FPD Chapter 246

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A Destroyed World (2)


[Human, why are you stopping us!?] The voice of the serpentine monster reverberated through the space-time tunnel.

… Do I have to answer this question?

I mean, it’s rather obvious, is it not?

I don’t know if the serpentine monster felt the sarcasm in my gaze, but it opened its mouth again.

[Thousands of our people have been killed by you! Will you don’t rest until our races are extinct!?]

Oh? I guess I can grasp a bit of information from this serpent’s words.

Let’s try to see. Anyway, I can earn time so the others rest for a bit.

“What do you expect then? That I let your group of monster friends invade our world and kill our people?”

The serpent grunted. [That is not our purpose, human! We only want a new place to live in! To keep our races’ existence! Our purpose is not to invade, neither it is to destroy!]

“Perhaps.” I shrugged. “But I can’t take that risk. Besides, why would I trust you?”

The serpent fell silent. It seemed like it was unsure about how to answer.

At that moment, another voice came from the depths of the space-time tunnel.

[Human, you are very powerful. Can you represent the people of your world?]

This time, the one who spoke was a dragon. A giant white dragon flew from the sea of monsters and advance towards us.

The dragon emitted a feeling of majesty and vastness like the sky it ruled. Moreover, its strength was overwhelming. It was just below the level of a god!

As soon as its voice sounded, the teachers paled. Even Evelyn’s expression turned ugly. As a thirteen-layer practitioner, she could feel the vast and overwhelming power the monster was emitting.

I also frowned when I saw the dragon. This monster was strong. Moreover, I could feel some monsters as strong as it hidden behind the sea of monsters. It seemed like the number of monster powerhouses invading this time was greater than I thought.

Of course, this was not enough to intimidate me. Although I admit I was slightly surprised.

Anyway, due to the dragon’s aura, neither Evelyn nor the other teachers were able to speak. In this situation, it seemed I was the only one that could answer.

I heaved a sigh and used my mana to stealthily reduce the effects of the dragon’s aura in them. At the same time, I spoke. “I can’t represent the people of my world, but I assure you that if you want to enter my world, you must get my permission first.”

The dragon nodded, although it was unknown if it took my words seriously or not.

[Very well then. Can we have a brief chat? I don’t want to continue this endless bloodshed.]

“Do speak.” I said coldly.

[… Human, I hope you can allow our people to cross to your world.]

I smiled mockingly. “Do you think I will allow it simply because you say so?”

[If you don’t want to die, you will!] This time it was the serpent who hissed in anger.

I chuckled and looked at the serpent with an amused expression. Such a funny beast.

The next instant, I let my killing intent roam free.

And as though the heavens themselves were crying, everything changed.

Rivers of blood and mountains of bodies appeared in my back and an overwhelming pressure and feeling of danger suppressed the monsters. It was as though death itself had come to claim their lives.

Of course, I made sure to not let my killing intent affect the people behind me. I did not want to leave a trauma in them.

The monsters screeched in fear. Even the white dragon shivered and took a step back instinctively. Then, it shot me a gaze of horror.

[You… Athánatos!] The dragon and the serpent screamed simultaneously.

I frowned. Athánatos? If I’m not wrong, that means…

… Immortal, right?

My expression turned serious. I waved my hand, creating a barrier around the others to stop them from hearing our conversation.

Then, I directed a chilling gaze towards the dragon and the serpent.

“How do you know? Have you seen someone like me before?”

The dragon grunted. It tried to struggle against my killing intent, but after I snorted, the pressure on him increased exponentially causing blood to flow out of its mouth.

Finally, it cried in despair. [Athánatos! Why do you want to destroy our race!? Is it not enough with our world!?]

“Shut up!” I increased the pressure around me even more and looked at the dragon coldly. “I don’t know what is happening in your world, and I don’t care. But I hope you can explain how did you recognize me. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing every one of you!”

The dragon whimpered. Its eyes were filled with fear, unwillingness, and terror. As for the serpent beside it and the other monsters of similar power, they had shut up long ago.

Apparently, they had personally experienced the terror of my kind. Thus, as soon as they learned I was an Immortal, their arrogance turned into complete fear.

But I soon learned of the reason.

The white dragon started to speak of the history of its world. It spoke about how a few hundreds of years ago, an Immortal arrived at their world.

At the start, the monsters did not pay him attention. But soon, they discovered the mana of their world was being drained slowly. Moreover, their world started to wither, and calamities spread through the land.

A powerful monster divined the reason for the changes. It was the Immortal. A being of terrifying power whose only purpose was to destroy worlds.

Thus, the monsters teamed to kill him. Aware that the Immortal was very powerful, the monsters did not dare to underestimate him. They gathered the strongest monsters of their world, dragon gods and monster overlords, and marched to a battle against the Immortal.

The result? a complete defeat.

[… We did not even manage to hurt him.] The dragon said in a despondent tone. [Thousands of monsters died, but we did not even manage to hurt him.]

I sighed. I did not find it strange. Instead, I would have found it strange if they manage to defeat him.

Immortals, especially the oldest ones, are living calamities able to destroy planets singlehandedly. How can they be defeated by the natives of a normal world?

[Fortunately, the athánatos did not pursue the survivors, so some of the powerhouses of our world managed to survive. Since then, we tried more than once to defeat him, but our only results were the death of the strongest of our world.

[Finally, one day one of the remaining monster gods said that killing the athánatos was impossible and that we needed to leave a ray hope for our descendants. So, he sacrificed himself to create a portal connecting our world to another world… With the help of the will of the world, his plan was successful.

[This place is that ray of hope.]


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