FPD Chapter 251

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Trapped in a Foreign World (4)


When our lips touched each other, Evelyn’s mind blanked.

Her arms tightened around my body, and her breast pressed against my back. Her red eyes turned misty while looking at my face.

The flux of mana between us intensified, and at the same time, the pleasure Evelyn was feeling. At this point, her thoughts had turned completely white.

Evelyn moved her lips awkwardly. Her inexperienced kisses tried to fight my lips that sucked and licked her mouth. My tongue moved forward, slowly opening her teeth and invading her.

“Mm…~” Evelyn moaned and closed her eyes. I separated my lips from hers and kissed her neck and shoulder, making her shiver of pleasure.

Evelyn’s eyes had lost focus, and her face had taken a lustful look. The current Evelyn was completely different from the strict and playful headmistress!

This kind of gap was incredibly enticing. I had the urge to simply throw her to the ground and pound her brains out.

But at that moment, Evelyn bit her lips.

Instantly, the light of reasoning returned to her eyes.

“S-Stop!” Evelyn shouted and pushed me away. Instantly, the link between us was cut, and the state we were on disappeared.

“I-it’s enough. The mana I have is enough.”

“Is it so?” I smiled awkwardly to hide my embarrassment, but inwardly, I was cursing the willpower of Evelyn.

But well, this way things are more interesting.

“… S-Sorry about that. I s-showed you a strange behavior.”

I smiled wryly. “No, it’s my fault. To be honest, I did not think my mana would have such an effect.”

Damn, my face sure is thick.

Evelyn turned red in shame. Suddenly, she realized she was still naked from her waist up and screamed.

“Turn around!”

I smiled in amusement and turned around. Evelyn quickly grabbed her clothes and put them back, covering her bountiful breasts again.

When I turned around again, besides the slight blush on her face, Evelyn did not seem different from the usual headmistress.

“Boy, we will not talk about this to anyone, okay!?”

I stared at Evelyn deeply before shrugging. “Okay… By the way, headmistress, your lips taste sweet.”


“What? Can’t I lick my lips?”

“You can’t!”

“Why? I want to enjoy your first kiss a bit more.”

“That was not my first kiss!”


“… Really.”

Headmistress, why did you thought before answering.

I laughed amusedly and raised my hands in defeat. “But headmistress, I never expected to see this side of you.”

Evelyn could not help but turn red. As the headmistress of the Imperial Institute, when had she behaved like a flustered teenager?

But hey, in her defense, she had suddenly lost her first kiss and almost given her first time to her student. Could you blame her for reacting that way?

Evelyn took a deep breath to calm down. She needed just a few seconds to suppress her blush and return to her usual elegant bearing.

“Let’s not talk about it anymore. Boy, link your consciousness to mine. I’ll try to feel the coordinates and teleport us back to our world.”

“Is the mana you have enough?”

“… I think so. Your mana is very pure so I need only a fifth of the usual amount to cast the spell. With the mana you gave me, it’s enough for two attempts.”

“Perfect. Let’s start then.” I said and extended my hand.

Evelyn raised an eyebrow and looked at me. “What?”

I rolled my eyes. “Your hand. Did you forget we need to do this to establish a link.”

Evelyn blushed. Looking at her expression, I knew that she had, in fact, forgotten about it. It seemed as her mind was still in chaos after our passionate time.

But Evelyn recovered her calm quickly. She feigned indifference and grabbed my hand before closing her eyes. Seeing her like that, I could not help but tighten my hand around hers and smile.

Then, I closed my eyes too.

Using the mind or consciousness to transmit information is easy, but using it to share feelings is a bit harder. We need to synchronize our minds and then open them to each other. This part is a bit difficult because if someone hates or has ill will for the other person, the other person will know it.

In the same way, if someone has positive feelings for the other, the other party will feel it too.

Evelyn experienced it first hand. As soon as our minds started to synchronize, I started to feel Evelyn’s shyness and anticipation towards me. At the same time, I made sure to send her feelings of affection and security.

Instantly, Evelyn turned completely red and flustered. She tried to separate our hands to stop her feelings from being discovered, but I grabbed her hand tighter and smiled.

“… Let go of my hand.” Evelyn whispered shyly.

“We are in the middle of the synchronization,” I replied in a feigned serious tone, but the corner of my lips curved upwards in a smirk.

Evelyn’s face turned red in anger and embarrassment. When she realized I was not planning to stop, she gritted her teeth and forced herself to concentrate.

Thanks to that, our synchronization finally reached a high-enough level.

I did not lose time and focused on one of the many traces of consciousness I left in our world. There were many, practically one for each one of my women and close family. I then searched for a not-so-embarrassing one and finally decided to use Raven’s one.

I have to admit that Evelyn is very talented. As soon as she felt the trace of my consciousness, she managed to use it to establish a spatial coordinate. In less than five minutes, the spatial coordinate was ready.

Not even one second later, Evelyn separated our hands and jumped away while shooting me an enraged look.

“You… Rogue! This is the second time you take advantage of me!”

I chuckled softly. “Are you sure you are not the one taking advantage of me? If I’m not wrong, you were–”

“Stop!” Evelyn flushed and covered my mouth with her hands. She then looked at me with teary eyes. “Just, stop talking about this, okay?”

I licked Evelyn’s hand as a reply, causing her to jump away again.

Evelyn glared at me angrily before looking away, determined to ignore me from now onwards. She then closed her eyes and decided to focus on the teleportation spell and go back as soon as possible to not have to watch my hateful face anymore.

Unfortunately, it was easier said than done. As soon as Evelyn cast the teleportation spell, she felt a terrifying amount of energy interfering with it, causing her to pale.

Frightened, Evelyn hurriedly canceled the spell, but even like that, a line of blood trickled down her mouth.

“Headmistress, are you alright?” I hurriedly asked in concern.

Evelyn nodded with a grave face. “I am. But I think we have a serious problem.”

“A problem?”

“… Let me try again to make sure.” Evelyn closed her eyes again and tried to cast the teleportation spell, but once more, as soon as she tried to connect it to our world, the same energy of before came crashing towards her!

“Ugh!” Evelyn grunted and staggered two steps back. I hurriedly held her body to stop her from falling to the ground.

“What happened?”

“… Something is interfering with the spell.” Evelyn’s expression was ugly. “With that thing in the way, I’ll be unable to teleport us back.”

I frowned before shaking my head helplessly. “Well, it looks like a fight is inevitable then.”


I smiled helplessly. “Yeah, we have visitors, and they don’t look like the nice type.”


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