FPD Chapter 250

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Trapped in a Foreign World (3)


As the dragon said, this world was close to destruction.

Filled with clouds of ashes, electric storms, and deadly miasma. In such circumstances, normal living beings would be unable to survive.

And there was another thing this world lacked greatly.


The mana in this world was incredibly thin. It was not at the level of worlds without mana, but it was close. The energy called mana was almost unable to be felt here.

And without mana in the air, Evelyn could not recover and consequently, she could not cast spells.

Here is where I appear.

“… Boy, I don’t think it’s necessary.” Evelyn’s expression was complicated.

I feigned an innocent expression. “Does headmistress have a better solution?”

“No, but…” Evelyn looked away to hide her blush.

I smirked. Headmistress, I have planned this carefully, do you think I’m going to let you escape?

I put on a serious expression and stared right into her eyes. “Headmistress, what is the problem? I’m just going to give you a bit of my mana.”

“That is the problem…” Evelyn smiled wryly and sighed. “Okay, I understand. What do I need to do?”

“Well, the best way is through intimate contact like kis–”


“But if we can’t do it, bodily contact is good enough. Of course, we must follow all the measures to ensure we waste as little mana as possible.  After all, every bit of mana lost is a bit of mana less in the current situation.”

Evelyn nodded. “Okay, let’s start. How are we going to do this?”

“Mm… back to back?” I suggested.

To be honest, I could easily transfer my mana without even touching her, but what is fun about that? Now that I created this opportunity, I must enjoy this.

Headmistress Evelyn hesitated slightly before nodding. Although she felt slightly embarrassed about the current situation, she could not think of a better way.

Besides, in headmistress Evelyn’s mind, she was old enough to be considered my grandma (although she seems like a thirty-years-old woman). How could she have inappropriate thoughts about a little boy like me?

I took off my shirt calmly while facing Evelyn. Fortunately for Evelyn, she was not inexperienced enough to be embarrassed about this kind of exposure. Although she had never slept with a man, she had seen naked men more than once.

Of course, the fact that her gaze remained stuck in my body slightly longer than usual was something she feigned never happened.

The problem was when it was Evelyn’s turn to take off her clothes.

“Boy… Can you turn around?”

I shrugged and turned around. Patience, patience.

Soon, the sound of ruffling clothes came from behind me. Through my senses, I could see Evelyn taking off her shirt and her bra with an embarrassed expression.

When she took them off, she blushed slightly and looked at me.

“Don’t turn around. Just… Sit down and I’ll sit behind you.”

I followed Evelyn’s instructions and sat down cross-legged. A few seconds later, I could feel the warm back of Evelyn leaning against me.

“I-I’m ready.” I’m sure it’s not my illusion that Evelyn’s voice was shaking slightly.

The next instant, I started to send my mana towards Evelyn’s body.

“Gasp!” Evelyn gasped. Feeling the pure mana coming from my body, her body turned weak.

“C-Claus, this…”

“… Don’t lose the focus. My mana is just a bit purer than normal.”

“J-Just a bit?” Evelyn asked with an expression of incredulity.

She could feel that my mana was not ‘just a bit purer’. No, it was on a whole other level. Perhaps two whole levels apart. She had never seen or felt mana as pure as mine.

The mana was so pure that Evelyn could not help but let a deep moan. Instantly, she panicked and jumped away.


“S-Sorry…” Evelyn apologized. She knew her current stunt had wasted a rather considerable amount of mana.

I frowned (although I was smiling inwardly). “Headmistress. Why don’t you hug my body? I think it’s better that way.”

“H-Hug you…?” Evelyn turned completely red. Watching the normally serious and playful headmistress like this, I felt incredibly excited.

In the end, I managed to convince her. Thus, Evelyn sat down behind me again. Although this time, she was hugging my back.

The feeling of her breast against my back… It was awesome!

Once more, I started to transfer my mana towards her.

This time, Evelyn managed to stop herself from gasping by biting her lips. But at the same time, the stimulus she was feeling was much greater.

It was because I increased the amount of mana I was sending towards her body.

Evelyn felt as though a soft electric current was coursing constantly through her, causing her body to shiver in pleasure.

Evelyn tightened her legs and hugged my body with more strength. At the same time, she bit her lips hard to stop herself from moaning.

The problem was, the more she tried to stop these strange sensations, the more they grew.

It was as though countless ants were crawling on her body, moving through her skin slowly.

At some point, the place between her legs had become a bit wet.

“T-This is bad…” Evelyn whispered unconsciously.

“Mm? Did you say anything?”

“N-No.” Evelyn denied hurriedly. “I-I was just talking to myself.”

I smiled without insisting. Instead, I continued regulating the process of mana transfer.

Evelyn gritted her teeth and looked down. Her red eyes had turned hazy due to the stimulation, and her arms were trembling slightly.

Unconsciously, Evelyn rubbed her breast against my back. Her breast felt so great that I smiled and leaned my body towards her!

It was as though a switch had flipped in Evelyn’s mind. Instantly, she started to rub her entire body against mine. For an instant, pleasure overwhelmed her senses and froze her thoughts.


“Headmistress?” I asked in a confused tone and looked over my shoulders. Then, I saw Evelyn looking at me with a struggling look.

Her desire and reason were fighting against each other fiercely.

Unable to suppress myself, I moved my mouth towards her lips.


Evelyn was unable to resist from that point onwards.


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