knights.

The knights and guards were frozen in fear. Their eyes opened wide unable to believe that their companion died.

The next instant, every one of them screamed in rage. Tens of spears, lances, swords, and hammers attacked me.

My expression did not change and my footsteps did not stop. I continued walking leisurely inside the building as though the weapons attacking me were non-existent.

But strangely, none of the weapons managed to touch me.

Instead, each one of the people around me died one after another. Some were split into two, others were torn apart, some had their bodies crushed, and others were beheaded mercilessly.

The church was bathed in blood and gore. Every second, more knights arrived from every part of the church, and every second, more knights died.

But I was not satisfied. After all, they were not the people I came searching for.

But soon, the first of them appeared.

It was a slender man whose face and body was covered by a robe.

As soon as he appeared, I recognized him as one of the people in Safelia’s memory. One of the people responsible for Lina’s situation.

So, I waved my hand.

Then, his body was suspended in the air.

The man was terrified. He tried to struggle out of whatever was holding him, but after I grunted, a powerful force impacted his mind and his body was paralyzed.

At that moment, a powerful pressure appeared and assaulted me.

“Blasphemer! What do you think you are doing in the church!?”

A powerful-looking man bellowed in fury. He held a sword on his hands and emitted a holy and heavy presence.

Perfect, the second one is here.

“… I found you.” My voice reverberated through the church. I extended my hand, and the powerful-looking man was lifted in the air.

Then, I kicked the ground.

A powerful shockwave happened. The shockwave destroyed the building where I was completely and sent all the knights around me flying away.

Only I and the two people on the air remained in one hundred meters.

“You… Who are you!? W-Why are you doing this!?” The powerful-looking man managed to force these words out.

The smile on the mask I was wearing turned much wider, and my killing intent surged out, engulfing the entire church.

Then, I spoke.

“To kill you.”

The next instant, the two men in the air exploded in bits of flesh and blood.

But the blood did not rain to the ground. Instead, it hovered around me and formed six bloody words.


When it was done, I looked to all the church members watching the scene in trepidation. Some of then were holding weapons, getting ready to attack me.

I even managed to find Safelia shivering in the group, but I ignored her.

Instead, I focused on the several powerful presences I felt awakening in the church.

“Terese.” I spoke indifferently, but my voice spread to the entire church. “I know you can hear me. I don’t mind to ally with you, but the people that touched my family must die.”

[… Is this your idea of a happy partnership?] The angry voice of the goddess sounded in my ear.

I shrugged leisurely. “If you don’t like it, I don’t mind canceling our partnership.”

The voice remained silent for a while, then, the goddess started to laugh.

[Hahahahahaha! Great, great, great! You are truly an interesting person, prince! But don’t you fear I’ll kill you after this!?]

“Try it if you can.” I shrugged.

The goddess chuckled. [I’m not so narrowminded, don’t worry. I’ll forgive you this time, but I hope this is the last time this happens.]

“Of course, as long as your men do not touch my people.”

[I’ll keep that in my mind.] The goddess said suppressing her fury. [Now leave before I regret my decision!]

I looked up at the sky briefly before smiling. Then, I stepped across space and left the church.

In my mind, however, I was sneering.

You forgave me? Pff, not even a child will believe it.

Instead, you don’t dare to waste the church’s strength on me when there is another god around eyeing your position.

In other words, as long as I don’t go too far, you will not dare to make a move on me.


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