FPD Chapter 254

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The Battle to Go Back (1)


“You are back.” Evelyn looked at me when I returned to the cave.

“Did anything happen while I was gone?”

“Nothing. But I felt several powerful monsters nearby.”

I nodded. Even although Evelyn and I hid in the cave, the commotion we caused did not end. Quite the opposite, it had attracted many more powerful monsters towards here.

According to my senses, there were several eleventh and twelfth-layer monsters roaming around.

“Ignore them.” I said while putting the rabbit-like thing I hunted on the ground. “Just focus on the spell. If something happens, I’ll take care of it.”

Evelyn curved her lips up in a teasing smile. “Oh? So reliable.”

“Of course. How else am I going to make the beauty fall for me?”

Evelyn chocked on her words and shook her head in defeat.

Cooking the rabbit was easy. I just created a small flame with my mana and set it to keep burning using the mana in the surroundings. Although the mana in this world was thin, it was enough to keep a not-even-first-layer flame burning for a long while.

Then, I took a knife from my belt and use it to skin the rabbit. Evelyn looked at the knife wondering where it came from (actually, I created it before returning), but in the end, she just assumed I had carried it always with me but she just did not notice.

After cleaning the rabbit meat (with water I got from a nearby creek), I used two sticks to roast it over the fire. Unfortunately, I did not have seasonings to roast the rabbit with. I managed to get salt from a salt rock nearby (Evelyn was confused about how the salt was so white), but there was no way to get seasonings in this situation unless I return to our world.

Thus, I had to work without them. Fortunately, after thousands of years of life, it’s easy to become proficient in stuff like cooking.

Not to brag, but I’m a hell of a good cook. Even just using salt, I managed to make a roasted rabbit (or whatever this animal is) good enough to make Evelyn salivate.

“Boy, I did not know you were such a good cook.” Evelyn praised me with a surprised expression.

I smiled. “If you marry me, I can cook for you every time you want.”

Evelyn blushed. “Can you stop teasing me, please? Did you forget I’m your elder?”

“To be honest, I never cared about it.”

Evelyn turned even redder. “Sly brat.” She then continued eating the rabbit while avoiding looking at me.

After we replenished our energy, Evelyn started to work in modifying the spell.

Once more, I sighed in admiration of Evelyn’s talent. She used my idea and modified the teleportation spell to get it to work in the current circumstances.

Moreover, although I was rather vague with my explanations, Evelyn seemed to understand my idea completely. She even added a few things I did not mention on her own.

In less than three hours, she had already finished the first prototype of the spell.

“It’s done.”

“Do you think it will work?” I looked at the spell curiously. I already knew the answer, but I had to act my part.

Evelyn shook her head. “I don’t know. We need to try and see how it does.”

I nodded. “I calculated and it should be around midnight in our world right now. We should try to return before it’s dawn. Otherwise, someone could leak rumors about your disappearance and possible death.”

“I know. Don’t worry, even if this spell fails, the information I get after using it will be useful for the next attempt.”

“Actually, I don’t mind staying here for a while longer. I get to spend time with you alone after all. Mm, thinking about it, living together in this place is not such a bad idea. We can try to repopulate the world.”

Evelyn was startled and then she blushed. “R-Rogue! Stop joking and let’s go!” Feigning a serious expression, Evelyn walked away to hide her flustered expression.

I chuckled. “But it’s the truth!”


“Okay okay, I’ll shut up.”

We left the cave while making sure of avoiding the monsters nearby. Once we were in a relatively safe place, Evelyn got ready to cast the spell.

I thought for a moment and stopped her.

“Wait a moment.”

“What happened?”

I smiled before crouching down in front of her. “Get up. I’ll carry you on my back.”

“… Huh?”

“Once you cast the spell, you will attract the monsters nearby. So, if you fail, we will need to escape as fast as possible, just like before. Or do you prefer to be princess carried?”

“O-Okay, I understand.”

Shyly, Evelyn hugged my neck and pressed her breast and body against my back. I did not hesitate to hold her legs while smiling.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Y-Yes, I’ll start now.”

Taking a deep breath, the headmistress started to cast the spell.

Evelyn focused completely on her mana, forgetting everything else. At that moment, the only thing that mattered to her was to cast the spell successfully.

Powerful mana surged from her body. Almost instantly, the powerful monsters felt the change and rushed towards us.

But Evelyn ignored them completely. After a brief moment, a magic circle appeared below us. Then, the magic circle lit up!

Spatial fluctuations surrounded us. I could feel the teleportation spell activating, trying to find the coordinates on the other side to send us there.

But then, the same film of energy from before interfered. It surged towards the teleportation spell to drown and destroy it!

Fortunately, Evelyn had followed my suggestions. Suddenly, a barrier surrounded the teleportation spell. The barrier protected the spell and started to struggle against the energy.

The energy and barrier clashed. A powerful surge of energy surged out, causing Evelyn to vomit a mouthful the blood.

And then–


–The spell failed.

Blood trickled down Evelyn’s mouth and dropped to the ground. But strangely, Evelyn was not disheartened. Instead, she was smiling confidently.

“Yes, this is the way! Boy, I’ll try again!”

At the same time–


The monsters had arrived.


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