FPD Chapter 245

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A Destroyed World (1)


The scene in the space-time tunnel was as awestriking as it was terrifying.

A never-ending sea of monsters of all the shapes and forms roaring and screeching in rage and hunger.

The terrifying scene was enough to freeze the bravest warrior. Fortunately, both Evelyn and I were experienced enough to know how to keep calm in any situation.

Evelyn waved her hand. Instantly, three magic circles appeared behind her. The magic circles then fused together in a giant three-layered magic circle shining with an ominous light.

“Fire, curse, and lightning. Descent and burn my enemies, [Fallen Heaven Burning Fire]!”


A giant sea of burning black fire and ominous lightning exploded. The sea of fire surged towards the army of monsters with unrelenting ferocity, burning hundreds of creatures instantly.



A monster roared. A giant Aligator-like monster opened his mouth and let out a powerful shockwave! The shockwave clashed against the fire and lightning pushing it away and stopping it from spreading!

Evelyn snorted and pointed her finger forward. Two small superposed magic circles appeared in front of her finger, rotating slowly. Then–

“[Heaven’s Judgement]!”

The blinding ray of fire and lightning was shot at lightning speed, breaking through the sea of monsters and hitting the alligator in the chest!



A scream of pain let the alligator’s mouth. The ray of fire and lightning pierced its chest and crushed its heart, turning it into ashes.

But the alligator did not die. It roared again and extended its right claw, breaking through space and bringing with itself a heaven-destroying power!

The attack was so powerful and fast that Evelyn was unable to react. Moreover, the fact that a beast managed to use space laws was a shock towards her.

But even if she was unable to react I was different. With a grunt, I appeared in front of the alligator’s claw, stopping it completely! Then, I pulled my other arm back before unleashing a powerful punch.


The punch compressed space, releasing its entire power on the alligator body.

Next, there was not next.

The alligator simply disappeared in a rain of flesh and blood.

“Focus in attacking, I’ll take care of the defenses!”

Evelyn smirked. “So manly.” However, she obeyed my words.

Forgetting completely about defense, Evelyn put her entire focus into attack spells. Fire and lightning rained upon the monsters, killing hordes of them with each second.

But her efforts seemed useless. It was as though her attacks were unable to make a difference when a sea of monsters was advancing towards us.

At that moment, the people of the academy teleported through the portal. When the teachers saw the immense horder of monsters, their expressions paled.


“So many!”

“W-We need to fight this!?”

“What are you doing!?” Shouted Evelyn harshly. “Get a hold of yourselves! Katherine, Rose, stay behind and kill the straggles. The others, help me to kill the monsters!”

“““Yes, headmistress!”””

“What about the old man?”

“He stayed behind to stabilize the portal!” A teacher replied.

Headmistress Evelyn nodded. With the current state of the portal, it was true someone had to stay behind to stabilize it, and her teacher was the most appropriate for the job.

The monsters’ attack intensified. Serpents, birds, wolves. The terrifying monsters moved towards the humans crazily, as though they wanted to drown them under a sea of claws and teeth.

“Dammit!” Evelyn cursed. Spell after spell were cast successively, attacking the zones where the monsters were the most concentrated.

Unfortunately, it was not so easy to kill them. Each time Evelyn used a relatively powerful spell, a powerful monster would appear to stop it from causing further damage.

The number of powerful monsters was staggering. Ninth and Tenth-layer monsters were common, and eleventh-layer monsters were not uncommon. Sometimes, a twelfth-layer monster would appear and attack the teachers furiously.

In fact, the teachers were unable to interfere when a monster stronger than the tenth layer appeared. Even although it was a team of ninth and tenth-layer powerhouses, in front of eleventh-layer or twelfth-layer monsters, they were unable to make a difference.

The ten teachers were unable to cause as much damage as Evelyn alone.

So, they put their entire focus in the weaker monsters, using their spells and attacks to thin their numbers and let Evelyn and I concentrate on the stronger monsters.

It was not a bad idea, save by the fact that ten teachers and two students were unable to face thousands of monsters by themselves.

Not to speak that Katherine and Rose had been relegated to only observing. Sometimes, they would throw and spell or two, but the powerful monsters would shrug them easily.

Yes, this battle was practically being fought mostly by Evelyn and me alone!

“Clark, my mana will not last long at this rate!” Evelyn shouted.

I frowned. “Focus in the twelfth-layer monsters and below and try to use your mana sparingly. I’ll take care of the strongest monsters!”

“I understand!”

Following my suggestion, Evelyn started to focus on the monsters I asked her to. She used individual spells to shot these monsters down and tried to kill them without using more than one spell!

But that meant that I had to take care of the stronger monsters by myself. Moreover, I was also in charge of defending the group.

… I wonder what headmistress Evelyn would have done if I’m not here.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to think that question.

At that moment, I felt the presence of before.

The strong one that attacked us in the portal, the owner of the arm.

With a roar, a humongous one-eyed and one-armed giant charged towards us. The monster charged through the horde of monster, crushing hundreds of monsters below its feet before reaching towards our position.


The angry one-eyed monster roared. It raised its remaining arm and punched towards me!

“Hmph!” I snorted. With a wave of my hand, a barrier appeared and stopped the punch of the monster. Then, I raised my feet and kicked towards the giant’s head.

But before my attack could reach it, a premonition of danger hit me.

I did not hesitate. My body tensed up and flashed away.

The next instant, a pillar of fire hit my position!

When I reappeared, I looked in front of me.

At some point, a giant serpent had appeared behind the one-eyed monster and snarled to me.

Then, I hear a voice reverberating through the space-time tunnel.

[Human, why are you stopping us!?]


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