FPD Chapter 242

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Sparring with Rose


A few uneventful days passed after the events of the church.

There was no god suddenly attacking me, nor traces of any Immortal, nor sudden assassination.

Just boring, uneventful days filled with sex.

I used these days to check the soul of the people around me and find traces of the dark cloud. To my surprise, I found traces in someone.

Lena, my little sister.

Fortunately, I managed to eliminate it without a problem.

Besides it, I also finished forging the rings for the rest of my women, and I also finished creating Lina’s technique.

Lina’s training was going well. In just a few days, she became a fourth-layer practitioner. Moreover, she started to comprehend a bit of the fire laws.

Her improvement was faster than my expectations.

Currently, she could easily fight someone one-layer higher.

Recently, the time for the outing in the forest is approaching. There were only a few days left before that, so the entire institute and the students were like crazy finishing the last-minute preparations.

And as a member of the student council, I was… Lazing around.

Well, I discovered that Dina, Iris, and Andrea are a bit workaholic, so normally there was nothing much I had to do. And even when there was something I needed to do, Daisy would do it for me.

Thus, I, the treasurer of the student council, spent most of my time teasing my girls and sometimes going at it with them.

And sometimes, I would tease some new girls.

Yeah, I know it’s a very enviable life.

Today, I was in the arena of the institute sparring against someone.


Rose bellowed and kicked the ground. Her sword sliced through the air and cut towards my neck.

I retaliated with an upward thrust, parrying her sword away and then cutting towards her right arm.

But a magic circle materialized on Rose’s right arm, stopping my sword and giving her leeway to attack again.

Calmly, I took a step aside and evaded her attack. At the same time, my sword shivered, breaking through her shield and continuing towards her chest.

Rose’s expression changed. The hero tensed up her muscles and kicked the ground, disappeared from her position, and reappearing almost instantly behind me.

It was a technique she learned recently through sparring with me. It consists of using her entire body and muscles as springs to generate an explosive power that allowed her to accelerate exponentially for a brief instant.

[Flash Step].

It was a complicated body technique. I learned it many, many lifetimes ago and I remember it took me a few years to master it.

Rose, though, managed to master it just through observing my movements and imitating them.

That is a hero cheat for you.

Rose’s sword cut towards my back. At the same time, two magic circles appeared below my feet to restrain my movements.

Unfortunately for Rose, both of her attacks only managed to hit afterimages.

Rose was startled. The next second, she felt a strong feeling of danger behind her.

Without hesitation, she jumped forward and cast multiple magic circles in her back to stop my attack, but suddenly, she felt something impacting her shin.

Then, Rose stumbled and lose her balance.

The next thing she noticed was my sword pointed to her neck.

“It’s your loss, again.” I smiled smugly.

Rose slumped her shoulders in disappointment. “I don’t understand. I’m one layer stronger than you and I can use magic and martial arts simultaneously. Why can’t I win then?”

“Is it not obvious? Because I’m stronger.”

“Ugh! It’s frustrating! Claus, let’s fight again!”

I smiled wryly and shook my head. “It’s the third time we sparred today. I’m already tired.”

“… Please, one last time, okay?” Rose used a puppy gaze and pulled my shirt coquettishly.

This girl, using that gaze on me. What if I’m unable to control myself?

Fortunately, my salvation came soon.

“Miss Rose, stop bothering his highness. You two had already trained together for several hours.”

Rose pouted when she saw Daisy walking towards us. Daisy smiled softly and passed us a towel to Rose while using another to wipe my sweat.

“Then, Daisy, why don’t you spar with me? I have long wanted to try your [Lightning Goddess Armor]!”

Daisy was startled. Then, she smiled bitterly and looked at me asking for help. I shook my head amusedly and flicked Rose’s forehead.

“This battle maniac girl, do you only know how to train? The world has many more interesting things other than training.”

“… But, there is nothing interesting to do.” Rose held her forehead and pouted. I rolled my eyes exasperatedly.

“What do you think of a date, then? We can go together.” As soon as I said these words, I felt Daisy pinching my waist.

Girl, you are embarrassing your man.

Rose blushed slightly. “… As expected, you are dangerous. Sister Katherine and Teacher told me that I needed to be careful of falling in your hands.”

… I swear I’ll spank their asses one of these days.

At that moment, someone approached us.

“Claus, you are here. Are you training again?” Teacher Tear looked at us with a smile.

We greeted her respectfully. “Teacher.”

“Stop the formalities.” Tear smiled wryly and waved her hand. “I guess I understand why you three are so strong. Even I feel my confidence taking a hit when I watch you three training like crazy, little monsters.”

I grinned. “Are you not a monster too, teacher? I heard you broke through the tenth layer recently.”

“Well, I have been stuck in the ninth layer for a while, so it was already time for me to breakthrough.” Teacher Tear said modestly, but I could see she is in a good mood.

After chatting briefly, Tear told me about the reason she was here.

“Claus, the headmistress wants to see you. Do you have time now?”

I was startled before nodding. “I think so.”

“Perfect. Follow me then. Sorry, girls. I will steal your boyfriend for a while.” Teacher Tear grinned teasingly.

Rose blushed. “I-I’m not his girlfriend!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Tear smirked.

I shook my head with an amused smile and gave Tear a thumbs up.

“Come on, Let’s go.” Tear said.

“Okay, okay.”

We departed towards the headmistress office after bidding farewell to the girls.

But before arriving at the headmistress’s office, I met someone unexpectedly.

“Claus, do you have a moment?” Louise approached me.

I nodded and kissed her lips. “Of course, love. What happened?”

“It’s to remind you of the dinner with my family… You will go, right?”


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