FPD Chapter 249

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Trapped in a Foreign World (2)


“… Hey boy, what are we going to do now?” Evelyn asked with a worried expression.

“You ask me, but who am I supposed to ask to?” I rolled my eyes.

“I thought maybe you had a plan.” Evelyn slumped her shoulders in disappointment.

Well, I have one, but I’m not telling you. Not yet, at least.

Let’s go back a few minutes ago to understand the current situation.

After we escaped from the dragon’s last-ditch attack, we fell into an unknown world.

That world was desolate, filled with erupting volcanos and terrifying electric storms. The sun was covered by countless dark clouds, and the few plants still alive were withered and about to die.

Just like the dragon said, it’s a world on the verge of destruction.

Evelyn and I found ourselves stuck in this kind of place.

Without food, without water, and with little mana. This situation was almost as despairing as it could be.

And what is better to bring two people together than being stuck together in a despairing situation, only able to rely on each other.

Nothing, right?

Yeah, I know. I’m a genius.

“… How many hours has it been already?” Evelyn asked.

“Only five minutes.”

“So little? It felt like two hours… Damn it, it’s frustrating! Claus, let’s talk about something… I need to distract myself!”

I heaved a deep sighed and nodded. “Very well, what do you want to talk about?”

“Mmm… Why don’t you tell me about how you stole the concubine of your father?” Evelyn asked with a mischievous grin.

“… Headmistress, don’t you think you should be searching for a way out of this place instead of asking stuff like that?”

Evelyn shrugged. “I used up all my remaining mana in the last barrier, so I have to wait until my mana recovers before trying something… Damn it, it’s bad!”

“What happened?” I furrowed my brows.

Evelyn’s face turned pale white. “Don’t you understand? Currently, I’m completely defenseless. What would I do if you lose yourself to your desires and attack me? God, I’m about to lose the purity I’m saving for my husband!”

This woman… I felt a vein popping out on my forehead.

What image do you have of me?

Although, thinking about it…

“That is a good idea…”

Evelyn froze instantly.

“… You are joking, right?”

I looked at Evelyn with a mysterious smile. Evelyn shivered fearfully and took a few steps back while using her hands to cover her chest.

“Please, stay away.”



““Pffff… Hahahahaha!””

Both of us erupted in laughter simultaneously. The atmosphere relaxed a lot instantly and I felt Evelyn turned a bit less anxious.

As expected, she was worried.

After a few seconds like that, Evelyn bowed her head.

“Boy… I’m sorry.”


“… I was the one that brought you here. Plus, you stayed behind to protect me… It’s my fault we are in this situation.”

I smiled. So she was being bothered by that, huh.

“Don’t worry, headmistress. Coming here and protecting you was my decision. How could I save myself by sacrificing your life?”

“… Are you trying to flirt with me?” Evelyn looked at me suspiciously.

“Stop it, headmistress.” I sighed. “Besides, the situation is not entirely hopeless.”

Headmistress Evelyn narrowed her eyes.

“As expected, you have a way out of here.”


“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“Well, I got that feeling when I saw how relaxed you were, and your words confirmed it… Then, what are you hiding?”

I smiled wryly. This woman is pretty sharp.

But even like that you can’t escape from my plans.

I nodded. “I indeed have a plan, but I’ll need your help.”

“Do explain.” Evelyn put on a serious expression to listen to my proposal.

“Well, the dimension this world is located is probably pretty close to the world we are located, right? And headmistress, you know a bit of space magic and you are a thirteen-layer mage too. Do you think you can teleport us back to the academy?”

Evelyn frowned. “That is doable, but there are two problems.”


“Firstly, I don’t know the coordinates of our world relative to this place. No matter how close we are to our world, it will be useless if I don’t know where the world is.”

“That is easy.” I smiled. “I let several traces of my consciousness in our world, and I can still feel them. We can use them as coordinates for the teleportation spell.”

Headmistress Evelyn was startled. “Is that possible?”

“I think so. I’ll use my consciousness to connect to yours. Like that, you will be to feel the traces of consciousness I left in our world and use them to teleport us back.”

Evelyn was stunned. She then fell silent for a moment and started to think about the feasibility of my words.

And quickly, she concluded it was possible.

“Boy, you are a genius.” The headmistress said with a tone laced with admiration.

I smiled smugly. “Are you falling for my charms, headmistress?”

“Dream on!” Headmistress Evelyn rolled her eyes. “You will need more than this to get this old woman to your bed!”

I shrugged. Well, It was worth the try.

“What is the second problem?” I asked.

Evelyn smiled bitterly. “This is the greatest obstacle. Right now, I’m out of mana so I can’t cast any spell. Moreover, the mana in this place is very thin, I’ll need months to recover to the point where I can teleport us back to our world. So, if we don’t find a way to recover my magic power quickly, we will be stuck in this place indeterminately… Boy, why are you smiling like that.”

Oh, I wonder why…


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