FPD Chapter 248

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Trapped in a Foreign World (1)


Evelyn’s face changed. She looked at the wave of destruction that was coming towards us and paled.

The two teachers behind her were unable to move. They could only watch in despair how they were slowly devoured by the heaven-swallowing light.


“Hurry and go!”

Someone appeared in front of them.

It was me. I created a barrier in front of us and stopped the heaven-swallowing light from advancing.

Evelyn’s reacted instantly. “What are you waiting for!?” She shouted.

The two teachers recovered from their stupor and hurriedly jumped into the portal.

At this point, only Evelyn and I were left behind.

However, it was at this point that a crack appeared in the barrier.

Evelyn paled. But then, she put on a determined expression and stood beside me. Her remaining mana took the shape of a barrier, supporting my barrier that was about to break.

Evelyn smiled gallantly. “Go! Students are first!”

“I’ll go with you!”

“Someone has to hold the barrier or the explosion will destroy the portal! You can’t endure anymore so I’ll stay last! Hurry up, I’ll follow behind you!

I shook my head with a wry smile. “You will be unable to endure even one second if I’m gone.”

Evelyn snorted. “Don’t underestimate your headmistress, boy! I still have a pair of tricks under my belt!”

I looked straight into Evelyn’s eyes and smiled. “Very well, I’ll trust you.”

Then, I vanished my barrier and entered the portal.

But as soon as I entered the portal, Evelyn’s barrier cracked.

Only one step. Evelyn only needed one step to enter the portal, but that distance was impossible to cross. The current her was completely out of mana.

A wry smile appeared on Evelyn’s face and a thread of blood escaped her lips.

“It looks like it’s the end.” She said with a wry smile.

Then, the barrier disappeared.

But when she was about to be engulfed by the light, I opened my mouth from behind her.

“As I thought, you were lying.”

Evelyn’s eyes opened wide. “You…”

I smirked and hugged her waist. “Hold tight.”

Then, the light engulfed us.

The power of thousands of self-detonations happening at the same time was impressive. Moreover, some of the monsters that self-detonated were incredibly strong. When the mana in their bodies exploded all of sudden, it was as though tens of nuclear bombs were released simultaneously.

I grunted. With a thought, a spatial barrier enveloped us and stopped the explosion from reaching our bodies! However, the barrier shook fiercely one second afterward, teetering at the brink of collapse!

Evelyn closed her eyes and hugged my body tightly. I could feel her body trembling nervously, waiting for the moment of death while at the same time hoping for a miracle to happen.

I inwardly sighed. Damn, everything you have to do to get a girl.

Yes, since a while ago, I have been acting.

Since when you ask? Since the moment when the monsters started to self-detonate.

Back then, If I truly would have wanted to escape, I could have done it easily.

Hell, I only needed a wave of my hand to open a portal connecting the Red Skull Gang and the space-time tunnel back then, and another wave of my hand to transport more than 200 people through it.

Then, why could I not do the same now?

In fact, although with the injury in my soul it would have been a stretch to stop every monster from self-detonating, I was more than capable of bringing Evelyn and the others away and escape from the space-time tunnel easily.

Then, why I didn’t?

Simple. To create the current situation.

If I have to evaluate her, the headmistress is perhaps one of the hardest targets of capture. She is strong, self-confident, decisive, and never shows a moment of weakness. So, unless I force myself on her, I hardly will get to conquer her. But forcing myself on her is not something I want to do. Moreover, the results of forcing myself on her are not the results I want.

Then what else can I do?

Well, I can create a situation that forces her to show weakness and rely on me. In such a situation, my possibilities of getting her heart will increase greatly.

Such as now where Evelyn is hugging me of her own will.

The barrier continued to shake and tremble. Each second, it was impacted by the destructive shockwaves of the explosions. At some point, it seemed as though it was going to crumble.

But at that moment, a ray of light appeared on the horizon.

It was a very tiny right of light, but it seemed like a beacon leading our way,

“There!” Evelyn reacted instantly. “Claus, go there!”

I nodded. With a wave of my hand, the barrier holding us charged towards the point of light!

But at that moment, we heard a roar of rage!


“The dragon!” Evelyn’s face turned grave.

Yes, the dragon was still alive!

Although it self-detonated, it managed to keep its soul intact for a short while! Even although such a trick could keep it alive only a few minutes more, it was enough to launch a last-ditch attack!

[DIE!!!] With a bellow, all the remaining energy of the self-detonations gathered together into a terrifying beam of plasma!

Then, it was shot towards us.

But at that moment, I smiled.


The next instant, we disappeared from that place, appearing a few kilometers away, just beside the ray of light we saw before.

Then, we felt as though we broke through a very thin film.

Before Evelyn could understand what happened, we mysteriously vanished, leaving behind the roars of hatred of the dragon.

And we fell into a world filled with death and destruction.



Hey Guys, Aidka here!

I’m writing here to talk about the monsters in the last chapter. I know that many of you would have liked that Claus makes them his slaves.

But realistically, that is not a good idea. As I said, the monsters are not exactly strong. The dragon itself said that even when all the monsters of their world joined forces, they failed to even injure the Immortal. And now, only a few of these monsters remained, with the strongest of them being weaker than a god.

And Claus is, in fact, an Immortal at the same level as the one that destroyed their world. Claus himself said that he can kill the goddess of order, one of the strongest gods in his world, with little trouble even when he is injured. Then, what need is there to take thousands of monsters as slaves?

Remember that Claus is not a saint. Pretty the opposite, he is slightly evil sometimes and dislikes troublesome things. And taking care of all these monsters is a very troublesome chore.

Leave your opinion in the comments.


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